Quick Loss of Kilograms Without Starving – You Should Remember This!

quick loss of kilograms without starving

The food you eat can make you fat or lean. You get pounds because you eat too much, late in the evening, you are not moving enough.

More and More People Have Overweight

The trend of a thin and slender body seems to have reached its peak. Everyone wants to lose weight, and in the summer months many people keep a diet. The market is flooded with supplements that promise quick loss of kilograms without starving, but which of them really works and would that fit you?

Your body is like a machine that needs certain foods at certain intervals throughout the day. Unless you eat certain foods at a certain time, excess calories will turn into fat and precipitate in the form of fatty tissue.

You should eat more than 3 times a day to lose weight. In case you skip breakfast in the morning, because you do not get to eat, you slow down metabolism, and if you have the biggest meals in the afternoon, calories that are not consumed will be stored in the form of fatty tissue.

You do not have to starve or jog to lose weight, but to influence the adoption of healthier habits related to nutrition.

The reason why you can not lose weight if you starve (or keep a diet with a reduced calorie intake) is that your body will detect a significant drop in calorie intake and it will be adapted to combust fewer calories every day.

An Example

If you normally consume 2500 calories per day, your body is adapted to burn those 2500 calories per day. If you try to suddenly starve intaking 1000 calories per day, the metabolism will be ADAPTED and you will burn only 1000 calories per day.

For this reason, previous starvation attempts have failed. You need to get enough carbohydrates, fats and proteins to start metabolism and maintain good health.

proper calorie consumptionNumerous popular diets have success for a short period of time because they lead to the burning of excess fatty tissue, but they do not teach you healthy eating habits.

Therefore, after the cessation of these diets, people return to the established diet, and the pounds themselves are returned.

This is a known JO-JO EFFECT. After these episodes only stretching develops due to frequent weight gain and weight loss, i.e. spreading and shrinking the skin.

Do you believe that weight regulation is a task for a ten-day diet or do you feel it as a task that you will actively engage in throughout your life

Be realistic in your goals, healthy weight loss means losing 3-4 pounds a month. More and more can endanger your health.

Avoid fruity diets, because they can lead to the formation of stone in the throat. In this case, when you do not enter fatty foods, the bile does not start from the gallbladder. If you decide to take this type of diet, you should take teas that prevent the formation of gallstones (sage).

Protein diets can be harmful due to the formation of ketone bodies, which are characteristic of diabetics. If you only enter proteins, the body consumes existing fat stores.

How Many Liquids You Enter Each Day?

It is necessary to bring about 2 liters of liquid per day in the form of water, natural, non-herbal teas and juices, coffee. Try to drink 8 glasses of water per day, spread out over the day as it suits you.

If it’s difficult for you to take into account how many glasses you have dipped, pour into a bottle of 2 liters of water and sip during the day.

In this way you will be able to follow the amount of water you have put into your body and correct if you do not enter enough. Insufficient fluid intake can be one of the causes of poor digestion.introduce water in your daily menu

Proper Weight Loss Implies:

• reduced calorie intake compared to daily needs

• Increased physical activity

• Intake of nutrients – not exposure to the risk of the disease

• sufficient number of meals during the day, the metabolism is accelerated (3 to 5 small meals)

There are numerous preparations for regulating excess pounds on the market, but not every preparation is suitable for all people. Depending on the habit of eating, the number of meals, digestive conditions and metabolism, it is possible to determine which dietary supplement will adequately stimulate weight loss.

Division of Weight Loss Supplements

1. Combination of laxatives and diuretics

They accelerate digestion and lead to faster fluid elimination. They stimulate the purification of the organism from harmful substances, reduce the absorption of nutrients in the intestines and shorten the time of passing food through the intestines.

Due to the reduced calorie intake, the body consumes existing fat stores, which reduces the kilograms. These combinations are most common among domestic producers and are contained in tea blends (pomegranate, fennel, nettle, parsley, chamomile).

2. Accelerating Metabolism

If you eat a little, you skip meals, and yet you seem to be overweight, it’s not by chance. By skipping a meal, you slow down the metabolism and lead to reduced energy consumption, the body saves it, as it gets information about a reduced or insufficient input of energy-worthy materials.choose green tea as a healthy drink

In case you need metabolism accelerators, try with guarana, green tea, pineapple enzymes, grapefruit, which activate metabolism.

Studies show that green tea extract stimulates metabolism and helps burn fat, and in combination with caffeine contributes to the reduction and maintenance of body weight in premature and moderately obese individuals.

Bromelin affects the removal of fat from the gut by binding them to prevent absorption, stimulating digestion, eliminating harmful substances, regulating the degradation of fat and protein.

L-carnitine is a common ingredient for weight loss because it leads to accelerated fat burning. Kelp – iodine-rich sea algae lead to stimulation of gastric stem and thus to metabolism acceleration. However, with their use, care should be taken in people with thyroid disorders.

Apple’s vinegar is a very useful metabolic trigger. It accelerates fat degradation, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, apple pectin binds fat and bile acids, and also leads to the elimination of toxins and harmful substances.

Some nutritionists advise you to take an apple vinegar every morning, to stimulate metabolism.

3. Fat Burners

Fat burners are very useful for all those who deal with some kind of physical activity and in this way stimulate the acceleration of metabolism.

They most often contain chromium, L-carnitine, choline, methionine, inositol, betaine and others substances that stimulate fat degradation and consumption of energy reserves.

However, health should be at the forefront and therefore be careful not to overdo it with rigorous diets or weight loss products. In people with hyperthyroidism, and in general with increased thyroid gland activity, no products should be used to accelerate metabolism.

Children in the period of growth and development should not keep the diets and are subject to special parameters.


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Types of Obesity

1. In the event of excessive fat intake (if you eat fat-rich meals), fat absorbers bind them in the intestines, so they are not introduced into the body, but are ejected. Then the organism must consume the existing fatty deposits and thus lose weight.

2. If you are holding a reduction diet (diet with reduced calorie intake), you need to accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the degradation of existing fats. Regulate the intake of liquid and dietary fiber

3. If you are dealing with some kind of physical activity, because you want to lose weight, you want to have a well-shaped body, fat burners will contribute to faster consumption of existing fat deposits and achieve your goal.

4. If you have a need to eat a lot, and eat when you’re not hungry, you always have something to swallow, eating on a psychic basis, from nervousness, from boredom, the activity of the appetite center in the brain should be reduced by causing a sense of satiety.



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