Olive Oil and Lemon For Weight Loss – The Best Combination So Far!

olive oil and lemon for weight loss

You must have heard of numerous benefits that are brought to us individually by lemon and olive oil. Few who knows that the combination of these two foods is perfect not only for the health of the body and for strengthening the immunity, but also for weight loss.

If you were wondering how to use olive oil and lemon for weight loss and whether they really can burn fat, you’re in the right place. You will receive answers to these questions in the following lines.

All The Benefits of Olive Oil and Lemon

Lemon is food that is used in everyday use and is very important for our body. It has been proven that lemon protects against many diseases and contains a handful of nutrients – vitamin C, A B1, B6, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.

Among other things, it is beneficial to work on the intestine, liver, stomach, immune and cardiovascular system. It is therefore not surprising that many people regularly consume this food in order to prevent diseases such as colds, arthritis, bacterial infections, bronchitis, kidney stones, and the like.

As the lemon cleanses the liver, regulates metabolism and expels toxins from the body, it is clear that it is precisely the perfect food for those who want to lose weight.

There are many diet regimens that recommend the consumption of lemon, and it is contained in a number of beverages recommended to people on a diet. In recent times, its combination with olive oil has been especially actual, which many claims to make miracles for an organism.

It is widely known that cold-squeezed olive oil is rich in monounsaturated acids, vitamins A, D and E, palmitine, stearin, xanthan, amino acids.

Research by experts has shown that olive oil helps in rheumatic and cardiac diseases, protects the heart and brain, reduces cholesterol, protects the digestive tract, accelerates the weight loss process and has multiple applications in the protection and recovery of skin and hair.

At the same time, olive oil, like no other product, helps to open the liver and bile ducts. It lubricates the digestive organs and leads to a more frequent discharge (accelerates digestion).

How To Chose The Best Olive Oil?

A large number of olive oil producers have appeared in our market, and the price differences are huge.

People often choose the cheapest variant without reading what is written on the bottle and risking them not to get the product they want.olive oil for weight loss

When buying, take care of what kind of oil you are buying and what is written on the packaging of the product. Not the same effect on the organism will have cold-squeezed virgin olive oil and usually black olive oil.

When shopping, follow these tips and you will not be mistaken:

  • Buy oil that has been consumed in the current calendar year. In stores, this product can often be exposed in a bright place that will affect its ingredients. Namely, light destroys antioxidants found in olive oil.
  • Use olive oil from green olives because they have fewer calories and more useful nutrients.
  • Of all kinds of olive oil is the best extra virgin. In contrast to it, virgin olive oil is obtained by squeezing low-quality olives, or those that are mature.
  • Look at the bottle content of monounsaturated fatty acids. The more they have, the better the oil.
  • Buy oils in smaller and dark bottles and keep them in a dark place, well protected from light.

How To Use Lemon and Olive Oil?

The combination of these two foods brings many medicinal properties to the body. In addition to detoxifying and accelerating metabolism, it helps with problems with the liver, kidneys, bile, strengthens the immune system and acts preventively against certain diseases.

All this has led people to consume this mixture in different proportions and recipes, and do not be surprised if someone uses them differently from you. It is up to you to choose the use that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Instruction for a basic mixture of lemon and olive oil:

Of the ingredients, half a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil is needed. In a proportion, this comes about 8 g of olive oil and 5 ml of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients and drink half an hour before breakfast on a completely empty stomach.

One spoon per day is recommended, and this mixture can be consumed daily. To be effective, it is necessary to drink it at least three times a week to see the results.

I will say that this is not a miraculous drink that will melt all your fat deposits, but it will accelerate the body and help burn excess body fat. Fatty acids found in lemon and olive oil will mostly affect the degradation of fat tissue in the stomach area.

Does Lemon and Olive Oil Really Work?

A large number of people around the world have tried the combination of these foods and it can be concluded that the experience is positive. Although the kilograms did not quickly disappear, the fat deposits melted gradually without the manifestation of side effects.

A certain number of people pointed out that lemon and olive oil did not help them in weight loss. The point is, you can not drink this mixture and expect the kilograms to melt themselves.

It is necessary to correct a little diet and to lead a healthy lifestyle. All this in combination with these ingredients can speed up the weight loss process.

My Final Word

My recommendation for anyone who wants to accelerate the effect of a child with olive oil and lemon is contacting a nutritionist who would make them an adequate diet.lemon and olive oil

If you do not want it, it’s enough to just expose carbonated drinks, sweets, fast food, unhealthy fat, fried and too much spicy food.

When you add half an hour to any physical activity, the results will be guaranteed.

In addition, you will accelerate digestion, your skin and hair will look better and brighter, the immunity will be strengthened and you will protect the liver and kidneys in a completely natural way.




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