The Best Protein Bars Of 2019 – You Can’t Resist Them!

Sports supplements have long ceased to be a taboo topic that has been associated with illicit drugs.

There is no serious athlete who does not enrich his diet with supplements, and in this way gives the body the necessary food for growth, recovery and achievement of the set goals. But should the protein intake be partly relying on proteins from protein bars?

Protein chocolates are produced with the goal of replacing meals and contain a high percentage of nutrients needed by our body. Also, this type of chocolate should be a low-calorie amount, with a high proportion of protein.

Stay on this page to find out the best protein bars that you should use for training or for weight loss because protein will help you to burn excess fat.

Protein pellets available on the market most often contain whey protein or eggs. These are good sources of protein because they contain all the essential amino acids that our body can not only synthesize but need to be fed with food.

Also, these tiles should contain complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids that will positively affect the level of energy and help the muscle building process.

Benefits of Consumption of Protein Bars:

  • High protein content – The first reason you will be visiting a beverage instead of another fast meal is a high proportion of protein in them. Quality protein chocolate contains up to 30 grams of protein, about 20 grams of carbohydrates and 1-5 grams of fat. So, these two chocolates can satisfy up to 30% of the daily needs of the average male’s protein. High-quality protein chocolate is enough for the required protein intake after training.
  • Practicality – no more practical meal of a protein candy bar! Even a simple shake is even more complicated because you need shaker, water or milk, and the shaker is quick to blink if you leave it unsealed in the bag.
  • Meal replacement – Of course, there is no candy bar that can completely replace a real meal (for example, meat and vegetables), but there are moments when you just do not have the time or the conditions to eat a “real” meal, so replacing this type is an acceptable solution.
  • Replacement of sweets – Protein tile is a good way to satisfy your need for sweet while bringing in the amount of protein you will not find in classic sweets. Good flavors of protein chocolate (chocolate, vanilla, bananas, strawberry …) will easily satisfy the need for sweet non-fasting for high-glycemic index carbohydrates.

Top 6 Protein Bars

1. Mars Protein Bar

2. Bounty Protein Bar

3. Snickers Protein Chocolate

4. Toffee Almond Protein Bar

5. Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

6. Herbalife Protein Bars

#1 Mars Protein Bar

If you are looking for a new and delicious food protein source, MARS Protein Bar Chocolate is the right choice!

If you are looking for a new and tasty source of protein in your diet, you will be delighted with the new protein-rich MARS Protein Bar!

The new MARS Protein Bar has only 200 calories and has a nutritional value, which we would expect from leading protein bars, but not at the expense of the taste that you expect from this popular brand.

MARS Protein Bar contains 19g proteins, combined with milk caramel and delicious chocolate.

Individual packaging of this chocolate is very convenient, so you can carry it anywhere and at any time, and it is an excellent and nutritious meal, after a workout or at any time of day when you become hungry.

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Protein bars got a new competitor, MARS Protein Bar Chocolate!

Advantages of using this super bar:

  • A phenomenal Mars taste
  • Chocolate with caramel and chocolate dressing, now with 18g protein
  • An equal percentage of proteins like Quest and Combat Crunch
  • Various sources of protein to stimulate muscle regeneration
  • Sweet taste, almost the same as ordinary Mars Chocolate
  • With just 200 calories, it’s an ideal meal during a diet
  • Suitable as a meal replacement with a low percentage of fat (less than 5%)

Allergens: Contains milk, soy, wheat, eggs, barley, nuts and peanuts. Produced in a facility that processes milk, soy, wheat, walnuts, peanuts and eggs.

#2 Bounty Protein Bar

Since the protein versions of Mars and Snickers were more than perfectly accepted among their fans, Mars decided to offer a protein version for the last of the trophies – BOUNTY, for all lovers of exotic coconut.

The new BOUNTY Protein Bar has an even better composition compared to Mars and Snickers. It contains as much as 19g of protein, both milk and whey protein.

Both protein sources are rich in essential amino acids that are crucial for muscle recovery and growth. The tile contains only 200 calories, and it is as good a taste as the original Bounty chocolate from this branded trademark.

Individual packing BOUNTY Protein Bar Chocolate is very pleasant, so it can keep you up and down, and it’s an excellent nutritious snack after training or any time during the day when you get hungry.

Protein bars have again won a new important player on the market of tasty protein bars – BOUNTY Protein Bar!

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Pros of using Bounty Bar:

  • A phenomenal Bounty taste
  • Chocolate with exotic coconut and chocolate dressing, just now with 19g of protein
  • Various sources of protein for suppressing muscle regeneration
  • Sweet and delicious flavors, almost the same as you’re accustomed to using a regular Bounty Chocolate
  • With just 200 calories, it’s an ideal snack while it’s on a diet
  • It is suitable as a low-fat meal replacement!

Allergens: Can contain gluten, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts and baked walnuts. The product is not suitable for vegetarians.

#3 Snickers Bar – Bet You Love It!

If you are looking for a new and tasty source of protein in your diet, you will be delighted with the new protein chocolate SNICKERS Protein Bar!

The new SNICKERS Protein Bar has only 200 calories and has a nutritional value, which we would expect from leading protein bars, but not at the expense of the taste that you expect from this popular brand.

This Bar contains 18g of protein, combined with soft nougat core, peanut, caramel and delicious chocolate.

Individual packaging SNICKERS Protein Bar Chocolate is very convenient, so you can carry it anywhere and at any time, and it is an excellent and nutritious meal, after training or at any time of day when you become hungry.




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Advantages of using Snickers:

  • A phenomenal snickers taste
  • Chocolate with caramel and chocolate dressing, with 18g proteins
  • An equal percentage of proteins like Quest and Combat Crunch tiles
  • Various sources of protein to stimulate muscle regeneration
  • Sweet taste, almost the same as ordinary Snickers chocolates
  • With just 200 calories, it’s an ideal meal during a child
  • Suitable as a meal replacement with a low percentage of fat (less than 5%)

Allergens: Contains milk, whey, soy, lactose and peanuts. Produced in a plant that processes milk, wheat, walnuts, peanuts and eggs.

#4 Toffee Almond Protein Bar

Strengthen and at the same time sweeten with new USN protein bars, which contain 30 grams of high-quality protein, 0 grams of trans fat and whey protein isolate.

Delicious chocolates are a great meal replacement and are available in 2 Taste: Toffee Almond and Cookies & Cream.

Why you should use this tasty bar:

  • provide muscle tissue repair and build
  • contain an advanced form of whey protein isolates
  • prepared meal = excellent meal replacement anywhere and anytime
  • delicious and soft biscuits in the mouth are greatly melting and easy to chew

They are suitable for individuals requiring the additional intake of nutrients during a meal or as a replacement for a meal after training.

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#5 Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

Made from the finest cocoa and enhanced with top-quality chocolate pieces, protein brownies cookies are the latest addition to our range of high-protein snack products.

Irresistibly chocolate and delicious, you would not believe that every brownie cookie contains 23g protein and only 4g of sugar.

These sensational desserts in the mouth contain up to 75% less sugar than brownie cookies purchased at the supermarket.

So, what are you waiting for? Decide without the bother of conscience! You probably deserve them!

A large proportion of proteins in brownie cookies will contribute to the growth and maintenance of pure muscle mass.

Let’s look at some ingredients:

Ingredients: Milk Protein, Glycerin, Glutamine Peptides, Palmyra, Chocolate Chips (9%) (Cocoa mass, Sugar, Soya Lecithin), Maltodextrin, SoyinProtein, Cocoa powder, Lifting agents Sodium bicarbonate, cream stones), Flavorings, sweetener (Sucralose).

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#6 Herbalife Protein Bars

Herbalife Protein Tablets are a tasty and balanced snack. With about 140 calories, individually packaged to maintain freshness, they are a great solution for maintaining energy while keeping the line.

Main advantages of using Herbalife Bars:

  • A balanced combination of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Rich in protein
  • Rich in vitamins B (including B1 and B2)
  • Approximately 140 Cal per plate for easier control of calorie intake
  • The tiles are individually packed, so you can eat this balanced snack when you are on the move

You do not have to feel a burning conscience if you eat something between meals. A balanced snack should have a limited amount of calories and give you a sense of satiety to withstand the next meal.

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By taking balanced – and yet delicious – snacks like Herbalife Protein bars, you get a lot of dietaries and carbohydrates with controlled calorie intake.


So, guys, I showed you some of the best protein bars that you should consume if you want to add more protein to your nutrition. Those are pretty tasty and will help you for sure.

Keep in mind that those bars can’t replace your standard meals, they are only “bonus” to your meals, especially after training.

Feel free to use it and I would be happy to hear your results or maybe some cons on those if you have it.


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  • Mei Scarlet

    Wooooooah!! I was so not aware that Mars made a protein bar!! :O That is so cool! I love Mars bars. I’ve tried a lot of protein shakes – but am often disappointed… some of them just taste awful! And – I never feel like I’ve satisfied the hunger. Like you say – they can’t replace the meal… but often I am rushing to squeeze in my workouts. So, these would be perfect to grab quickly before continuing with daily tasks. Making shakes takes too much time anyways. Thanks again! I am super excited to try some of these! 🙂

    • Daniel

      Haha yes! Im glad that you like it! Mars protein bar can help us to increase protein intake in our body, or for any workouts and trainings! I know that is pretty taste, but just keep in mind that you do not overdo it!
      As for the shakes, you are right. I dont like to make them, it is boring at some time…

  • Babacar

    I was always a Mars bar lover and did not even know that it is such a great protein apport. I like that you have listed them all here and show how much they can contribute to protein intake. I can try other bars now such as the bounty bar that look pretty tasty.
    Thank you and I would definitely let you know about my tasting experience with the others.

    • Daniel

      Hi! I am glad that you like it!

      Yes, Mars can be great protein input in our body, but personally I would chose Bounty. Both are effective but its the matter of flavor, hehe.
      I will be happy to hear your experiance, no matter which you choose!

  • Emmanuel Buysse

    I’m into the bodybuilding and fitness world, and I can tell you that what you wrote is totally true, many people don’t think about the fact that with these bars you can cover your daily protein intake, or close to (depends from person to person).

    Anyway, I saw many people on your post reaction that they didn’t knew the Mars has so many proteins, which shows how little they know about it, but it is an important matter.

    Thanks for sharing this to the world, we need people like you.

    Very good post, and it was very interesting to read it!

    • Daniel

      Well. you are definitely right. I know so many folks who think that bar of this kind serves for nothing and they don’t know that this bars can even replace one meal. This bars are full of proteins which is very important for our muscles and our body overall.

  • Renton

    I think its cool that technology has progressed to the point where you can get a vital nutrient from a small (small-ish) chocolate bar! I always try to eat raw, unprocessed foods, but there is no denying the convenience of foods like these protein bars.

    I think as food technology progresses, these bars will become even more sophisticated than they are, possibly containing even more vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

    • Daniel

      I agree with you. Most people would think that this bars are unhealthy and processed but they are full of protein that we need. It is very funny that one bar can have more proteins than ie. fish or steak.

  • Jon Lake

    I must admit, I was still of the mind that sports supplements were a bit taboo. However, now knowing that these awesome protein bars are a supplement is a real eye opener.

    As a lover of chocolate bars (oops, did that come out loud!) the idea of being able to eat Mars and Bounty protein bars and they be good for me is like dying and going to heaven!

    Got to agree with you as well about the fact that they are easier to carry around and less messy than a protein shake.

    I look forward to trying them and reporting back

    • Daniel

      There is a lot candy lovers, I am one of them too but we should not overlook it. This protein bars can greatly help us with our training whenever we want to lose weight or build muscle mass but we should not forget that they contain sugar which is our primary enemy when it comes to slim line. One bar daily is more then enough.

  • Steve Crozza

    Wow, protein bars with links to popular products, unbelievable!

    Of the six top protein bars 3 are known favourites of mine from the past – ie the candy bar type. I do not believe that it will be that difficult to switch over to the protein bars. May as well get some benefit from these products, who knows I may even get a bit healthier.

    All I have to do now is get into an exercise program so that I can lose some weight and perhaps tone the old body up a bit. Wish me luck there!

    It really is quite amazing how the trend of protein bars has become so big, we all benefit to some degree.

    • Daniel

      You can do it Steve! Everything is possible only if you want it. You should for sure consider at least one bar daily because it can fulfill our need for proteins and strengthen our muscles.

  • Jayde Butcher

    I love the idea of a healthy chocolate bar! i’ve always lobed these chocolates, especially twix and a mars bar. I am amazed at the protein intake. Going to have to get myself a mars protein bar asap! Great news. Or a Bounty, which would you recommend more? Ive looked into Herbalife before, wasn’t aware they did chocolate protein though. 

    • Daniel

      its up to taste. Both are full of protein and both can help very well in building muscles or weight loss. It is really up to you.

  • Shannah

    I have found protein bars helpful for most of the same reasons that you mention. They are a practical meal replacement that travels better than the protein drinks, or even the typical packed lunch. I have also used them to substitute for candy bars, but I do have to wonder if they’re really that much healthier than a candy bar?

    • Daniel

      Well, they are definitely healthier then candy bars primarily because of high percentage of protein. They contain sugar but considerably less than usual candy bar.

  • dkohara

    Thanks for this review. It’s going to be very valuable to me because i’m trying to change my complete body shape. I believe it’s more important to keep tabs on body shape rather than just relying on how much I weigh. I’ve found that when on  diet, my partner focuses purely on calorie totals for the day, and I often have an argument because I tell her all calories aren’t created equal.

    As we know, I could eat my calorie allowance per day and stick within it, but if my calories were all of saturated fat it wouldn’t do me much good. It has to be balanced around Fat,Carbs and Protein %. One of the most difficult things on a diet is avoiding chocolate, but if I can mitigate the effects knowing that i’m getting a protein hit then i’ll just tempt myself with these protein bars.

    Regards, Dave

    • Daniel

      You are completely right Dave! Balanced nutrition is the key to healthy body and weigh. I know that so many people rely on calorie counting but that is not necessary at all.

  • Paola

    Hi, it was a great article but I have one doubt, you said “males nutrition needs” what about women? I guess is not the same as men’s. How many of them we can eat during the week? One per day? Because we’re not just adding protein to our diet but also calories and all I want to do right now is lose weight. Thanks in advance! 

    • Daniel

      Hi Paola, maybe it is strange but it is the same for both men and women. It only depend if you train or not. If you have regular training it is recommended that you take 1-3 protein bars but if you are not physically active you can take 1 protein bar daily.

  • Evald

    Hello there Daniel,

    Thanks for the great article, I really enjoyed reading it and learning something new today! This article came just in time as  I was looking for some delicious protein bars which would contain a good amount of protein, be truly health-beneficial and would taste awesome! I am very glad that I’ve stumbled across Your article as it presented me with some very interesting and unique products which I have not seen on the market yet in my place.

    I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to discover that there exists something like Mars and Snickers protein bars, I’m blown away! These 2 are some of my favorite chocolate bars and to have them packed with protein, is insane! And to have a 18-19g of protein in a chocolate bar is freaking amazing deal in my opinion. I’m so glad I discovered them, thanks a lot Daniel I will definitely give them a shot. Keep up the great work.

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Evald! I must say that Mars is my favorite too, it has a great taste and I can say that it can really replace a meal after the training, it keeps me satiated for a long time. You definitely should give them a try.

  • Shy

    I did not know that Snickers and Mars had protein bars.  That sounds like something that I would have to try, I like Snickers and Mars bars anyway.  I have tried some protein bar, though not many and they are okay.  Not the best, but then again they are not supposed to be candy bars anyway so they don’t taste like that, but they were not bad at all, and I wouldn’t mind having them again.


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