The Best Fat Burning Foods For Men – 100% Natural Food!

If we want to stimulate the burning of subcutaneous fat, the most important thing is that it is more common to eat foods with a low glycemic index such as apples, chives, and rye bread because they cause weight loss.

In this topic, I want to show you the best fat burning foods for men that you should consume if you want to lose excess fat.

If our sugar is at its lowest level during the day, and we eat enough protein, we will conserve muscle from decomposition, and you should know that muscles are the ones that burn the most fat. But carbohydrates should not be avoided, especially those of low glycemic index, or fibrous ones.

We get 60 percent of the total energy input from carbohydrates. If we do not have enough energy and we starve, the organism starts to consume muscles, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism.

Many people resort to ‘low-fat’ meals such as light smoothies, but in the long term, they are exhausting the body. Although proteins are extremely important, the need for them depends on whether someone is intensively train or not.

A rule that goes well for everyone is every day you need to eat 30 to 60 percent of the protein, and the rest should “fall off” on carbohydrates, or whole grains.

By protein intake, we best preserve the muscles that actively consume energy. And it’s best to combine them with vegetables, according to some studies.

Well, enough educating, let’s take a look at our best food that can help us in fat loss.

#1 Ceylon Cinnamon – Awesome Thing

Cinnamon is one of the most popular and most demanding spices on the planet. His very attractive oriental fragrance completes the taste of many fine dishes, among which are of course delicacies.

A good majority uses cinnamon to prepare their culinary masterpieces, although there are few who are familiar with all the benefits this spice produces.

Among them, there is an interesting feature of cinnamon. It can help us lose weight, so it can be easily classified as a natural cinnamonremedy for weight loss.

In a 2003 study published in the Diabetes Care Journal, people were given cinnamon capsules in amounts of 1.3 or 6 grams per day, resulting in a decrease in glucose between 18 and 29% after 35 days.

Cinnamon also helps the body to control blood sugar levels while at the same time allowing the body to produce less insulin. This has an indirect effect on weight loss because the chronically high level of insulin is due, among other things, to the accumulation of fat deposits.

To feel the impact of cinnamon, you need to include it in your diet, for example in yogurt, as an ingredient in fruit or milk shakes or whatever comes to your mind.

The best effect is achieved if you consume cinnamon before meals. In this way, it will be easier to control your appetite, which in turn results in lower food intake and lean lines. As it is known earlier, cinnamon contains powerful antioxidants.

Try this awesome receipt with cinnamon for weight loss that I personally used:

Pour 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder with 2 deciliters just boil water and leave a good thirty minutes folded to stand.

Add a spoon of homemade honey and 1 deciliter to drink before bedtime, and leave the other part to stand overnight in the fridge. In the morning. On the empty stomach, drink the second half of the drink.

Repeat the process until the results are visible. If you keep a diet with cinnamon and honey, after a few weeks you will notice that your waist has decreased.

#2 Pineapple – Powerful Antioxidant

Pineapple is a type of fruit that you can enjoy throughout the year. If you want to eat something sweet, but also healthy, pineapple is a great choice. It belongs to the group of the sweetest fruits, and it contains much fewer calories.

Pineapple is becoming more and more popular loss. It is still a very interesting topic of research because scientists believe that the pineapple covers even more Pineappleuseful properties.

How can this great fruit help you with weight loss? See below some great advantages of using pineapple:

  • It contains a bit of calorie and little fat.
  • It is rapidly absorbed and provides energy.
  • Quickly increases the level of energy, easy digestion and stimulates the digestive system.
  • It contains vitamin B1 that helps break down carbohydrates.
  • Fresh pineapple juice is a great substitute when you want to change the drink while at the same time hydrating the body and stimulating the toxin rinsing.
  • It is an excellent source of manganese, which is necessary for strengthening the bones, and also protects the body from free radicals while antioxidants fight with them.
  • One cup of pineapple contains 30% of the recommended daily value of manganese. You will also have a decent amount of copper and thiamine, and more than 60% of the recommended daily vitamin C value.

The pineapple contains little calories, lots of fiber and a large percentage of water, so it will quickly catch you up, without fear of being debilitated.

A sense of satiety will prevent you from overeating. The fibers will enhance digestion and burn calories.

Although pineapple can help in weight loss, it can not do miracles. If you put it in a daily diet, you will notice gradual and slow weight loss. In the beginning, you will probably notice the results much faster, as the body will begin to release itself from excess fluid.

The biggest advantage of introducing pineapple into an everyday diet is that you will enjoy healthy and nutritious fruit, and you will not bring in excess fats.

Vitamin C – it will melt your fat!

One raw pineapple contains about 432 milligrams of vitamin C, which is about 50% of the recommended daily intake.

The same amount of pineapple can contain only 7 milligrams of vitamin C. A diet consisting of fresh pineapple on a daily basis provides an excellent source of vitamin C that encourages fat burning.

The body needs vitamin C to consume fat. What’s less vitamin C in your diet, the greater the risk of fat accumulation in the body.

One study showed that vitamin C would not yield quick results, but the results achieved would be long-term. Many people suffer from vitamin C deficiency in the body, probably because vitamin C in food is destroyed when food is exposed to light or is heat treated.

#3 Spinach – You Will Love It

Whenever we think about healthy nutrition and diet, foods we can and should consume, it’s often that we forget about spinach. Research has shown us to be wrong because it gives us the ability to lose weight in a healthy way faster and Spinacheasier.

In order to understand how spinach can help us lose weight, we first need to understand the most common causes of obesity.

Most people feel so-called “hedonistic hunger”. Hedonistic hunger is an urge for fast foods, sweets, sweetened and soda juices and snacks, that is, an urge for unhealthy foods.

Also, most people are extremely difficult, almost impossible to get chocolate after a meal or a chip with a film that creates unhealthy habits and a problem with excess pounds.

The key to weight loss lies precisely in suppressing this feeling and increasing the sense of “homestatic hunger” – feeling hungry, IE the need for the right energy that our body needs.

Fast food, sweets and other fabrics processed foods do not suit themselves adequately or fight too fast, which hormones that transmit hunger can not follow.

Professor Elanson-Alberson and a team of scientists working on the research claim that the spinach extract slows down the process of digestion, giving hormones sufficient time to free themselves and signal the brain to sit.

Tilakoids slow down digestion, prolong the feeling of satiety, act against the urge for unhealthy food, which is why they are called “mufflers” of appetite.

This knowledge tells us that, with the help of tilakoids, we will be able to apply our nutrition and strict diet without the urge for sweets and other unnecessary foods. It has also been found that tilakoids reduce “hedonistic hunger” by 95% and accelerate weight loss by 43%.

Spinach belongs to a group of super-foods that have many health benefits and successfully fight both obesity and excess pounds. Add spinach to your daily diet to suppress your appetite and provide your body with the essential nutrients and other components for ideal health.

#4 Ginger And Lemon- Natural Fat Loss Burners

Ginger is widely known throughout the world for its beneficial effects on health, especially for anti-inflammatory properties and improvement of the digestive tract.

This root is also used in weight loss diets because it stimulates weight loss. Not Gingeronly improves digestion, it also has a “thermogenic” effect that helps accelerate metabolism, making it “more powerful” when it comes to burning fat and calories.

On the other hand, lemon is another known “powerful” natural remedy that in many ways greatly affects health. It is also thought to be one of the foods that significantly promote weight loss.

As it is rich in vitamin C, it is a very effective antioxidant that stimulates the elimination of “ballast” from the body, helps to maintain excess fluid, detoxifies the body and helps with swellings and stomach upsets.

Both foods are characteristic of speeding up the elimination of fat and toxins from the body, so their combination is considered a “powerful” natural weight loss formula that can greatly help if you keep the diet.

You probably never thought to combine these two foods for that purpose, but now I will tell you one recipe how to use this two foods together. You can quickly lose weight in a natural way and achieve excellent results.

One way to combine these two foods to take advantage of their marvelous properties is to make tea.

Leave one cup to swell. Add a piece of ginger to the brood and leave it for about 5 minutes and cover the cup with something. Then add lemon juice and drink. It’s best to drink this tea before breakfast.

#5 Oat Bran – You should Try It

The bowl of hot oatmeal is a lovely breakfast for a cold morning that is practiced for generations, and most people know that this is the perfect food for a healthy heart and that it really affects the reduction of cholesterol.

However, the most important ingredients in oats are found in the outer shell, which we call the ocher. Oat bran, unlike flakes, has a high content of unique soluble fibers called beta-glucan, which has incredible health properties and makes this healthy food ideal Healthy oat meal for weight lossfor slimming.

A hundred grams of oat bran has a total of 245 calories, which is actually not much because they contain ingredients that are very important for the proper functioning of your body.

A full bowl of oat bran contains about 50 percent more precious fiber than the same amount of oatmeal, which makes oat bran more efficient in lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, but also decreasing the pounds, and because of this fact, they enter many diets today.

Except for having little calories, there are two more combined properties that make oatmeal excellent for weight loss.

First, the high fiber content quickly sucks. As soon as you eat it, oyster bran fibers absorb saliva, then spread into the stomach and absorb the fluid up to twenty-five times its volume, so that you quickly saturate it.

The sensation of satiety is prolonged, so breaks between meals are higher.

The other way in which oatmeal slices work is biologically unique. They block the resorption of calories in the intestines.

Here’s how they do it; When you eat food, it breaks down into component fatty acids, carbohydrates (glucose), and amino acids (building blocks of proteins). Calories from these components are then absorbed into the body through the intestines.

But when you eat oat bran, they mix with water in the branch and create a mixture called bolus. This mixture absorbs very well some disaggregated substances and is then attacked by gastric juices, which convert it into the pulp. This pulp becomes part of the stool, which is smoked and voluminated, and therefore calves from the body are ejected.


So, guys, I showed you some best foods that you should use if you want to lose your weight, but you need to understand one more thing. It is recommended that you take some sorts of training or simple exercise.

Make your plan

Personally, I like to consume those foods mentioned above, it is natural and those foods can’t harm your body, so you eat it as much as you like.

Of course, don’t expect miracles eating it because you need to be patient and persistent and also combine this nutrition with exercises!

If you were using those foods or you had good or bad experiences with it feel free to comment below, I would happy to hear your opinion.






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  • Glen

    Great advice, Daniel. I changed my breakfast last year to include more protein and veggies, particularly spinach. This was a result of doing the Whole30 program where I eliminated processed foods, grains, etc. My usual breakfast is either oatmeal with fresh fruit mixed in as well as cinnamon and tumeric sprinkled on top or eggs, no sugar bacon, and spinach with garlic. This has made a big difference in my weight and well-being.

    • Daniel

      Thats great to hear Glen. Breakfast is the most important meal and we often eat the most for breakfast which is not good. Oatmeal is one of the best choices if we want to improve our nutrition and lose pounds. Just continue with your ordinary breakfast and you will see great results.

  • Kenny

    Excellent read! I am looking to lose my belly fat and get a lot fitter all round. Part of that is cutting the junk food out of my diet, and I think replacing it with some of your recommendations would do me wonders. Thanks for the great advice.  Kenny

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Kenny! Replacing the junk food with food rich in protein and fiber is crucial for healthy and rapid weight loss.

  • Mary


    I didn’t know this about Cinnamon being a fat burner for men. I did know that you cannot take cinnamon powder and that you can choke on it as it clumps together and needs to be put into something to dissolve or break the clumps up before hand, like you suggested in smoothies, yoghurt, milk etc. I did put it into coffee recently and it was particularly tasty.

    I was not aware that Cinnamon can help the body to control blood sugar levels which is such an important thing when trying to cut out those sweet treats. I think i would like to try the cinnamon and honey, do you know if it would work for women too? Or perhaps I will give it to my partner and see what he thinks! Thanks for teaching us something new!

    • Daniel

      Of course that you can take it too Mary. Cinnamon is great antioxidant and it is really natural fat burner for both men and women. Adding honey to it will only speed up the weight loss process so just do it.

  • andrejs

    Thanks, Daniel for the post.

     I do not want to say that I am fat but have belly fat, and I don’t like it for many reasons. I find it hard to bend to shut the shoes. My favorite good jeans have become narrow enough to close the zipper and so on. 

    Although I do not say that sitting all day at the laptop or watching TV I am leading a rather active lifestyle but still can not get rid of my belly fat.

     Your fat burning food list is so available, just around the corner in the grocery shop. Why not try as all of the products are good on taste as well. 

    Thanks, and its time to visit the store or market. 

    • Daniel

      Well, you are definitely right. All this food is very easy to find and what is most important they give desired effect. You can only use one or you can combine them, its up to you.


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