The Foods That Melt Fat – It’s Worth A Try!

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Let me be honest with you. There isn’t any food which you will eat and simply lose fat. Something like that will not work.

If you are looking to melt fat you must change your habits. Kilos that you were making in years can’t melt in a couple of minutes.

But today I want to show you the foods that melt fat on the really natural way and that food can HELP you to lose weight! But only that! Like I said before you can’t just sit and eat something thinking that food that you eat will burn your fat.

Also, I will tell you how you can make this food to be delicious and healthy at the same time!

So, let’s start!

Avocado. Treasury Of Vitamins

Avocado is a perfect food for losing fat if you replace your carbohydrate nutrition with him. Also, avocado has some sort of healthy sugar that reduce insulin, and we know that high insulin can lead to a fat in our body. So, if you keep a normal insulin that can lead to fat loss.

Also, if you didn’t know, avocado abounds with monounsaturated fats that are much healthier than saturated fats.

Our body needs them, but they do not get settled in our body as fat, as opposed to saturated fats.

One fresh avocado has an about 50 calories and 4,5g of fat. Of 4,5g of fat as many as 4 have unsaturated fats which is perfect!


If you eat avocado every day, LDL (bad cholesterol) is reduced by 22% just in one week, and good cholesterol grows by 11%., which is really good and I don’t want to mention that your fat will cry because of it!

Now I want to tell you what one fresh avocado contain:

  • 20 needed vitamins and most of them are B, C, E and K
  • A lot of fibers
  • 75% of calories are unsaturated fats ( they lower a level of bad cholesterol and help you lose weight)
  • Beta-sitosterol – he regulates cholesterol, lower bad one and increases a good

Here I want to give you some Avocado diet that I heard of my friend and if you want you can try it! Keep in mind that this diet work for 4 days, then take a break for a week and again the same.

My friend was losing 1 kilo of fat in a week, but I want to say to you, that is not healthy and it will not work for everybody the same! But it’s up to you!

First, you should forget about greasy food, sweets and carbonated drinks!

This should be on your menu:

  1. Meat and fish
  2. Fruit
  3. Vegetables
  4. Fermented drinks
  5. Oat flakes

So, here you will need 5 avocado daily! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

– For breakfast, you will need a half of avocado and one cup of tea.

– For lunch, you can eat tuna with green salad, cucumber, young onion, avocado and one or two eggs.

– And for dinner, you can eat 100g of roasted beef with avocado and boiled egg.

Of course, you can change your menu and add more of what I wrote above (menu), and drink a lot of water, it will help you to lose fat more efficiently.

Another way that you can use avocado is that you can add a half mature avocado, half a lemon, half tomato and pepper (if you wish) in a blender and mix it until you get a uniform mixture, and then spread it on integral crackers!

Chili Pepper. Let It Burn

Capsaicin, which has chili peppers, increases thermogenesis, creating heat in the body. The thermogenesis process requires the consumption of additional calories, which results in losing fat deposits.

One study published that is not necessary to eat unrealistic amounts of hot spices for beneficial effects, and that 1g is sufficient. For comparison, one teaspoon contains a 2.6g of chili.

The same study showed that 1g of chili in one meal resulted in a reduced desire of oily, sweet and extremely salt foods compared to persons who didn’t eat chili.

So guys, if you love hot food, just eat chili! Be hot

I want to show you one way that you can use chili in your nutrition:

Mix half a cup of orange juice, two spoons of olive oil, and one chopped chili pepper and make a marinade.

Take chicken breast and lubricate them with marinade and leave in the fridge for at least an hour. After that, prepare on dish without extra fat.

Like I said before you don’t need to eat enormous amounts of chili, because that could destroy your stomach! You can simply add a low amount of chili in some meals and it will be enough to burn some calories.

Eggs – I Bet You Love Them

Eggs are a great option if you want to lose weight. According to the results of some studies, regular egg consumption significantly help that your stomach is full and therefore you eat less, which helps in controlling weight loss.

Nutritionists point out that you should eat a whole egg because yolks abound with healthy fats, vitamins A, D and E, and most egg proteins are found in the yolk.

Replace your usual breakfast with eggs!

If you really want to lose weight, eat two eggs each morning, instead of your favorite breakfast, especially if it is unhealthy! This will help you lose weight, and in a few weeks, you will notice visible results.

Those who eat eggs for breakfast lose their weight more quickly then others who eat food with high calories. Also, when you eat eggs don’t fry them ( I think that you know why).

I want you to know that eggs also contains all 9 amino acids that are necessary for health and also for a slim body. They are crucial for the healthy development and for muscle cells.

Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which is necessary for proper muscle contractions and fat degradation. And there is also a vitamin D, that keeps an immune system strong and helps in correct calcium absportion.

Just eat

Now I want to tell you how I like to eat eggs for breakfast, although you can eat whenever you want!

Take a little fresh spinach and slice it tiny, then put spinach into the pre-warmed squid and add water to cover the bottom.

Pour two eggs and spill over spinach, then mix it until you get desired firmness.

It’s really delicious, and most important, it is healthy! Of course, you can add salt or pepper if you wish, it’s up to you!

So guys, if you don’t like eggs you should make yourself that you like them, because they are really great for our body and for our health!

Grapefruit – It Will Squeeze You

Grapefruit contain a substance called naringin, which encourages the melting of stored fat cells. In addition, grapefruit contains lycopen, vitamin A, C and fibers.

Grapefruit has been proven to be an exceptional fruit for losing fat. Researches of Japanese nutritionists on the effect of grapefruit on the nutrition has shown that even those who are not on diet, and use grapefruit daily, can lose a nice amount of kilos.

In average, those who ate a half of grapefruit with each meal have lost 1.70 kilos in a month, while those who consumed one glass of grapefruit juice 3 times a day have lost 1.50 kilos.

Also, grapefruit contains a lot of water (about 90%), and a fruit with a high percentage of water stimulates the drinking of liquids which gives you more energy Citrus fruitand speeds up metabolism.

And here is how I consume grapefruit 3 times a week:

Peel a half of grapefruit and clean the slices of the skin.

Insert a grapefruit in a blender, add few fresh basil and a pair of fresh cubes. Mix it and enjoy!

It’s really easy and healthy!

Conclusion. What I think

Okay guys, I showed you some food that really can help you to lose your weight on the natural way without consequences on your health.

Although I want to say that if you have problems with your kidneys or stone or sand, you might want to be aware with grapefruit because this fruit helps to precipitate kidney minerals.

For me, my winner are eggs. You can consume them on way you want but better boiled! Of course, you can use all the food written above by mixing them. One day you can eat eggs, tomorrow some meal with chili pepper etc.

But I want you to know that this maybe will work for you and maybe not. We are all different, and because of that the results will not be the same, bit if you are persistent, success is guaranteed.




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  • John Rico

    Hello there! I’m looking for a way to lose my fat. I’m getting bigger and bigger and I think it’s because of the food I eat. I workout every now and then but I can’t tell the difference of me losing weight. Luckily, I found your article that talks about foods that melt away fat. I will surely try eating avocados and egg and etc. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Daniel

      Hi John! Just try to change your nutrition even a little. You can workout all day and all night, but if you eat food that is full of sugar, carbohydrates, and much fat, it’s all in vein. Remember that if you want to lose fat 70% is nutrition and only 30% workouts (exercises). 

      Adopt some of the foods I wrote above in your daily menu and you will start seeing results. Be persistent and never give up! Losing weight is not some impossible process but you need to put some work, primarily on nutrition!

      I you ever need some help or have some question, feel free to ask! 🙂

      Wish you all the best!


  • Barb

    Thanks, Daniel for this wonderful and informative article on foods that help you melt fat. I’m willing to try anything.

    I am concerned a bit about eating so much avocado. I know it is quite healthy and is a healthy fat, but eating so much avocado in a day would that not make you gain weight? Despite it being healthy, it is still a fat.

    • Daniel

      Hi Barb! You’re welcome!

      Don’t worry about avocado. You can eat it freely, because it can’t make you get fat. I know that some people think that eating avocado could make them looking “bulky” but that is not the truth. Avocado is a very rich with fats but vegetable fats, and these fats are very healthy for body unlike animal food (e.g. pork).

      If you have some other doubts, feel free to ask! 

      All the best,



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