The Best Weight Loss Shakes Of 2019 – Smash Your Body Fat!!

In the past few years, Shakes have become very popular and have started to be used as between meals, and today they are increasingly used as main meals during the day.

There are numerous different shakes patented by certain companies, but also domestic shakes that you can make with the blender and a little effort.

Shakes are a great way to successfully cope with hunger, and at the same time provide your body with all the necessary nutrients for normal functioning.

If you love to drink shakes and you think this is the ideal way to lose weight, then you are in the right place. Below is the list of the best weight loss shakes of 2019.

Fresh Domestic Shakes

Natural shakes are a real vitamin bomb for the body, because in them there is mainly mixed fresh fruit, vegetables or their combination.

They are simple to prepare because they do not require additional cooking, and with careful selection of foods, only one glass is enough to enter all the vitamins and minerals you need in your body.

Shakes are usually consumed for breakfast or as a meal, but lately more and more people are choosing this type of nutrition for other meals for convenience.

The most tasty homemade shakes are made from banana, raspberry, strawberry, milk, yogurt, honey and ice. In addition to fruits and vegetables, vitamins are often added to them, but also protein powder to saturate you as long as possible and speed up your digestion.

Fresh natural shake will not only saturate you but will provide enough energy for your body to function normally, as well as all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It will also make your metabolism faster, resulting in a loss of excess pounds.

It is recommended that you use fresh and quality foods that you know are organic. If there is a suspicion that this is not a food item that it should be, you must peel off the bark well in order to save the harmful ingredients that are present on it.

How To Make Homemade Shake?

You do not need any special recipes for making a home-made shake, it’s enough to know which tastes are most enjoyable to you and start with their combination.

It’s true that it’s a lot easier to follow the instructions and make a green vegetable shake, but you will not be mistaken even if you insert your favorite vegetables into the blender and just mix it.

The only disadvantage in making shakes is that you need a good blender that is better for smaller ingredients. Since ice shakes are the most delicious, my recommendation is that you use models of better quality that can rip ice without any best weight loss shakesdifficulty.

I have selected a recipe for natural colorful shake that is very popular in the world:

  • It needs: 1 pineapple, 1 fresh apricot, 6 strawberries, 1 banana and 1 cup of skim milk.
  • Preparation: Cut all the ingredients and put it into the blender. For a better taste, it is recommended to insert at least one ice cube.
  • After all the ingredients are well mixed, shake is ready for consumption
  • If you think that the shake is too dense, add more water or milk, and if it is too sparse, insert another slice of fruit.

Additional Advises For Shake Preparation:

If you are in a crowd, you can make shakes and freeze them. When you want to consume it, just remove it from the freezer, put it in the blender and in a few minutes you will have a cool refreshing and tasty drink.

Freeze the banana. The frozen banana will not only improve the taste of shake but will give it a creamy structure.

If you do not like to eat green, the best way to bring nutrients out of it is to make a shake with it. Put spinach, parsley, kale, broccoli or mangel together with apples and honey that will neutralize their taste.

Protein powder made from eggs is great for those who are strenuously trained. Add this powder to shake and consume it after training to help restore your body from strenuous exercise.

In shake, you can add a fusion of favorite spices: basil, cinnamon, flax, coriander, ginger, vanilla, etc.

If you adore milk shake, you can make a natural milk shake with a little honey, a bowl of vanilla ice cream, a glass of milk and fruit as desired.

Industrial Shakes – Safe Or Not?

Industrial shakes have a great application on our premises. It’s about pre-prepared protein shakes sold by different companies. These shakes can be ordered via the Internet, in specialized stores, or by persons who deal with their distribution.

These are relatively expensive products that are not available to all because of high prices. The best-selling shakes of this species are those of Herbalife and Slim Fast brands.

Herbalife Shakes are the perfect choice for breakfast. There are many different tastes in relation to your wishes.

They are natural shakes for weight lossrich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential acids, so you will have enough energy for the rest of the day.

These shakes are obtained in powder, and if you wish, prepare them yourself with milk or water.

The experiences of those who tried it showed that Herbalife’s shakes are really effective when weight management is concerned.

However, they are not ideal, the fact is that with the cessation of their use, the lost kilograms start to return but only if you continue with your old habits which is pretty logical.

On the other hand, Slim Fast Shakes are mostly used as between meals. This is a special diet based on the plan: 3-2-1. This means that every day they you eat 2 Slim Fast Shakes, three calorie meals in the form of tiles and one main meal of 500 calories.

This diet can be used indefinitely, because it has proven to be very effective, and its main disadvantage is a small selection of foods, that is, the nutritional content, the occasional feeling of hunger, and the jo-jo effect.

Herbalife Shake – #1 Shake For Natural Weight Loss

Healthy slimming begins with a balanced and healthy diet. There must be daily intake of important nutrients properly distributed, in perfect balance and quantity.

It is the only guarantee that the body will receive every day what is necessary and normal to function. (Healthy diet and healthy weight loss means sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, positive fats and water).

Accelerating metabolism is also very important in the weight loss process, as it results in faster burning of calories and the general well-being of the whole organism. (Toxin Cleaning).

FORMULA 1 (Shake):

Replacement of meals for the purpose of weight regulation. Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

Calories are poor because it has about 200 calories, but on the other hand they are nutritionally rich, because they meet all the needs of a healthy meal.

read the full review about Herbalife

Are Shakes Good Choice For Weight Loss?

Fresh, natural shakes are always a good choice for each of us. They rapidly saturate the body, and are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for the normal functioning of the organism.

Juices that are in fruit and vegetables are absorbed more quickly when you drink them than when you eat whole fruits.

Experiences have shown that shakes are really effective when it comes to losing excess pounds, especially if they are made from foods that in themselves encourage slimming.

As for the number of kilograms lost, it depends on many factors, but according to some estimates, by inserting a shake instead of breakfast and occasionally as a between meal, you can lose one kilogram a week.

On the other hand, my advice is to avoid ready and pre-prepared shakes that can contain plenty of sugar or fructose. Some of them contain artificial sweeteners as their taste would not be blurred.

If you opt for a diet with shakes, it is my recommendation to choose a natural variant, that is, those shakes made from fresh foods and you will see that your results will delight.

Not only will you get enough nutrients and have a slim line, but your hair and complexion will look fresher and healthier.


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  • Allie

    Hi Daniel, great article about shakes. I love my morning smoothies. Only problem is I always have the same thing..I am so unoriginal…
    I try not to put too much fruit in because I want to keep the fructose down so I just use a few small pieces of banana but I do add some cashews. I suppose nuts are not the best for weight loss? What do you think? I want to get some protein in there – should I try a protein powder? thanks for your help

    • Daniel

      Hello Allie! Honestly, you dont need to worry to much about fructose from fruits because all fruit is healthy and full of water and our body need it. You can add all fruit that you like but in small quantity. 

      Example: piece of apple, piece of pear, piece of peach, and of course banana. You will not get pounds from fruit.

      Nuts are a little fatty and it is not recommended to use them more then one hand. You can freely mix it with your fruit but you dont need to do that so often, maybe 1-2 times a week.

      As of the protein powders, of course that you can use it if you like it or if you are exercising. It will help you to keep your muscles and it will help you to burn more calories.

      All the best and wish you great results!

  • Furkan

    I eat a lot lately since I try gaining muscle and I think I don’t have any problems with consuming enough protein carbohydrate. However I don’t think that I consume enough fibers so I will try this. However I do intermittent fasting and what would be the best time to consume it?

    • Daniel

      HI Furkan! You should definitely start consuming more fiberse. They are very important for weight loss because they throw away all bad food and calories that we intake through nutrition. It is best to consume it when you finish your fasting.

  • Francis

    I’ve been reading that a lot of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. have decreased in nutrients due to poor soil health. Do you see any truth to this? Do you think making shakes with natural ingredients may not have much nutrition as expected?

    What do you think would be the solution to this? I’d hate to supplement a supposedly healthy shake with powder that’s expensive.

    • Daniel

      Well, it may be truth, I dont know how accurate is it, but I know that we must consume fruits. It is much better to consume fruits than bread and fast food which is far more dangerous for our body. Dont worry too much about fruits, just throw away dangerous food like industrial foods and fast food.

  • CoconuttyWife

    Shakes are a great way to lose weight, if utilized properly. Haven’t tried the herbalife shakes but they sound interesting. What do you think of avocado in shakes? I used to make a killer shake using avocado, hemp protein, cherries, stevia, and cacao powder. Talk about keeping hunger at bay!

    • Daniel

      Well, I must say that your shake is a little bomb, haha. Avocado is awesome for weight loss and can show great results and especially when combined with other ingredients. I see that all groceries that you use are healthy and just keep like that!

  • angie

    Thanks for the great article. Most people like shakes with milk, berries and maybe a banana. Me I prefer vegetable or green shakes because I believe they are the best at weight loss management even though they aren’t as sweet as the milk and berry shakes..
    When I started consuming vegetable shakes I found that my craving for sugary things decreased. So I highly recommend shakes for burning fat.

    • Daniel

      Hi Angie! You are definitely right! Shakes with banana and milk are much tastier but shakes with vegetables are much healthier and can speed up weight loss process greatly.

  • Marcus

    Thanks for the great info on shakes. I also, like having smoothies to get in a meal or snack fix because they are easy to make and satisfying . You have some great recommendations on adding greens to the shake to get more nutrients and to add frozen fruit for flavor and a better consistency. I can use your information to make healthy shakes/ smoothies that will help me reach my nutrition goals.
    Thanks again,

    • Daniel

      No problem Marcus! I am glad that it can be useful to you. Shakes are a great supplement to the healthy nutrition and exercise because they give you all nessessary nutrients and at the same time, they will satiate you.

  • Kenny

    Hi and thanks for this content. It’s exac what I have been looking for. I am a little overweight and don’t eat the right stuff. I bet if I have some of the shake ideas a try I could shift some unwanted pounds. I will be looking at this in more detail and also the other content in your very helpful site soon. Thanks Kenny

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Kenny! We really should pay attention on what we eat and when we eat because obesity or overweight is not good for our body and it can greatly affect our life.

  • sanjay

    I didn’t know that shakes can replace breakfast or a meal. I want to lose weight but the most difficult thing for me to control my early morning appetite. I am a big foody. These shakes recipes you have shared here seems easy,healthy and tasty too. I will try to follow it from today. I will share my experience after a week here.

    • Daniel

      Well, yes there are many shakes that serve for replacing regular meals but in most cases it is breakfast. Breakfast should be the “biggest” meal throughout the day because it give us necessary energy for daily activities but if you want to lose weight you need to pay attention on what foods you consume..

  • mzakapon

    Hi and thanks for this content. It’s precisely what I actually have been trying to find. I’m a bit overweight and don’t eat the correct stuff. I bet if I actually have a number of the shake concepts a attempt I might shift some unwanted pounds. i will be able to be observing this in additional detail and additionally the opposite content in your terribly useful website presently.

    • Daniel

      Hi, thank you for your feedback. Weight loss shakes can be of great help but you should start changing your habits little by little and improve your exercise level, it will greatly help in the weight loss process.

  • Daniella

    Hi Daniel,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading! I love shakes; I think it’s refreshing and healthy! I have a blender, and every morning I make a shake with some fruits, which I mix with vegetables, and it is truly delicious. One of my friends has used the Herbalife, and she lost 20 pounds with it. It’s a fantastic product. I want to try it too, but I am afraid that if I stop, I’ll gain all the weight back. What do you think? Is there a way to gradually take off the Herbalife and eat regular food once I lose weight?

    Thank you! 

    • Daniel

      Of course that you can stop using Herbalife but you should continue to watch what you eat. It is not recommended to come back to the old habits because jo-jo effect will happen and all kilograms will return in very short period of time.

      After you stop using Herbalife, you should base your nutrition on quality proteins and healthy fats but also stay physically active.


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