Rice Diet For Weight Loss – Up To 10 Pounds In 3 Weeks?

Rice Diet For Weight Loss

Rice diet for weight loss was created in 1939 by Dr. Walter Kepner. Its popularity does not disappear even after 80 years.

In the beginning, the rice diet was intended for people with high blood pressure, kidney patients and diabetics. As time went, rice found its place among popular weight loss programs.

Therefore, this healthy food is becoming increasingly sought after by people who want to lose weight. Today there are many varieties of rice diet of 3, 7 and 14 days. The current and slightly longer variant of the diet is maintained for 40 days. Learn more about this below…

Can Rice Make You Overweight?

At the very beginning, it should be noted that not every type of rice is the same. For this reason, it is impossible to give a unique answer to this often asked question. White rice is not in good voice.

This food has a very high glycemic index, does not contain vegetable fibers or vitamins. Over time, it can cause illnesses like type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, despite all that white rice is still most commonly seen on our table, it is here.

Unlike him – the integral rice is far more nutritious, less harmful and contains more fibers. Just fiber contributes to easier and faster digestion and better peristalsis of the intestine. They accelerate metabolism in the long term and help healthy weight loss.

My recommendation if you are planning a diet is just brown rice. This food does not grow and brings many other health benefits. Integral rice can reduce the intake of up to 50-60 calories per day, which is by no means negligible.

Rice Diet Menu For 3 Weeks

As I have already mentioned, the rice diet has more variants. On this occasion, I will give you a menu for a diet that is practiced for 3 weeks.

Diet With Rice – First Week

Breakfast: The first-morning meal is always more or less the same. Cook a cup of brown rice in water without added sugar or salt. You can fix the taste with a little lemon juice and olive oil. It is recommended to cook brown, integral, whole rice.

What you must definitely adhere to is to have breakfast for 1 hour after getting up. If you go to work then just before Brown rice for weight lossleaving.

The snack is always fruity: banana, pear, apple, two peaches. Do not omit the snack, look to eat it halfway between breakfast and lunch.

Combine lunch in the first week with a rice cup, a bean bowl, pea or lentil. Be sure to eat a portion of integral bread along with it. It is important that less salty foods and do not forget to drink enough fluids (non-carbonated and unsweetened).

Dinner: Eat a cup of rice with 150g meat without fat. Let your choice of meat be reduced to turkey and chicken breast, fish.

Note: Do not salt a lot of meat, but freely pour it with lemon juice, you will drastically repair the taste. With this healthy meal, eat a smaller piece of integral bread and do not forget about the water.

Rice Diet – Second Week

Breakfast: identical as in the first week.

The snack is purely fruity, do not add any snacks and even healthy ones.

Lunch: a cup of cooked whole rice and one piece of integral bread

Dinner: every day, a cup of rice and a small portion of integral bread

In the second-week rice diet is quite restrictive and not intended for everyone. The general recommendation is that before you start to keep a diet you talk to your doctor…

Rice Diet – Third week (Final)

After the first 14 days, the period of adjustment of the body to your new weight appears. It is best to return to the diet from the first week, but you also add snack food after lunch. So the menu is getting stronger. Also, a meal is introduced before dinner. It can be a cup of milk or small fruit yogurt.

Diet With Rice Experiences

A diet with rice should take you with this diet plan from 7 to 10 pounds of body weight in just 3 weeks. This is certainly a result of respect, but know this menu is not for everyone. Therefore, only if you are completely healthy you can keep the diet.

Rice diet is intended for everyone who wants to lose weight, while also thoroughly cleansing the body from harmful toxins. So, in addition to removing excess pounds, rice does precisely this – it performs natural detoxification of the organism.

Ever since I know for myself I have problems with kilograms. Still, I always kept things under control. The situation changed after the second birth, then I got over 15 kg of excess and I was not able to return to my weight.

I think the main reason is the snacking of various snacks between the meals. A best friend recommended to me a few months ago rice diet and thanks to it I took 8 kg in three weeks.

Halfway to my desired weight. I will definitely continue with this diet after the break. I’ve changed my eating habits and I’m recommending everyone’s rice diet.Marta, 36

Does Rice Contain Calories And To What Extent?

There are certain differences from variety to variety when it comes to calorie rice.

  • Raw white rice has 361 cal in 100 grams.integral rice for healthy weight loss
  • Unrefined rice contains 352 cal in 100 g.
  • The cooked glacier rice has only 116 cal.
  • The integral (brown) rice has 111 cal in 100 g.
  • The expanded rice contains 402 cal.

As you notice by cooking rice, a significant amount of calories is lost. This is because the rice cooks and absorbs a lot of water when cooking. Otherwise, rice is an addition to the most delicious dishes in cooking.

How is rice cooked?

Many people think that cooking rice requires a lot of time, and that’s it, but my advice is to cook more volumes at once.

Rice diet requires rice consumption every day. Therefore, prepare the next dose. On 1 cup of uncooked rice, 2 full water glasses are added.

Leave it to stay overnight, because in this way the rice will best draw water into self. The next day you will cook much easier and shorter.

Note: Do not place it in the fridge. Rinse the rice well in the morning and add water and cook until it softens.

Other Benefits Of Rice Diet

This diet relies solely on integral rice and follows it. Namely, white rice has lower nutritional value and contains significantly more calories.

Brown rice gives us energy, improves digestion and hose performance. It is less known to stabilize blood sugar, with an excellent source of vitamins especially B1.

It belongs to basic foods in Eastern countries, it is thought to be consumed by at least 50 percent of the global population. It is very widespread and there are over 4000 different varieties.

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