Most Common Mistakes In Chrono Diet – Do Not Be Fooled!

most common mistakes in chrono diet

It’s annoying to you that chrono nutrition does not give you the results you hoped for. What if you make some of the most common mistakes in chrono diet? Check out this text.

Whether you have switched to a chrono diet for health reasons or just because you want to lose a pound, there are every chance that you made the right choice. Numerous doctors and nutritionists agree that chrono nutrition is one of the best diets you can follow.

And why?

Because chrono nutrition takes care of when your body needs some type of food.

Particular attention is paid to this diet and how certain foods are combined, and what reactions cause one another. This is especially useful if you want to lose weight.

However, a chrono diet should become your regular diet, if you want to keep the results.

And it’s not that hard.

The creators of the chrono nutrition were quite detailed and provided us with precise instructions that we should follow in the diet. There is even a finite and detailed list of restrictions in chrono nutrition, so chances of errors in chrono diet are minimized.

Its Hard To Make a Mistake With Chrono Diet

This is precisely because you do not have a complicated system of counting calories or the amount of food you enter on a daily basis.

The rules of the chrono nutrition you should stick with are about to keep in touch with combining food groups and the prescribed time to pass between meals (which is 4-6 hours).

There are nutrition plans where you are precisely described what the meal should include.

So the chrono breakfast includes everything that can come to your mind from food, chrono lunch is mostly focused on heavier proteins, carbohydrates and fresh vegetables, while chrono dinner offers the option of lightweight proteins and greens.

Every day you are allowed a chrono snack, between lunch and dinner when you can eat sweets.

Most Common Mistakes That You Can Make in Chrono Diet

1. You Skip Meals

If there is one thing that is explicitly forbidden under the chrono eating it is skipping a meal.

The only meal you can essentially skip is a snack because it is technically optional. However, given that this is one of the rare occasions when you can bring fruit into the body, it should not be missed.

The main thing about the chrono nutrition is to impose a certain rhythm on your body that will be the same every day. The organism adopts that rhythm as its routine and knows exactly what meal should be prepared for.

When you skip meals, you simply distort the rhythm that the body is accustomed to, what it has to deal with in one way or another.chrono meals for burning pounds

Often it is a slowdown in metabolism, but it can also result in fatigue.

Also, if sometimes happen that you do not have time for a meal during the day, so breakfast and lunch become one meal because of business or you do not eat sweet cakes in the afternoon, do not make another mistake and make the meal “at the end of the day”.

In other words, do not make one mistake dragging another.

If you skip breakfast, that’s it – an error has been made.

Do not make breakfast late and eat lunch before spending 4-6 hours between meals. Or worse, do not let your mind take a full meal instead of a snack or add another meal in the late evening.

Research shows that the human circadian rhythm, or biorhythm of an organism, is essentially programmed by our body to perform certain functions in exactly the right time. That’s why it’s natural for us to sleep at night, but we are active at day.

2. The Amount of Food You Enter Varies

And this error in chrono diet is related to biorhythm, and here’s how.

Those who follow a chrono diet like to say that they are led by the following maxim:

Breakfast as king, lunch as a prince, dinner like a poor man.

Which means that although chrono nutrition does not limit how much you eat daily, your meals should not vary much more than days to days when the amount is concerned.

In particular, you do not need to “replace meals,” as Alan Delabo (the creator of chrono nutrition) says, neither by quantity nor by the type of food you enter at the daily level. Breakfast should be the most powerful (which is logical because you are allowed almost all of the food), and each subsequent meal should be more modest.

These claims are proven by numerous studies that showed people who have a stronger breakfast, and a weaker evening showing healthier levels of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, and even less.

The reason is quite clear: our body burns calories that you have introduced earlier in the day into the energy that you will need at the moment. The calories that we bring later in the evening are stored for the future.

In other words: it turns into fat, most often on the stomach.

3. You Don’t Count Fruit Juices in a Meal

Mistakes in chrono nutrition often also apply to what you drink. Especially when these beverages contain sugars.

You would be surprised to see how many people do not count fruit juices into a crime when they hold a diet. Still, this is a mistake.avoid juices with sugar

Even when the packaging says that juice does not contain sugars, it’s still not true.

And to take and squeeze the juice itself, it still contains fruit sugars, which are a deviation from the prescribed chrono diet plan. That’s why they are allowed only at the time of snack, in smaller quantities.

And if this is true for natural juices, should we really talk about carbonated drinks and other industrial products? I think not.

As much as it allows and is not strict, chrono nutrition is still one type of diet. And that means that there are foods you can not even look at if you want to avoid making mistakes in the eating dinner.

And if you’re going to sin, why then keeping diet?

4. You Don’t Eat Enough Fresh Foods

Here’s one mistake in a diet that people often overlook.

Namely, in seeking new recipes and permitted foods, people often forget the main advice of any diet, which is:

Eat fresh food.

Nutritionists say that it is the best food you do not need a prescription, i.e. a list of ingredients because it is itself an ingredient.

The less processed foods, especially the industrial ones, and you will avoid serious mistakes in the chrono diet.

5. You’re exaggerating with a Snack

The snack is, besides breakfast, perhaps the freestone meal in a day in the chrono diet.

Simply, when you see on the list of allowed foods you can afford to eat a piece of cake, you do not even have the feeling that you are on a diet.

However, this means there is room for errors in the chrono of eating.

A study conducted in Scotland, France and the United States showed that people rarely really care about what they eat for snacks.

In this sense, the French were still the best, since they generally avoided the snack, but when they ate it would be a real mini-meal with bread, cheese, yogurt and fruit. However bad it is, there is worse practice in the other two countries, where respondents usually eat industrial snacks and sweet pastries and cakes.

You avoid this trap, so stick to the prescribed diet rules and when it’s a snack.

6. You Combine Foods Poorly

Here is something that it would not be bad to adopt even if you do not want to switch to a chrono diet.

In accordance with the way in which a human organism is built and how it works, different types of food are processed differently in the body. In other words, they digest differently.combine proper types of food

And very often, some types of foods affect how other types will be digested.

What you do not want is that food is kept in the body for a long time, i.e. to digest slowly. First, because your organism cannot take advantage of the food you have imported immediately. Second, because the precipitation of food in the digestive system can have negative consequences for the health of the organism.

All this can be solved by the proper combination of food.

Therefore, chrono nutrition prescribes a combination of proteins and carbohydrates only for lunch, or limits the use of dairy products to breakfast and possibly lunch, for example.

Here’s what you need to know.

Protein is digested first and then carbohydrates

Mistakes in chrono nutrition are often conditioned by ignorance of how certain foods are digested in the body. Now, that does not mean that you need to be an expert, but it is important that you be referred to the main processes.

As proteins (in meat and animal products they have the most) needs a stomach acid to be burned, the body digests them first.

This can stop the digestion of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, and vegetables with starch, such as potatoes).

It is, therefore, smarter to not mix these foods, especially not in the evening.

This is especially true for a combination of proteins and foods that contain plenty of starch.

Carbohydrates do not go with foods with a high glycemic index

And digestion plays a big role here.

Avoid combining foods that have a high glycemic index and a high amount of carbohydrates in themselves, because they are disintegrating in a similar way. When a body has to break down a larger amount of food that requires the same procedure, it can not make it right.

And then this food is deposited and leads to either bowel disease or obesity.

To be understood, you can eat them together during the day, but it only matters that it is not for the same meal.

Unfortunately, this means you can forget about bread when eating peppers or cabbage stuffed with minced meat and rice.

Do not mix more types of the same foods

The body generally has the problem of varieties of two types of the same foods.

Some nutritionists, such as Kimberly Snyder (one of the most popular among Hollywood actors), even advocate that it is not necessary to combine several types of foods of the same origin (such as meat and eggs or meat and cheese because it is of all animal origin).

Chronic nutrition is not so severe, but it still recognizes that the body is trying to differentiate between two types of the same food.

For this reason, a pizza with 4 types of cheese, for example, makes a hell for a chrono diet.

Examples of Good Combinations Of Food

How then looks a good combination that chrono nutrition approve?

For example, for breakfast, you can combine bread (and chrono bread) with butter (from peanuts, for example), ham and tomato or olives. Or, you can combine bread, fried eggs and some salad.

Basically, here you have the most options and the least room for errors in the chrono diet.

For lunch, it is good to combine meat, steak for example, with cabbage salad and grilled vegetables. You can eat chicken drumsticks with broccoli and avocado. Or you can opt for fish, such as salmon, in combination with spinach and avocado salad, for example.

The best choice for snacks is bone fruit and black chocolate, although all fresh fruits are available.

For dinner, you should eat something lighter. If you did not eat much meat during the day, you can eat some lighter meat or fatty fish. Also, you should not eat too many carbohydrates for dinner. It’s best to opt for white, red or green vegetables.

An excellent idea is a light vegetable soup.

Stay away from white flour, sugar, milk, margarine and soy when it comes to dinner.


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