Pilot Diet For Weight Loss (Only For Strong People!)

pilot diet for weight loss

The pilot diet for weight loss was designed even during the former SSSR so that their military pilots would maintain a top form in front of many challenges.

For this reason, it is named the Russian pilot diet, which we will focus on in this article. Please note that this point diet is intended exclusively for highly disciplined people who are in good health.

What Are The Rules Of Pilot Diet?

The pilot diet belongs to a very strict, severe and rather restrictive fast weight loss diet, which does not last longer than seven days. If you accept the military discipline and commitment that this weight loss method requires, positive results in weight removal will certainly not be absent.

In order to regulate your body weight and return your slimline so that you can again “jump into your favorite wardrobe”, you need a significantly reduced calorie intake that a pilot weight loss diet requires.

I hope that I have not frightened you so far that this is an extremely difficult method for removing kilograms. Armed with confidence, think positively, hold on for 7 days and success will not be missed.

What is very good with this diet is that you do not have to throw out of the menu a whole group of foods. Free eating all but in the given frames. You do not need to be deprived of anything, but you only need to keep daily records and about every food you eat.

Each of them has its own calorific value and has certain points. Such a score list will help in many ways, and what is most important you will lose about 5 kilograms in a week. The basic rule is to have a certain number of points throughout the day, which you must not violate.

Another thing the pilot diet does not forbid is a combination of meals, you do it yourself. Keep the basic postulate – do not exceed 18 to 20 points per day. If you are a person with less than 70 pounds you do not go over 18, and if you have more than that you do not eat over 20.

Pilot (Point) Diet List

Below I will give you examples of meals and how each of them carries a point when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Based on this score list, you combine each meal yourself. Do it so that in the total you do not exceed 18 or 20 points per day, according to your weight.

PIlot Diet Breakfast (3 and 4 points)

  • One whole orange or mixed in juice, yogurt with roll, black coffee or herbal tea (3 points).
  • Fresh fruit salad (kiwi, orange, grapefruit) with or without dietary sweetener. A little low-fat cheese with a few thinner grits, herbal tea or coffee (3 points).
  • 2 dl of grits, 20 grams of dry grape with coffee or tea (3 points).
  • One banana, a small cup of whipped cream, coffee or tea (3 points).pilot diet breakfast

In addition to the above 4 examples of breakfast that are individually worth three points, I will give you 4 examples of breakfast that carry 4 points

Integral bread (2 slices total to 40 grams). A coffee spoonful of butter, 2 teaspoons of jam, 2 fresh kiwis, coffee or tea (4 points total).

2 dl of orange juice, one pancake with homemade jams, coffee or herbal tea (4 points).

Two slices of bread (up to 60 grams), low-fat melted cheese (up to 2 slices), grapefruit, herbal tea or coffee (4 points).

A cup of milk, marmalade with a biscuit, two kiwis, a coffee or a tea (4 points).

Pilot Diet Lunch And Dinner (6 and 8 points)

Unlike breakfast – lunch and dinner carried separately twice as many points. Although the pilot diet does not limit you to the points in the choice of meals, you must take into account their total amount. I recommend that one meal per day is 8 points and restless.

  • White grilled fish (one piece), lettuce or beets prepared with apple vinegar and oil, pear (6 points)
  • Tomato salad with olive oil, finely chopped onion, chopped chicken white meat (one piece) with a little margarine, 2 large spoonfuls of potato puree, 3 oranges (6 points).
  • 200 grams of champignons (grilled), a piece of fish (cooked), two boiled potatoes or cooked integral rice (4 tablespoons), one fruit yogurt (6 points).pilot diet lunch and dinner
  • Light vegetable soup without added pasta, one grilled beef, which you need to remove fat beforehand, four spoonfuls of pasta, a homemade compote with a mild sweetener (6 points).
  • Lasagna with cheese and zucchini, one egg, mild spicy salad, one bowl of frozen blackberries or blueberries

The above examples for lunch and dinner are each with 6 points, now follow meals worth 8 points:

  • Roasted fish on olive oil, steamed steak, two potatoes (slightly smaller), two salted crackers, ice cream bowl and a glass of local quality wine (8 points).
  • Roasted pork (with thyme), tomato stuffed with young cheese, four spoonfuls of polenta, pineapple (1 slice) – (8 points).
  • Grilled salmon with tartar sauce (not more than one piece of fish), steamed rice (2 teaspoons), a little spoon of cream, apple or peach (8 points).
  • 60 grams of beefsteak, cooked beans (6 tablespoons), a slice of bread, cucumber salad in cream (no more than 2 tablespoons), apple or pear (8 points).
  • Light vegetable soup with a cream spoon, boiled vegetables of your choice, four spoonfuls of lentils with cooked ham (no more than 2 slices) or hot dog, one fruit yogurt (8 points).

Veal of the steak baked with margarine spoon, pea with carrots (250 g), one glass of local wine (8 points).

Pilot Diet Snack

Pilot diet does not include snacks as an integral part of your menu. It does not exclude it as a possibility, especially in cases of severe hunger. Here’s what foods this diet does not sanction, so you do not have to worry about it and your conscience can stay calm.

  • one integral roll.
  • two thin pancakes with two teaspoons of homemade jam.
  • one slice of an integral toast of bread with 15 grams of chocolate overflow.
  • a piece of bread with little butter.
  • cheese pie (1 piece).
  • little chocolate cookie.

There are also foods that carry 0 points, but under the condition, that small amounts are taken per spoon or two during the day. These are: a small spoon of jam (0 points), a spoonful of cream (0 points), a spoonful of fruit syrup (0 points), a spoon of cheese Parmesan (0 points)

Pilot Diet Experiences

When this point diet is at stake, there are many testimonies and positive experiences. What’s important to know is that you do not start without prior consultation with your doctor. Only healthy people can apply it. By adhering to the menu, tracking the scorecard and keeping records of each meal, diet surely brings results.pilot diet experiences

When the pilot’s diet is concerned, the average score is 5 kg less in 7 days. From the accompanying menus, it can be noticed that the fish is quite present, which is a general recommendation.

Russian pilots were advised at least 3 times a week. Thanks to its healthy fats and proteins, it is one of the healthiest foods that do not carry many points.

It does not exclude from the menu bluefish, which we know is a little greasy (salmon, tuna, etc.). What my complaint is certainly a budget. A Russian pilot diet is by no means cheap because everything on the menu, but again many people decide for her.

Do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day. Do sports and physical activities every day to maximize the results.

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