The Best Protein Foods For Weight Loss – Do You Know Them?

On the subject of nutrition, discussions are underway. It discusses the effects of carbohydrates, fats, and the like, but generally, everyone agrees that the proteins are an important part of the diet. If you get enough blush, you will feel positive changes in your body.

In this topic, I want to show you the best protein foods for weight loss, because proteins are our fat burners, and they are extremely healthy for our body.

Proteins can help you if you want to lose weight (especially if your goal is to remove fat from your stomach) and increase muscle mass and strength.

The recommended dose of protein is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men. But many experts in the sphere of fitness, believe that we need more.

That’s why I have created this list of foods rich in protein that will help you to provide your body with the necessary amount.

According to a new study, nutritionists say that it is not only important to introduce enough protein quantities into the body, but also essential foods through which they are ingested.

The reason for this is simple, each protein source, from chicken to peanut, consists of various amino acids from which the proteins are built. Of the 20 types of amino acids, nine are needed by our organism, and they are not found in equal amounts in all foods rich in proteins.

So, let’s begin!

1. Eggs – Super Food

Glair eggs are an indispensable item in bodybuilders nutrition and sports nutrition in general. Due to their amino acid composition, they are the perfect choice of proteins to support muscle growth and recovery.

Glairs does not contain fat. Yolk, on the other hand,Fried egg is often rejected due to fat and cholesterol content. However, research shows that saturated and unsaturated fats found in yolks do not leak into fat so easily and that they are even good for us.

The main part of the egg makes white or 60%, then 30% yolk and 10% shell.

Eggs contain 7 grams of protein, 80 calories and are rich in vitamins A, E, K, and B complex of vitamin B12, B2 riboflavin and folic acid and have a high biological value.

In addition to vitamins, eggs contain minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and sulfur. The yolk contains more vitamins and minerals than whites.

Eggs are also good in the prevention of heart attack because they prevent the formation of a blood clot. Protein from the yolk inhibits the precipitation of blood platelets and converts fibrinogen to fibrin.

Fibrin is a substrate for the deposition of blood platelets and the formation of a blood clot that enters the circulation and thus prevents blood flow.

A recent study found that the obese people who ate two eggs for breakfast were losing 65 percent more weight than women who ate baking in the morning.

Proteins in eggs quickly saturate and prolong the feeling of satiety, which means that you will be less into the attack to reach for snacks or shake the refrigerator.

Also, proteins are very important in order to raise the level of energy and build muscle. How can your muscles help weight loss? Simply! The more muscle tissue you have, the more fat you burn, not doing anything. This is the real challenge for metabolism.Egg sandwich

There are no cleaner proteins than those of the egg whites. If you are on a diet that advocates increased protein intake, such as Dukan’s diet, then you are sure to eat eggs on a daily basis.

Do not exceed the limit of two days if you have a cholesterol problem, but if you just want an extra portion of protein, then eat two whole eggs and egg whites of the third egg.

One medium-sized egg contains only 80 calories, which means it is an ideal ally in the fight against excessive pounds!

2. Greek Yogurt – So Tasty

Thick and creamy, excellent flavor, yogurt is much more than a regular dairy product. It is used for making various beverages, shakes and ice cream. In every traditional cuisine, there is some kind of yogurt and its standard use in certain meals.

One of the more popular species is Greek yogurt, which is sewn through the canvas to make it denser and more spicy taste.

This method of preparing yogurt also increases the concentration of nutrients in Greek Yogurtyogurt. Of course, the good sides of Greek yogurt are not limited to the mentioned; This yogurt is very healthy and good for weight loss.

Now I will describe how yogurt affects weight loss, but before I go on to explain the use of Greek yogurt for fat loss, I’m gonna highlight the difference between ordinary and Greek yogurt.

Both types are made from milk. However, plain yogurt is mainly made from cow, and Greek from sheep’s milk, which makes it more dense and creamy than ordinary yogurt.

Additionally, Greek yogurt is sealed three times during preparation and thus maintains its density.

Compared to ordinary yogurt, this contains less water. Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein than plain yogurt and richer with calcium.

It is less salty and is, therefore, a good choice for people with heart problems and high blood pressure.

In Greek yogurt, there are fewer sugars and carbohydrates, the two main things that cause obesity.

However, this yogurt is slightly more calorie and greasy than ordinary yogurt. To avoid entering large amounts of fat, choose a type of greasy Greek yogurt.

Here are some facts that Greek yogurt makes the ideal ingredient for every person who wants to lose weight:

  • High protein content saves hunger. You feel sien for a long time, so you generally eat less


  • The characteristics and taste of this yogurt are good for preparing all kinds of dishes. Enter the same amount of nutrients with different foods. You can use it as a fatty substitute for sour cream or milk


  • For those who avoid carbohydrates, Greek yogurt is the right thing. One cup of this yogurt contains only nine grams of carbohydrates


  • Low-fat or low-fat yogurt contains very little sugar, which makes it perfect for weight loss. It also contains fewer calories and lactose


  • Greek yogurt contains a lot of calcium, a mineral that stimulates weight loss. Calcium stimulates fat burning and accelerates metabolism. Increased calcium intake reduces fat in the stomach area


  • Greek yogurt is made in a natural, non-industrial way so that natural nutrients are not destroyed during production. The bacteria that this yogurt contains accelerate the digestion process


  • Another advantage of Greek yogurt is a great taste. Not only is it nutritious, it is also very tasty. And low-fat yogurt keeps the same density and taste, so you do not lose anything if you choose low-fat yogurt

3. Tofu – Protein Bomb

An excellent way to avoid flesh, and you do not give up protein is to put a tofu in a plate, experts advise. A rather small calorie value makes it an excellent food in weight loss diets. Also, when consuming soy milk, the organism is completely safe when it comes to cholesterol.Tofu

For centuries, tofu is the main ingredient of nutrition in many Asian cultures, not without reason.

It is believed to originate from the time of the Chinese Han Dynasty, which ruled for more than four centuries, beginning in the year 206 BC.

Soybean cheese is an important source of protein and is often found in the kitchens of those who want to avoid meat.

About 240 grams of tofu contains the same amount of protein as 90 grams of ground beef.

Because in 100 grams only 70 calories, it is often recommended in weight loss diets.

You do not have to worry about calcium when the tofu is in the kitchen. If you want to enter the amount of this important miner that corresponds to that in a cup of cow’s milk, it’s enough to empty the cup filled with a very hard tofu only by half.

Thanks to isoflavones, phytosterols found in soybean grains, some unpleasant symptoms of menopause can become part of the past.

It’s pretty neutral. However, the porous texture of tofu allows the various flavors to be easily absorbed and overcome.

In this field, the possibilities are endless, from softer varieties immersed in chocolate, to imaginative options very far from deserts that contain garlic, basil and lemon juice, for example.

You can add it to a yolk, crushed, crushed, cut into thin slices or diced, baked, smoked, roasted or in the form of puree …

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter will give you a great source of fat, protein and other substances that your body needs after a strong training session.

If you regularly train, then you are surely looking for different ways to enter nutrients into your body that will give you strength and help you increase your Peanut buttermuscle mass.

In addition to your regular protein diet and protein supplements, we recommend that you also put peanut butter in your diet.

This will be a great and delicious snack that will help your body.

See what are the advantages of peanut butter:

1. The source of the protein

Two spoonfuls of peanut butter are enough if you want to stay healthy and eat it moderately. These two spoons have about 7g proteins. That’s why this cookie butter is a good choice for breakfast or snacks.

As a food rich in proteins, while you eat it for longer you will feel silky. If you exercise, this food will be great for you because proteins participate in muscle building, and peanut butter has enough.

2. It’s good for the heart 

Peanut butter prolongs the health of the heart. Like olive oil, though it has a lot of saturated fatty acids, it also has a high percentage of unsaturated fats that are good for the heart and its work, of course, if it is eaten in normal amounts.

Peanut croissant

3. Is more potassium 

Many of us have, in their diets, too much sodium, and sodium can be very bad for the cardiovascular system. Peanut Butter is a great source of potassium that successfully reduces the risk of sodium.

4. Keep healthy fats 

Although it contains slightly more fat, it has a higher number of unsaturated fatty acids besides saturated (as we have already mentioned). This means that it is actually a good source of “healthy fats”. A healthy body needs a good supply of healthy fats and it is like olive oil and avocado – their good source.

5. Tuna – Very Healthy Food

Studies have shown that consuming canned tuna can provide a wide range of health benefits, from improved blood vessel function to improved weight loss. In addition to high-quality proteins, selenium and potassium, canned tuna has both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B groups.

Preserved tuna is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA and docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA. These are healthy unsaturated fats that improve the function of blood vessels, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.Tuna salad

One of the B vitamins that can be found in canned tuna is a niacin that could keep the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

HDL cholesterol is considered to be good cholesterol because it prevents the storage of bad cholesterol as plaque within the walls of the arteries.

Researchers at the University of California have found that niacin prevents the liver from removing HDL from the blood, thereby maintaining HDL cholesterol levels.

Some many health benefits of tuna, in addition to the above, include her ability to stimulate growth and development, helps in weight loss, strengthens the immune system, increases energy, maintains skin health, increases blood flow, prevents cancer, protects against various kidney diseases, reduces general inflammation and inhibits damage to the cell membrane.

Tuna – calories: a portion of 85 grams of tuna has 93 calories. This portion provides 21 grams of protein and has 0.42 grams of fat. It has 0.15 grams of saturated fat, which is less than 1% of the daily intake of saturated fats in 2,000 calories.

This portion has 0.10 grams of monounsaturated fat and 0.13 grams of polyunsaturated fat. The cholesterol content is 33 mg or 11% of the daily value. Tuna does not contain carbohydrates, fibers or sugar.

Tuna is a naturally low-protein protein source, so you can get the protein you need, without worrying about unhealthy foods. Proteins not only help build muscle tissue but are also the structural component of all cells and tissues.

They also support neurological functions and act as a reserve source of energy when carbohydrates and fats are not available. You can eat in sandwiches and salads or you can eat only tuna, which helps you get a little more protein in your diet.





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  • Michel

    This is the first article that I have read on healthy foods where I actually like all the foods mentioned.  I agree with you that eggs must be the super food of super food because that have a powerhouse of protein in them, not to mention other great nutrients. Peanut butter is something I have only recently acquired a taste for, but now I enjoy it on almost anything.

    The great thing about all these foods that you mentioned is that they do fill you up, so you don’t have to eat quite so many carbs as you would have had to otherwise.

    Keep the great information coming.

    • Daniel

      Thanks Michel, I think that everyone should mix these foods on a daily basis because all of foods mentioned above are full of nutrients and quality proteins which are great for our body.

  • MelaniLukito

    This is what i need to read. I don’t want to lose weight since I have the ideal body weight already. What I need is increase muscle mass and strength. I used to eat the protein foods for my breakfast. I have ever read that I need it to maintain my muscle mass. Fortunately I love eating all the foods in your list.

  • Otis Dube

    Wow this is another challenging phenomenal topic but yeah we have go through it since we all got different metabolisms yes because proteins are our fat burners, and they are extremely healthy for our body.Proteins can help you if you want to lose weight (especially if your goal is to remove fat from your stomach) and increase muscle mass and strength. I am a fan of peanut butter and yes definitely tuna oh yep good and healthy for the body.

    All the best and remember to stay healthy let us keep-up not catching-up fat banners.


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