Lose Weight With Cereals – Most Popular Way of Losing Pounds?

lose weight with cereals

The diet with cereals is much simpler than the classic weight loss diets, especially those hard and restrictive. Although many will regard it as an advantage, it naturally has its negative sides.

I will talk about 2 types of diet with cereals and you will discover how can you lose weight with cereals, first is a diet for 14 days and second is diet recommended by nutritionist Dr Lisa Hark. It is up to you what type you will choose, both works and can help you to get rid of excess pounds.

I Type of Diet

Cereal Diet 14 Days

The basic concept of this diet is to replace two regular daily meals with cereals, so there is no need to completely renounce each meal. Perhaps at first glance, this seems easy, but not so simple, two meals should be replaced with a cup of integral grains and milk with a lower percentage of fat inside.

You can decide between two variants: it’s breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. It’s up to you to make that decision and then you can start. As I already mentioned, the diet with cereals is kept for at least two weeks.

Cereals For Breakfast

Whether you decide on variant 1 or 2 that I have mentioned above, breakfast will be healthy in both cases, because then the cereals are mandatory when this diet is concerned.

Important note: do not buy unprotected fitness cereals, cereals or oatmeal in supermarkets, because there, like everyone else, has big differences.

Believe it or not, there are also those with a lot of sugar and what we do not need when we are on a diet. Keep checked products, and my recommendation is that you buy oat flakes, cereals, combined cereals in healthy food stores .. Make sure that milk is low fat.

Cereals For Dinner

If you decide that lunch is your main daily meal, then eat milk with cereals at night, otherwise, your main meal is for dinner.

In both variants (lunch or dinner) it is important that your main meal does not have a lot of fat, but it contains most vegetables, clean meat (fish or boiled chicken) and to be healthier.


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What Are The Best Cereals For Weight Loss

What makes cereals special when it comes to weight loss is that they work extremely well in our digestion, and therefore on health as a whole.

The diet with cereals does not starve us, precisely because they keep us satiated for a very long period and our organism does not feel constant hunger, but in time it reduces appetite. I would recommend oatmeal for the beginning and later you can also combine other cereals.

Diet With Cereals Experiences

Since it is very easy to track, it does not require calorie counting and there is no special preparation of foods, the diet with cereals has quickly become a real hit among the population and even with the Hollywood stars.best cereals for weight loss

All you need are healthy cereals, low-fat milk and a decent Mediterranean meal during the day and you lose about 3 kilograms in two weeks.

This result is not as spectacular as with many severe restrictive diets, but certainly not negligible.

From the economic side, it is also very acceptable, because the diet is cheap and do not spend money on some special foods.

Note that you prepare a main meal with a little oil (baked chicken for example ..), my proposal is olive oil, boiled vegetables, fish, bread whole grain, etc.

Regular physical activity and sufficient fluid intake per day are certainly recommended while keeping a diet, alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Cereal Diet – Bad Sides?

One of the complaints about this diet is that it can be a bit boring. Even if you are extremely creative and combine different cereals in a diet, after 5-6 days this diet can be quite monotonous for some.

Fortunately, the 14-day period is not that long and certainly not something you should be discouraged. Another bad side is that the cereal diet does not sufficiently include carbohydrates in food or other foods.


If you are ready for a minor challenge, I recommend that you try this diet. If you follow the basic guidelines you will surely lose weight. In case of any health problem, consult your doctor before starting a diet.

Experts do not recommend that the diet with cereals is often repeated due to possible health problems, primarily due to reduced intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber, and that it does not last longer than 14 days.

II Type of Diet

The diet of integral cereals was designed by Dr. Lisa Hark with the idea of replacing all refined and processed cereals with whole grains.

Such a diet, as the authors explain in the book The Whole Grain Diet Miracle, allows the loss of excess pounds, but also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and colon carcinoma.

The miracle that integrates cereals helps in weight loss is based on the fact that such foods are abundant with digestive fibers that slowly digest and thus permit a moderate and gradual increase in insulin levels. The consequence is reduced appetite, which leads to less food intake and easier control of body weight.

2 Phases of The Diet

The basic principle of the diet implies the gradual ejection of refined cereals from the diet and their complete substitution with integral cereals.

This is accomplished through two phases, explained in detail in the book. The initial phase lasts two weeks, and during it you need to follow strict rules that include:choose high quality fruits

  • a ban on alcohol intake
  • daily meal delivery at the same time
  • banning skipping meals
  • enter at least 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables per day
  • food intake only when hungry.

The second phase (Everyday phase), which lasts for 4 weeks, is followed by a further loss of weight.

At this stage, it is still necessary to follow certain rules, but the diet now becomes somewhat more flexible:

  • One alcoholic drink per day is allowed
  • it is necessary to limit salt intake
  • 3 servings of milk daily, dairy products or soybean
  • Only drinks that have not been added sugar can be drunk
  • it is necessary to reduce the size of the portion (using smaller plates)
  • remove visible fats from meat

During the diet, it is recommended to intake multivitamin supplements as well as for additional calcium, since restriction of food intake becomes difficult to meet all the needs of the body.

Also, the authors of the diet with integral cereals advise the intake of abundant liquid (especially during the first phase of the program), primarily water, herbal teas and low-fat milk.

Advantages of The Diet With Integral Cereals

The diet with integral cereals is abundant with food fibers, which besides the beneficial effect on the digestive system work, stimulate the sense of satiety and reduce hunger. The consequence is a loss of weight, but also health benefits, for example, your heart and circulatory system.

The diet encourages the ejection of refined foods that are, however, poor nutrients. Also, it does not require excessive renunciation, nor a drastic change in eating habits, and a great plus is that there are no starvation or counting calories.

Disadvantages of The Diet With Integral Cereals

The diet requires cereals that are not widely available as quinoa or amaranth, which may be a problem, especially in smaller environments.

Also, it takes a lot of time since there is no need for ready-to-eat refined dishes, but you need to prepare integral cereals in your own arrangement. A large amount of dietary fiber in the diet can (at least initially) lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, flatulence and cramps. But with time, the problems cease.

A major lack of a diet is the inadequacy of the individual. It is not unwise whether a diet is monitored by a woman working in a bank or a man who performs heavy physical tasks.

In both cases, the only guide is to reduce portions which do not provide sufficient information for quality monitoring of the program. Additionally, the diet does not emphasize enough physical activity as an important part of high-quality weight loss.

Expert Opinion About Diet With Integral Cereals

The diet of integral cereals is a weight loss program that encourages the removal of unnecessary and nutritionally poor refined cereals and welcomes the intake of integral cereals, which is in keeping with nutritional recommendations.

Consequently, the diet abounds in food fibers, but also some vitamins and minerals ( vitamin B group, iron) that are present in the outer shell of the grain and loses their nutritious components refining.cereal diet by doctors

The diet also has scientific confirmation, since numerous studies have shown the beneficial effect of dietary fiber on human health.

Thus, a diet rich in dietary fibers is associated with a reduced risk of developing the disease: coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and some gastrointestinal diseases and disorders.

Furthermore, increased intake of food fibers improves the lipid profile in the serum, lowers blood pressure, alleviates the glucose control in diabetics, stimulates regular bowel discharge, helps to lose excess pounds, and is believed to improve the functioning of the immune system.

The authors of the diet do not offer an average weight loss if you follow a program and that can act demotivating to some. Also, there are some contradictions that can confuse.

For example, in the first phase, it is always necessary to eat at the same time and not to skip meals, but at the same time it is emphasized that it is eaten only when hunger is felt.

Nowhere does it explain why, if there is no hunger at the time of the meal. The diet also requires a regular reading of product packaging, which requires little effort and education, but at the same time provides the basis for quality planning of the menus in the future.

Although the second phase lasts for 4 weeks in the program, it is a good idea to adopt its rules in the long run, because in this way, lost kilograms will not return, and many health benefits will be ensured.

It takes patience to notice the results because such a program does not lead to a rapid loss of pounds.

Menu Example

The breakfast:

  • oatmeal with the addition of minced hazelnuts, honey, blueberries
  • low-fat yogurt
  • green tea


  • Apple


  • quinoa with chicken breast and zucchini
  • salad: ricotta and tomato (a little olive oil)


  • orange


  • fresh cow cheese and low-fat cream
  • pepper
  • Integral cakes

Note: Drink at least 10 glasses of liquid per day


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