Medical Diet For Weight Loss – Truth Discovered!

If in your intention to lose weight, information has come to you that there is a medical diet, you certainly want to try it. These are her rules!

Some weight-loss diets have a very strict rules and an exact menu for every day that does not deviate. Some others have fewer “loose” rules, so instead of a specific menu, they have only a list of foods that are allowed, and which you combine at meal time.

A medical diet for weight loss belongs to that group which has clearly defined rules and a menu from which it does not deviate. If you stick to them, they promise great results. For 15 days 10 kilograms less.

There are two variants of this medical diet:

  • One lasts for 15 days, known as Scarsdale Diet
  • One is known as a medical diet for 11 days (because it has a menu for so many days, but it is maintained for 33 days)

I will present both, and you will try the one you like more!

Medical Diet – 15 Days

Does it seem to you that a new diet appears every day? They are mostly fast and based on the food, because that’s what we need today when we live in a crazy pace – quick results and simplicity without a lot of rules. Such is for example a diet with eggs.

However, the 15-day medical diet is nothing new and dates from the 1970s. It can be said that it was created intentionally, but quite by accident it became very popular. And so it remained to this day.

The creator of the medical diet is an American cardiologist Herman Tarnover. His goal was to make his patients, who were obese, and thus have heart problems, make a diet plan that would help them lose weight.

Apparently, the diet was effective, and satisfied users began to share it among themselves. In 1978, the official presentation of this diet was published in a printed version and it is still used today.

This diet is often referred to as a hospital diet or a Scarsdale diet, by the name of a medical center founded by Dr. Tarnover.

Medical Diet 15 Days And Its Basic Rules

Scarsdale diet has no complicated rules. The menu is precise and contains a precise percentage:

  • proteins (43%)
  • fats (22.5%) and
  • carbohydrates (34.5%).

It does not depart from the menu, but I will give a detailed description about it. In short, what can be said about the rules of a hospital diet is that they are rather rigid. The number of calories that is being introduced is significantly reduced and this is why this is another low-calorie diet.

Breakfast is the same every day. The menu is made for 7 days, and the next week you start from scratch.lose weight with medical diet

Since the rules are restrictive, the hospital diet may only last 15 days. After that, you only need to maintain your weight.

The rules of a medical diet do not require starvation. You can eat as much as you like, but just what’s on the menu that day.

Some foods (such as toast) are limited in quantitative, but this is emphasized. However, you should be careful not to exceed 1000 calories. Alcohol is not consumed at all.

And when we’re at it, here’s the information how and what you can eat.

Medical Diet 15 Days – Menu

For this fifteen-day diet, breakfast is the same every day and it is quantitatively limited. This means that you will eat every morning:

  • Half grapefruit
  • A piece of roasted bread
  • A cup of coffee, tea or water – no sugar, honey or any sweeteners

The bread for breakfast and other meals should be integral. Instead of a grapefruit that is considered ideal (but there are those who can not eat it) you can eat any other fruit, but not bananas and no grapes.

The rest of the menu of a medical diet involves the intake of fibers, vitamins and proteins and looks like this:



  • Various cold appetizers, the best cleanest and most natural and less processed (can be roast, some less fat sausage, ham)
  • Tomatoes – can be freshly chopped, and can be baked without fat or dried steak
  • Coffee, tea or water – again without sugar


  • Fish or shellfish, any
  • Salad, any vegetable you like or that you have at hand
  • Piece of baked whole bread
  • Grapefruit
  • Coffee, tea or water



  • Baked hamburger made from low-fat meat. Only meat, therefore, without bun or bread
  • Salad. It can mix tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, curry.
  • Coffee, tea or water


  • Fruit salad – chop any fruit you like and mix
  • Coffee, tea or water



  • Tuna or salmon. No oil, only with lemon or vinegar, like a salad
  • Grapefruit or any other seasonal fruit. In the period when there are watermelons, I recommend it from the heart because it is full of water, sweet, and it will satiate you. There is even a watermelon diet.weight loss with medical diet
  • Coffee, tea or water


  • Roast lamb meat, no fat parts.
  • Salad of tomato, celery, cucumbers and lettuce
  • Coffee, tea or water

Although the original hospital diet does not allow replacement, experience has shown that you will not be wrong if you eat fish instead of lamb, chicken or turkey meat without skin (best breasts).



  • Two eggs, best cooked or prepared in any way that does not involve the use of fats or oils
  • Swabian cheese with reduced fat percentage
  • One piece of toast
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Chicken, roasted or grilled, without leather
  • Spinach, green peppers and beans in unlimited quantities
  • Coffee, water or tea



  • Versatile cheese provided it is low fat
  • Spinach in unlimited quantities. The best fresh or cooked, stored without fat
  • Piece of toast
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Fish or shellfish
  • Salad of any fresh vegetables
  • Piece of toasted toast
  • Coffee, water or tea



  • Fruit Salad. Again, combine the fruits you love, chop and mix
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Roast chicken or turkey. No skin.
  • Tomato salad and lettuce
  • Grapefruit
  • Coffee, water or tea



  • Chicken or turkey – cold
  • Vegetables. Can be fresh tomatoes or carrots or cooked cabbage, carfiol or broccoli.
  • Grapefruit
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Steak of any kind in unlimited quantities, only without grease and greasy parts
  • Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and lettuce
  • Brussels sprout
  • Coffee, water or tea

After you have finished the first week, you will have to go back with this menu again, and this is a two-week diet plan.

It is recommended to eat one for one meal during meals and not mix them (except when it is stated that the meal should beeject unhealthy foods from menu a mixture, such as a fruit salad)

What After 15 Days? How To Maintain Weight?

If you thought that after two weeks of survival in this strict regime, your misfortunes came to an end, then you are mistaken.

To remain skinny, you need to maintain your weight. Dr. Tarnover recommends that you eliminate from the diet:

  • bread and pasta,
  • starchy vegetables (say potatoes),
  • sweets and sugar in any form,
  • milk fat
  • alcohol

Medical Diet 11 Days – Rules And Menu

In addition to this variant from the 70’s, which lasts 15 days, there is another. Behind it is not a medical name, although it is called medical. Its rules are simple. There is a menu of 11 days.

Every day, only this food is on the list. Days can not be skipped and mixed. After the first 11 days have elapsed, the diet starts again. Repeat two more times. All in all, this variant of the diet lasts a total of 33 days.

Menu of this diet looks like this:

Day 1: Only vegetables are eaten. It can be raw or boiled but stored without oil.

Day 2: Only meat is eaten. Exclusively cooked. It may be hot dog, although it’s better to choose a healthier and cleaner variant of meat. Veal recommended.

Day 3: Only whole boiled potatoes are eaten all day

Day 4: Only yogurt is on the menu

Day 5: Eat only boiled eggs, maximum 9 pieces are allowed.

Day 6: Fruits. Any, but the best one is less caloric.

Day 7: Soup (she can be from the bag)

Day 8: Cooked meat

Day 9; Brewed rice

Day 10: Again fruits, seasonal or your favorite. Can be mixed.

Day 11; Cooked potato and yogurt

It is recommended not to eat after 18 hours and to drink plenty of water while keeping the diet.

What Are The Results And Experiences With Medical Diet? Which One Is Better?

The first 15-day medical diet allows you to lose up to 10 pounds, or about 400 g a day. You will come across some claims that you can lose up to 15 kilograms, but these results are not true and possible.

In the first few days you will lose excess water from the body. After that, weight loss is much slower.

Since this diet is very restrictive, weight loss is quite possible because you are consuming less than 1000 calories per day.

Experiences with a medical diet for 15 days say this is a safe way to lose weight quickly, for example when you need it for medical diet and side effectsan important date.

On the other hand, the 11-day diet will definitely help you lose weight, but the experiences are different.

What is most often stated is that it is difficult to keep, because there are days when you live only on yogurt or just on fruit.

Because of this, it is possible to report weakness and fatigue. In doing so, it lasts three times longer than its name speaks, which initially discourages.

Although the name “medical” can make you think that these diets are healthy and recommendable, the fact is that neither diet is recommended as a long-term diet.
The first one must not hold for more than 15 days.

First, because there is a risk of insufficient calcium intake due to reduced milk and milk products. It is not recommended for women in menopause who have weaker bones.

Another reason is that increased protein intake, and reduced carbohydrate intake leads to excess ketone in the body, or to ketoacidosis which can be very dangerous. Read more about this process in the text on the keto diet.

The 11-day variant is by no means healthy because it is too long, and calorie intake is significantly reduced. It would be desirable to consult your doctor before doing so.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of these diets is that they are temporary measures. The question arises as to what happens after the end of this time.

And this happens:

If you return to an unhealthy way of feeding, experience with a medical diet tells that you will be returned to your pounds. The jo-jo effect is guaranteed, and your effort was then futile.

However, if you decide to bring yourself in order forever, find out what is proper nutrition and how to proceed. If it’s easier for you to follow a specific diet to maintain the desired weight, consider chronic nutrition, but skip the restriction period.

All in all, if you need a quick loss of pounds without starvation, like a sight of a springboard after which you will continue to diet in the right direction, just go ahead – try a 15-day diet. You will see the results quickly and you will not repent.




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