Lose Weight With Vegetarian Diet – It’s Not Hard!

lose weight with vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet helps you to lose weight in a healthy way, while improving your overall health

Most of us first wondered how vegetarian diet works? It has more access to this diet. Most will choose lighter. They will kick meat, fish, but they will still eat milk and eggs.

The real vegans won’t do that. They give up all the food that has to do with the animals. In this topic I want to discuss can you lose weight with vegetarian diet and how can you achieve that.

It is certain that you will lose weight if you are fed as a vegan. It is widely known that vegans bring in fewer calories, have fewer pounds and have a lower index of body fat than people who use flesh in their diet.

If your diet is based on fruits, vegetables and cereals, you will feel satiety and thus put in fewer calories in one day. The calorie deficit results in a weight loss, if you also introduce physical activity into your new life-rhythm, success is guaranteed.

Vegetarian Diet – What Is it?

Studies in Prague have been conducted, and the results of these surveys have shown that people who adhere to a vegetarian diet are more effective than those who have only reduced their caloric intake daily. This diet regulates metabolism and reduces fat from the body.

Respondents were divided into two groups. Some were vegetarian and the other on a regular diet. Nutrition for both groups was based on the same amount of calories. Respondents who kept the vegetarian diet lost twice as many pounds.

There are more and more people who opt for vegetarian food because of its positive impact on general health. This diet prevents the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure and kidney stones.Vegan diet

The difference between vegetarian and vegan food

Vegetarians do not eat meat and even fish, but eat eggs and dairy products. Vegans do not eat foods of animal origin.

Veganism is very often more than a diet, something like life philosophy.

Vegans generally avoid to wear clothes and use items made of animal fur and skin.

Vegetarian nutrition

In order for a vegetarian diet to yield results on excessive pounds and health, we need to keep certain foods. You wonder if it’s not enough to throw out meat alone? Of course, it is not.

A variety of foods do not contain meat, but are unhealthy and fruiting, like biscuits or most other sweets. Proper vegetarian nutrition is based on healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, peanuts, eggs and dairy products.

Avoid aerated, but also other purchasing juices. They are full of artificial sugars. You make the juices alone. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid all foods that are based on white flour and industrial processed foods, such as salami, pate etc.

Vegetarian Diet – Menu

Since you already know what foods should be eaten and which should be avoided, you can make your own menu. In order to make it a bit easier for you and bring vegetarian food closer, I will present my one-day menu.

For breakfast, I usually eat oat flakes and milk. This breakfast gives me a sense of satiety. In addition, I have much more energy needed to carry out everyday tasks. However, if I get hungry before lunch, I do not go for the candy bar anymore. I eat about half a hand of nuts.

They also give a sense of satiety, but do not overdo it, they are very caloric. Lunch could be beans, with a vegetable salad.

For dinner, it would be ideal for green beans. For tasty and healthy meals, only a little imagination is needed.

Example of a menu:healthy vegan menu

The breakfast:

  • 200 g of oatmeal, a cup of tea
  • two slices of coarse flour, banana, coffee
  • toast with blushes, one orange, tea or fruit compote


  • a slice of black flour bread, a vegetable salad
  • roasted carrots, 150 g cooked rice, orange or apple
  • boiled beans, a slice of coarse bread, tomato salad
  • 150 g cooked beans, vegetable salad and sandwich with bread of integral flour, beans, apples


  • vegetable soup, two spoons of cooked whole rice, pear
  • pasta, broccoli, salad, lemon juice, orange
  • boiled beans, salad, beans, a little piece of bread from black flour

In the evening before bed you can take a pear, or a large banana and a slice of black flour with a paste of crushed vegetables or a glass of red wine.

Variety Of Vegetables Is One Of The Quality Of This Diet

Broccoli, kale, spinach, carrot and all exotic vegetables and fruit is good. Vegetables are prepared in various ways, cooked, washed, baked and fried, but the emphasis throughout the diet is certainly on the way of preparing foods that do not involve a high fat intake.

All kinds of oils, such as olive, sesame and pumpkin, are used from fat, but butter and cream are also used.

Milk and dairy products are on the menu every day; with morning cereals, yogurt as a meal or a glass of milk before bedtime and dinner.

Lacto’s vegetarians will also prefer to eat integral and industrially less processed foods and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

However, this diet does not exclude eating frozen and dried or cured vegetables, especially at the time of healthy vegetablesyear when it is not otherwise available.

To lose weight on this diet, it is necessary to keep an eye on daily calorie intake, avoid overeating and consuming sweets, snacks and other ’empty calories’.

In order to avoid hunger strikes and overeating afterwards, it is important to consume at least three meals a day, recommending that breakfast and lunch do not skip, while evening is a meal that can be neglected if a person does not feel hungry.

What Experts Say About This Diet?

When prolonging the implementation of a lacto-vegetarian diet, it is good to consult with an expert on the correctness of its application and to educate yourself about these foods and their preparation.

Lacto’s vegetarian diet is still in line with the recommendations of nutritionalism because it keeps the possibility of bringing in animal foods in the form of eggs, milk and dairy products that give this diet essential amino acids and vitamin B12 not found in purely plant foods.

This diet is a quality choice for the prevention of heart disease and blood vessels, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Diet successfully regulates digestion, which reduces the possibility of developing digestive system diseases.

Advantages Of Vegetarian Diet

Lacto’s vegetarian diet, as well as any form of a vegetarian diet, is abundant with the intake of fruits and vegetables, which has a number of benefits for the health of the heart and blood vessels (prevention of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, myocardial infarction, stroke), weight loss, diabetes prevention (except in case of too high intake of simple carbohydrates, which are still in a moderate amount on the menu of this diet), prevention of the development of some forms of cancer and a strong immune system.

Lacto’s vegetarian diet is the least demanding vegetarian diet because, although it excludes the consumption of all animals, its products that are nutritiously worthwhile are consumed.

If milk is consumed regularly, milk products along with some eggs supplement, all the nutrients that are needed for the body are entered.

Disadvantages Of Using This Diet

In some cases, a shortage of iron can occur, which can be easily solved by the input of eggs and legumes, and especially soy, algae, nuts, seeds, green vegetables and dark berries.

Also due to the lack of information about how the diet is conducted and what sources of protein are available, some people develop protein malnutrition that can be corrected by education and proper use of food.

Vegetarian Diet And Weight Loss

Probably you will lose weight if you stick to a vegetarian diet, especially if you are fed as a vegan. Research shows that vegetarians tend to eat fewer calories, they tend to be less, and have a lower body mass index (body fat) than people who eat meat.

If you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you’ll probably feel a satiety with fewer calories than is allowed every day. With this “calorie deficit” and a bit of physical activity, it’s almost certain that you’ll take off your kilograms. How fast and will you keep it under control, it’s up to you.

In any case, if your vegetarian diet and vegetarian lifestyle are your permanent commitment, you will probably have a slim body in the long run.

However, although they are not of animal origin, white bread, white flour products and sweets should not be on your menu, at least not often. Integral cereals and an integral rice should be a substitute for the meals you are likely to get used to if you want a slim line.

The Best Food For Vegetarians

What is the best food for vegetarians?

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can help you control your weight and reduce your risk of heart disease and osteoarthritis.

They are sources of dietary fiber, antioxidants and potassium. Take fruits with cereal or yogurt for breakfast or choose it for snacks, and add vegetables such as spinach, kale, pepper, asparagus and broccoli to sandwiches, sauces, and soups.

Integral cereals

Integral cereals contain bran, germ and endosperm components of the whole grain core. They are natural sources of fiber, iron and antioxidants. Enriched cereals also provide folic acid. healthy vegan nutrition

Refined cereals are lower in natural nutrients.

Choose an integral bread instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white, and look for other whole grain options such as barley, popcorn, bulgur, pulp and whole-grain breakfast meals.

Nuts, peanuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain fats healthy for the heart and are low in saturated fats that raise cholesterol. Other essential nutrients include vitamin E, proteins and potassium.

Try eating a peanut butter or nuts with celery or baby carp rods; you also have a mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits or add nuts to your oatmeal. They are high in calories, so use them in moderate amounts to avoid unwanted fatigue.

Soy food

Soy based foods are plant protein sources. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins in foods and in your body, and complete proteins provide all the necessary amino acids from the diet. Iron, zinc and food fibers are additional essential nutrients in many soya products, such as tofu, tempeh and soybeans.

Enriched soybean milk and soybean yogurt as alternative sources of calcium in dairy products – an excellent choice for vegetarians.

Dairy products and eggs

Lacto’s vegetarian diet includes dairy products and eggs. Milk, cheese and yogurt are sources of calcium, important nutrients for strong bones and teeth, and vitamin B-12, which is an integral part of healthy red blood cells.

Choose low-fat dairy products to limit the intake of saturated fat, which increases your LDL cholesterol level and increases the risk of heart disease.

Eggs will provide proteins, iron and vitamin D. Vegan diet includes foods of plant origin and exclude dairy products and eggs.


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