Nettle Tea For Weight Loss – The Great Tea For Overweight People!

Nettle Tea For Weight Loss

The period of holidays that comes to us, most often resulting in more pounds. When after a season of celebration we stand on a scale we usually want a magical drink that will help us get rid of the pounds.

The good news for all who have found themselves in this situation is the fact that, according to many experiences, that drink really exists, and that this is actually a nettle tea for weight loss.

The tea we’ve seen on store racks many times and a plant that may not sound particularly attractive can play a significant role in losing weight. As a weight loss method, you can choose strenuous training, some weight loss products, or a rigorous diet, but with any of them, you should combine nettle tea. Below find out all the essential information about this effective beverage.

How To Lose Weight With Nettle Tea?

A diet that involves the consumption of nettle tea accelerates the detoxification of the body and the elimination of excess water. In addition, it does not result in a loss of vitality and energy. How can you apply nettle tea for weight loss?

There are more ways. You can drink beverages that contain this tea with some sort of diet or training, and you can also base your whole diet on consuming this tea. Choose what is most pleasing to your body.

Nettle Tea Diet

A diet based on the consumption of this tea means 3 meals a day, during which you will be given certain quantities of nettle and her tea. The planned duration of the diet is three days, and here’s how it should look.Nettle Tea

Menu for the first day

  • Breakfast – A cup of nettle tea, 4 biscuits and one teaspoon of honey
  • Lunch – Risotto with nettle and 2 apples
  • Dinner – 150 grams of grilled chicken breast enriched with a spoon of olive oil, boiled nettle or spinach with a little olive oil, fruit salad with lemon juice.

Menu for the second day

  • Breakfast – A cup of nettle tea and a spoonful of honey
  • Lunch – Turkey with green vegetables and 2 dry apricots
  • Dinner – Soup of vegetables, 180 grams of fish with a spoon of olive oil.

Menu for the third day

  • Breakfast – Nettle teacup, 3 whole biscuits with 3 tbsp marmalade or apple jam, without added sugar
  • Lunch – Vegetable soup, lettuce spiced with a spoon of olive oil and lemon juice, compote from peach
  • Dinner – Risotto with nettle, fruit salad with lemon juice

If you are concerned about whether to try a diet that has the tea of the main ingredient, the experience of the people who tried it will help you to make a decision. As they claim, with this diet, it is possible to lose a kilogram, maximum 2kg, in 3 days. This diet does not present a health risk and is rich in mineral salts.

However, it is not recommended for people with extremely low pressure. After completing this diet, it is important that you follow some rules, so that the result you have achieved is sustainable in the future, and in order to avoid the famous “jo-jo” effect.

Continue to consume nettle tea, drink a liter of this tea per day. Eat as much white meat and fish spiced with a spoon of olive oil. It is recommended to reduce the intake of pasta and bread to 80 grams per day during the first seven days and as much seasonal fruit and vegetables as possible. I also mean reduced alcohol intake and sweetened juices.

You can apply the transcribed diet once a month.

The Facts Of Nettle Tea For Weight Loss

Nettle tea for slimming has been used for many years, and its effect on weight loss is unquestionable. If you do not want to completely undergo a diet with nettle, only the introduction of this tea as a daily ritual can have results.

This plant contains antioxidants and its action on the body is based on the cleansing of blood from free radicals and toxins, which are the causes of many diseases and excessive pounds.

Excessive kilograms are actually excess water, which is easily eliminated with the use of nettle tea. It is also a natural diuretic, and with it, you will eliminate excess metabolic bacteria accumulated in muscles, blood, and organs.

It is known that through the urine we lose all that is superfluous in our body, so you should not be surprised by the change in the color of the urine – it is quite normal. Over time, it will become clearer, which is a sign that your body is largely free from harmful substances.

Except for the scale to show fewer pounds, you will generally feel better. You will not have a feeling of numbness, swollen joints will be past, and the fat around the stomach will gradually disappear. To achieve this, it is recommended to drink this tea 20 minutes before meals, and it is best to drink 3-4 cups a day.

Beverage Containing Nettle Tea

Nettle tea alone will affect the loss of pounds, but if you consume mixtures that have it in its composition, the effects will be even faster and better. Here are suggestions and a recipe for a cup of tea from nettle.

  • Tea mix – the best of all plants

Make homemade tea by mixing an equal amount of rosemary, nettle, birch, and fennel in one pot. This will be your tea blend you will consume and prepare as any tea.

Pour two to three tablespoons of tea with boiling water, cover and leave to stand for 15 minutes, then proceed. Drink this drink every day, and if you also drink two cups of green tea, the results will be even better.

  • Tea from nettle and vanilla

A combination that may sound unusual, but which is very effective in dealing with excess pounds. When it comes to tea from nettle preparation is simple. Pour the bag of this tea with hot water and add half a vanilla stick. This is a measure of one cup of tea, which you can drink after 15 minutes.


Although it is extremely healthy, and when it comes to tea from nettle side effects are possible. They can occur in rare situations, and the most common problem of constipation is because it contains a lot of iron. In some cases, blood glucose can also be reduced, in which case daily use should be reduced.

People who have kidney problems should consult a doctor before consuming this tea. Unless you belong to a risk group, you should not be concerned about consuming tea from the nettle, because it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your health, but also beauty.

If you choose to use tea from nettle as a tea for weight loss, you will surely not make a mistake. If you are interested in another approach to dealing with excess pounds, I am are here for all your questions.

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