Potato Diet For Weight Loss – Forget About Chips!

best potato diet for weight loss

Potato diet is a short-term diet for weight loss. It only takes 3 days, and you can lose 3-5 pounds. Want to know how potato diet for weight loss can help you? Then continue reading.

It may sound suspicious to you that potato can help in weight loss, because it is usually not on the list of foods that are recommended in weight loss diets. On the contrary, it is most often found in the list of foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight.

You already know, it’s full of starch, carbohydrates, and that’s not exactly something that melts fat. So why then suddenly the potato diet and what’s the matter? Why is it more and more popular?

Let’s see what there is in potato and whether he really has some potential as a weight loss food.

Can Potato Make Us Fat?

You must have wondered how many calories have potatoes and whether it can give you excess pounds. Well, it depends on how you prepare it.

Fried in oil in the form of French fries, or the one in the form of chips enriched with additives, flavors and an enormous amount of salt is certainly not something you will eat when you are on a potato diet.

And here’s how many calories it has in different kind of potato dishes:

  • 100 g of potatoes have 76 calories
  • French fries have 321 calories per 100 g
  • Roast potatoes in oven 140 calories per 100g
  • Cooked about 100 calories per 100g
  • 100 g of chips have as much as 561 calories

These are some approximate values. Potatoes have different varieties (red, white) and calories can therefore vary slightly.potato diet for weight loss

With this in mind, it is immediately clearer what the potato diet is taking into account, and what does not.

Let’s explain.

An average adult person needs about 2,000 calories per day.

Eating potatoes for breakfast lunch and dinner in a cooked or baked variant, your weight loss can really start with a successful flow.

On the other hand, it’s clear to you that if you will eat chips and fries (and these are only calories per 100g, while you are sure to eat more) you can very easily exaggerate.

Did you know that cooked potatoes are one of the foods that can saturate you very quickly?

In one test, people who ate boiled potatoes had a long time to stand before they re-eat it, and then they ate smaller amounts compared to those who ate some other foods.

So, it’s clear that potato diet must have rules, so let’s explain them too!

Potato Diet – Rules

How does the potato diet work?

The thing is: Potato is full of starch. In combination with water, it will satiate you so you do not need to eat more. You will not be hungry.

Now, there are those who eat even when they are not hungry. In fact, most people with overweight have this problem – or they eat because they love and enjoy food, or eat on an emotional basis. With that, however, you will have to choose another way.

Potatoes are rich in fibers that will speed up digestion of food, which is especially important if you have a lining of the bowel.

It does not have many calories in itself, and you will stay within the recommended daily intake, and below the number of calories needed, which leads to weight loss.

The potato diet has several variants and none lasts long, and quickly gives results.

It can motivate you because it is three days of dieting that is not the same as changing the entire diet, as it is necessary when you are on a chrono diet.

On the other hand, as with these short-term and uniform diets, such as this or a banana diet, the results are short-lived. Basically, for three, five, and seven days, what you lose is excess water in your body, while fatty deposits are likely to remain non-compliant.

And again, if it is enough to you to take 3-5 pounds and if it’s a good motivation for a diet, the potato diet is a great thing.

What Are The Rules?

It depends on the type of diet.

These are common:

  • Eat potatoes every day
  • Drink at least 12 glasses of water per day
  • Avoid alcohol. You can drink moderately coffee or tea (without sugar) and water.
  • No snacks
  • No extra fat
  • Moderate physical activity is fine. Do not bother with heavy training.

A potato diet works because you actually consume less calories than you spend. Cooked or baked potatoes without spices will not be eaten and overeaten, and then the results will be visible.

If you want your diet to succeed, choose a good timing. Avoid temptations and do not start the diet at the time of the holidays.

Kinds Of Potato Diet

There are several types of diet with potato, although the essence is the same – you eat only potatoes and you do it for 3 days. In some cases, individuals prolong the diet for 5 or 7 days. And here are the details:

1. Diet With Cooked Potato

In this variant only cooked potatoes are eaten. No salt, no supplements. If you can not at least comply with these rules, add some low-calorie spice plants and possibly small amounts of vinegar. From fat, you can let natural unrefined oils, such as olive, but best without it.

You do not have to cook a portion of potato. Bake it in the shell. Peel only what you eat for a meal. Leave the rest with the baked potato for weight lossshell.

It will protect the potato from drying and you will be able to eat it for the afternoon and evening meal.

Keep this diet for 3 days.

2. Diet With Baked Potato

If to you cooked potato does not sound like a good idea, then try it with baked.

With this diet, which also lasts only 3 days, you eat 1 kilogram of potatoes a day.

If we keep in mind that roasted potatoes have 140 calories, you are bringing in this magical 1400 calories. It’s less than you normally enter, and less than the recommended daily intake, so the results will come.

In addition, it is also important to drink more than 2 liters of water per day. In fact, it takes 12 glasses of water per day, which is more than 2 liters. Not only is this necessary for good hydration, but also water will contribute to the sense of satiety.

What’s the rule of this diet?

Wash the potato well, cut into large slices (can and half) and bake in the oven until it grows brown. Arrange in 5 meals and eat during the day. Let the space between the meals be equal.

3. Diet With Potato And Yogurt

With this variant you can lose up to 5 kilograms weight in 3 days. Sounds good?

If you like this combination of ingredients, here’s a detailed menu of kids with potatoes and yogurt for all 3 days

Day 1:

The breakfast:

One medium-sized boiled potato and one glass of yogurt


Two boiled potatoes and a glass of yogurt


2 glasses of yogurt

Day 2:

The breakfast:

1 glass of yogurt


Like the first day, two potatoes and a glass of yogurt


1 boiled potato and glass of yogurt

Day 3:

The breakfast:

1 cooked potato, but this time there is no yogurt


One boiled potato and 1 glass of yogurt


one glass of yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent supplement because it regulates the operation of the intestine, accelerates the release of toxins. This is a very restrictive diet and do not hold it for more than 3 days.

Potato Diet – Experiences And Results

Experiences with potato diet tell you that it works and that you get what you are looking for. 3-5 pounds less in 3 days. However, the truth for the will it is just excess water from the body.

We must admit that when you see that the scale shows fewer numbers, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised and that is the charm of this diet!

And what can you learn from a potato diet experience?

But surely your life habits were not good, if you already had excess water in the body (about a pound of weight not to talk) and it can be a good signal to change it!

Water accumulates when you eat a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods and many salty foods with too much sodium. And this potato for healthy weight lossmineral and carbohydrates bind water for themselves.

The advantage of this diet is that you do not have to create a menu and make plans. You eat potatoes and that’s it.

And unlike some diets that eventually turn out to be expensive, this diet is ridiculously cheap.

Not only will you lose a pound, but you will also save some cash.

Experiences with potato diets speak in support of the fact that this food is fast in the case of satiety.

Besides, you can not really enjoy the potatoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so for three days – you certainly will not exaggerate, especially when it’s not spicy or seasoned.

Potatoes can be quite dry by themselves, and it will make you eating slower. This is a greater chance of signaling that you are eager to reach your brain in time.

What Are Experiences After potato Diet?

Things are like this. Go back to the old diet, you’ll get your pounds back.

Those who tried the diet with potatoes claim that after several days of unspecified potatoes, every other food served as a real delicious dessert.

Many claims that after 3 days, the potato diet did not have that much craving for candy, as they had the need for protein.

Then it’s a good time to throw away some protein diet or choose a healthier diet that includes all the foods.

Is Potato Diet Healthy Or Not?

Of course, in the long run, it is not advisable to feed only one food, no matter how healthy it is. That’s why this is a short-term diet.

One big potato contains a lot of carbohydrates, but it is also a good source of fiber, and it also has protein.

Eating only potatoes, you will get plenty of vitamin B-6 (some experts say about 70% of the daily requirement for this vitamin), and there are other vitamins from the B group, although in lesser amounts – niacin, folate and thiamine. In addition, potato has vitamin C.

There is also a negligible share of minerals: Eating potatoes bring in a lot of magnesium and phosphorus and less doses of easy fat loss with potatoescopper, zinc and potassium.

For the benefit of the healthy side, this diet is also going to have the fact that you will have less need for sweets, and if you have a snack, you will forget about it.

Best of all is that in three days you also have to see how often you eat unhealthy foods and how many times during the day you eat only because you are bored.

In this sense, the potato diet is healthy. However, there are tips that you can keep this diet for a maximum of 15 days.

Although there are cases where some people have been keeping this diet for a whole year, I still do not recommend it to you!


If you eat only potatoes, you will simply miss some nutrients.

92% of your calories will come from carbohydrates, while fat and protein will not be enough. Without enough protein, you will not only lose weight, but also muscle mass. Also, you will not have enough iron in your diet, and this will lead to anemia.

Fats are essential for normal brain function, muscle proteins, and all together for a strong immune system. Therefore, besides potatoes, other foods are needed.

Is Potato Diet Worth Trying?

If you just like potatoes go ahead, but then continue with a healthy nutrition and your pounds will surely melt.

It means:

  • Choose a healthy breakfast
  • eat diverse and healthy foods, avoid processing foods
  • Practice

And you already know it yourself, do not you?




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