Summer Diet For Weight Loss (You Will Be Surprised)

Summer Diet For Weight Loss

Okay… the moment of truth: the summer and the warm weather has arrived, the excess weight is as usual, and the summer wardrobe in which we can not get into it – speaks only one thing:

It’s time for us to do something extra quickly and in the next month we will lose enough pounds this year we will “swing” and go on holiday with a lot of better weight.

Ah, yes, do not forget: the weight will have to “endure” local specialties, so it’s not bad to tighten your teeth and … take off a kilo more.

Or this will be the moment when we look at the mirror and say – Now, its enough! – and start with a change in the whole lifestyle, starting, of course, from food. So, the right moment is for summer diet for weight loss to enter the scene!

What Does Summer Diet Look Like?

The answer to the above questions is simple: ANY diet who will give results in the next month and help you to take off a pound or all of the surplus (if you are planning a lifestyle change) is Summer Diet! Simply, is not it?

That’s why I will quickly “walk” you through the most popular diets during the previous year to help you choose exactly the right for you, because, like everything else, not all diets are for everyone. And we do not have time to lose!

Note: Only scientifically validated diets are represented – meaning there is no diet three times a day for 2 eggs a day and so 15 days until you crush into the middle of the street! Here I am talking about the health aspects of diet that are very important. Well, the last diet I do not suggest is just an indication of how health is successfully endangered.

So, let’s begin…

1. Diet With Raw Food

The diet with raw food focuses on raw and unprocessed food. Foodstuffs should not be subjected to processing, should not be refined, pasteurized or treated with pesticides. Instead, the diet allows several other alternative methods of preparation, such as blending.

Basically, this diet contains lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists also add that such a diet, consisting mainly of unprocessed fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds has its advantages, but also defects.

Raw fruits and vegetables have a high content of fibers and minerals that positively affect health, weight regulation and restriction of processed and junk foods, which is the main cause of diabetes and other diseases. However, cooked food makes it easier to digest and if we only consume too much raw food we can cause problems such as bloating.

For this diet, it can say that it is also “real” Summer Diet because almost all fruits and vegetables can be found at markets and in stores because it is now the season. Not expensive and in hot days you will not even feel that you are on a diet, and the kilograms will go away.

2. Ketogenic Diet – Yes, It Can Be Summer Diet

And now for those more disciplined, those who plan to keep the diet during rest and are lovers of fat foods:

The ketogenic or Keto diet is based on the simple fact that the organism has exactly the order in which it uses the energy sources. So, first, carbohydrates are consumed, after which fat is consumed, and in the end, spare fatty substances are consumed, IE, grease. In order to use fat as a fuel, the organism should first degrade it to fine particles or ketones.ketogenic diet for losing weight

The principle behind which ketogenic diet works is simple, carbohydrates are ejected from the diet and are replaced by foods rich in fats. In this way, the liver is forced to use grease as a source of energy and with its work “breaks down” the fat and turns it into ketones.

The diet is administered gradually by a few weeks, and at the same time, high-fat protein foods are introduced, along with small amounts of foods containing complex carbohydrates, which are found mainly in green overgrowth.

The period in which this replacement takes place takes several weeks and is called the period of adapting to the new diet and entry into the ketosis. Many celebrities like Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian followed this diet, and the results were not missing.

A certain number of people experience this diet as very easy and not a bit difficult to keep. If you are among them, and you turned away from the “right way”, I encourage you to return to the real, i.e. Keto way.

3. Atkins Diet

This diet consists of food intake that contains a large amount of protein with a barely noticeable percentage of carbohydrates. The diet consists of three phases, and there is also a fourth phase that actually represents the maintenance of the achieved.

In the first phase, which lasts for two weeks, the carbohydrate intake is limited to only twenty grams a day. In the second phase, there is a slight introduction of carbohydrates, especially through vegetables, while in the third stage, the optimal amount of carbohydrates a person can enter for a longer period without weight problems is determined.

People who have kept this diet are advised that after reaching the desired weight continue with limited carbohydrate intake, this is the fourth phase of this diet.

Can Atkins Diet be a summer diet? Maybe, if you are not a fan of sweets, ice cream, snacks, and other carbohydrates. One of the disadvantages of this diet is that – because of the increased amount of protein that is introduced – the body odor changes and … well, there is often showering.

4. Mediterranean Diet

One of the most favorite and most non-aggressive. In the sea of diets, experts will always advise you to choose the one who packs kilograms gradually, while bringing in all the necessary nutrients.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight healthily, the Mediterranean diet is the right choice for you.mediterranean nutrition and weight loss

Mediterranean cuisine is based on foods that have a small percentage of saturated fats and proteins, and fruit, vegetables, cereals, and legumes are indispensable. Enough is consumed cheese and yogurt, and what is the first association to this climate is definitely olive oil.

Eggs, fish or meat are eaten once or twice a week, while spicy herbs are also used a lot. The beauty of this diet is that, with dinner, a glass of wine is almost unavoidable!

A nice diet for those who go to the sea, because – practically – you can continue there with her (fresh fish, vegetables, olive oil, wine … mmm … tempting!)

5. Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is the result of research by Professor Loren Kordein, and the diet itself is based on the study of the possible nutrition of our ancestors from the period of the Palaeolithic (Paleolithic or the earlier Stone Age).

Although the first associations on this diet are large quantities of meat, this does not mean that we should eat raw meat and carrots. Avoiding cereals, sugar and various products can do miracles, according to Dr. Kordein.

Meat, including seafood, and eggs are perhaps the most important components of this diet. All vegetables are allowed except beans, legumes, and potatoes.

Mushrooms are also allowed. Fruits, nuts, and seeds, other than peanuts, can be consumed. Honey and dried fruit are only allowed in small quantities, and some oils, such as olive, flax or canola oil, are allowed.

It is also recommended taking fish oil in capsules, and water and tea are allowed when it comes to drinks, but also freshly cooked unsweetened juices in small quantities.

Among the celebrities who followed this diet are Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus, and Megan Fox.

6. Noom Diet

You have a mobile, are not you? Why not use it for the purpose of removing pounds. How? Well, there’s a Noom Diet!

The Noom Diet is based on an application that is trying to change the nutritional habits of individuals. In all likelihood, it will remain a real hit this year.

The diet starts with a small test of goals and favorite weight loss methods. In addition, each individual receives a special diet plan based on years, half, levels of activity, etc.

Foods whose calorie content is low are marked with a green, and are presumed to be the main nutrition. Foods marked with yellow color should be entered in a smaller amount, while foods marked with red should be reduced to a minimum.

With this application, you also get a personal trainer who advises you on nutrition and exercise. Their task is to control your eating habits and discover why you are importing certain foods in a given period, as well as the impact of psychological factors on your diet. To get the best results, start with little everyday changes.

With this diet, people learn about their diet, which means that once they stop using the application, they will not recover lost pounds, at least not so easily.

7. Cotton Wool Diet (I Am Just Kidding – It’s Not A Summer Diet)

Despite numerous campaigns promoting healthy and balanced nutrition, adolescents are nevertheless ready for extreme procedures to fulfill the ideal lean line.

That’s why I will not miss the opportunity to recall the idea that, by the end of the year, it started to expand on the Internet at the end of 2013, which is the so-called cotton wool diet.cotton wool diet

Namely, it is a practice of swallowing cotton wool soaked in orange juice, which can supposedly reduce hunger and help in losing weight.

Nutritionists argue that this phenomenon was not new at the time and that it was often mentioned among models as a solution to hunger attacks, but the worrying fact was that in the past few months, clips on the Internet have been promoted to promote this type of diet with very young girls.

Therefore, I appeal that in addition to the Internet as an ideal platform for information collection, you still consult with your doctor and nutritionist before applying any type of diet change, because health is still in the first place.

So, this diet is NOT the summer diet, it is not a diet at all, but a way to draw attention that besides the great desire to take out the pounds – knowledge is necessary.


I want you to succeed with any diet you chose, and if somewhere “creak”, I am here to help! Let each of your diets be a successful summer diet. See you on a vacation slim and tanned!

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