Top 10 Diets For Weight Loss (Update 2019) – Approved By Nutritionists!

top 10 diets for weight loss

If you are a living person who has an obligation over the course of a day, other than sitting at home and preparing yourself healthy foods, you are probably worried about the best diet for weight removal that will fit your life pace.

You do not want to give up again to the diet because you have chosen the wrong one, so you could not follow it later.

In this text, you will discover the top 10 diets for weight loss that will match your daily duties, because you do not want to become a diet’s slave, but its master.

So let’s start!

For a long time, you put away your problem and placed it under the carpet and put it off to start losing weight.

However, this terribly bad feeling of dissatisfaction with you has overturned the last drop and you finally decided to get caught in excess of the pounds and get rid of that ugly little hall that bothers you in every way. The decision fell – no back!

You were armed with the will, welcomed Monday, and realized something very strange: You do not know where to start? You do not have a plan or an idea. You are scared about starting a new diet and wondering what is the best diet you will not be hungry, fat and nervous.

What is a wonderful diet that can help you in the coming months get complimentary acquaintances and proudly glorify in photos?

There is no more wonder and delay! Here are the top 10 diets, among which you will surely find the one that suits you most. Let’s move!

1. UN Diet

Let’s bet that in the meaning of this diet you will first think of the United Nations, but it has nothing to do with them. The original name “UNDIET” actually means “No-Diet”. Still, do not rejoice in advance. This diet has its own principles. It is designed to last for 90 days.

After this period, in addition to losing the (un) desired kilograms, you will also change your metabolism. This means that your kilograms will not be easy to get back after you stop the diet.

A brief summary of the UN diet

The UN diet allows you to eat everything, but it is divided by days.

Namely, it has four stages:un diet

  • Protein day
  • A starch day
  • Carbohydrate Day
  • Fruity day

The breakfast is monotonous – every day you take 2 fruits of your choice. (2 apples, 2 pears, or 1 banana) or a handful of dry fruit (8 pieces).

Every 29th day, a “water day” is held when drinking only water.

Is it a tough diet?

Let’s be honest – any diet in which you give up your sweets in your mouth is tough. However, the UN diet, for example, allows you to eat a piece of cake or several balls of your favorite ice cream for dinner. No waiver, just a delay of satisfaction! So, this can be the best diet for sweets lovers.

The experiences of those who kept the UN diet say that there is usually no excessive hunger and that it is not so difficult to keep if you have time during the day.

How many kgs can you lose?

Not only is it the best diet in 2019, but many people for this diet say it’s the best diet ever! Within the aforementioned deadline of 90 days can be lost as much as 18-25kg.

How rigorous is it?

Do not worry, you will not be hungry! By the same token, the number of calories you need to include within this diet is not limited, your body will not be exhausted. You’ll lose weight by eating the food you love.

The only problem can be presented to you every fourth day – a fruit day when you eat only fruit. Still, look at it as preparation for the next cycle. The next day, this best diet prepared meat for you at lunch!

What type of people should use UN diet?

The UN diet is a great choice for people who do not want to give up any type of food, as well as for those who do not have such a dynamic pace of life since with the UN diet you have to eat different foods every day.

You do not want to happen that due to the obligations imposed on you by your life, you are not able to respect the diet. Also, this best diet gradually eliminates kilograms and is not intended for those who need quick kilogram removal!

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2. Medical Diet

The medical diet was originally conceived as a nutrition plan for obese people with heart problems. The doctor who created it had the goal of losing weight in his patients, but that weight loss does not weaken their organism.

So, believe me, in this diet, you will not feel exhausted. You will have the strength for every new business day. And all without too much renunciation. If this item matters to you, the best diet for you can be this one. Here’s more about her.

A brief summary of a Medical diet

The philosophy of this diet is simple. Repeat three times in 5 days. It’s possible to lose up to 15 kilograms! If you want to repeat it, a break of two weeks will be enough to reset the body and prepare it for the next round!

Is it a hard diet? What does experience say?medical diet

It’s not difficult, but it’s monotonous. However, if your figure is more important than a variety of meals, the best diet is right in front of you!

By keeping this diet on average, you lose 2-5kg within 5 days. If you want to lose more, you can repeat cycles, but with a break of two weeks between each.

How rigorous is it?

The medical diet is first-class, but I have to be honest. Yes, it’s rigorous. Of course, it does not require starvation, but you can eat only foods that are planned for that day and in the amount that is for a given day foreseen.

However, if a diet is the best diet for you, it must meet your major expectations. In case, you can not skip meals, but to eat only as much as is allowed, the best diet has just found you!

What type of people should use Medical diet?

I know that monotonous breakfast and restrictive diet can pose a problem to people who are struggling with themselves whenever they start having a diet. However, if you can win yourself, this diet is the best diet for you!

In the rest of the day, enough amount of other food is allowed, so you will not have a great sense of hunger. Even when you see how the figure on the beam scale is decreasing, you will be more motivated every day to keep up and endeavor to proudly announce to everyone how the diet is the best diet in the world!

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3. Diet 8-Hour

Another best diet in 2019 is, without a doubt, a diet of 8 hours. Its essence is that you can eat whatever you want! You can even eat and whenever you want! But, which spoils everyone’s entertainment is that it’s all allowed within only 8 hours during the day.

The ideology of the diet

The point of this diet is to bring all the calories planned for that day in the period of 8 hours. The rest of the 16 hours the body should use to rest.

Is it a hard diet?8 hour diet

If you find it hard to decide which food you will eat today, then – yes, this diet is difficult. Otherwise, a bit of persistence will be enough to make this the best diet for you in the year!

Does it work?

For most people, this diet has an effect. In five days, an average of 2 kilograms is lost.

How rigorous is it?

It’s not rigorous at all. If you are an employee and have an obligation during the day, you can eat for the above eight hours when you arrive. Depending on your working hours, this time can be slippery: 8-16h, 9-17h, and even 10-18h. However, if you start so late, treat yourself with one unsweetened coffee or tea earlier in the morning.

What type of people should use the 8-hour diet?

If you can not do without snacks and other fast foods that most other diets defend, then a diet of 8 hours is created to become the best diet for you too!

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4. Diet Without Carbohydrates

If you love eating meat and you can not eat without it, this diet would be a great choice for you! The essence of this popular diet is the ejection of all carbohydrates. What exactly does it mean?

The ideology of the diet

A diet without carbohydrates is based on the effect of insulin. Its main function is to carry excess sugar into the storage liver and there it is deposited in the form of glycogen. However, when the capacities of this warehouse are filled up, another warehouse – the fat cells – is on the order.

In this way, from excess sugar, fatty tissue is created. What annoys all of us who want to get rid of the weight as soon as possible is that this warehouse has unlimited capacity.

So, when there is no sugar, the insulin is smaller, and the fat reserves are finally starting to be consumed. The best diet always has to give results.
diet without carbohydrates

Is it a tough diet?

Still, the best diet is not always the easiest. When you ask me, this diet is really not easy. Especially if you look in love with a piece of cake at birthday parties. And especially if you eat it on many occasions with no worries of conscience.

Does it work?

Statistically, in the first six days, you can lose 6 kilos. It’s up to you to try it!

How rigorous is it?

It’s very rigorous. In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to be strict. True, there is no ice cream after midnight, but when you see yourself in the mirror after just a few days, you will forget that you’ve ever loved it. This best diet has a good plan for you!

What type of people should use a diet without carbohydrates?

For a carbohydrate-free diet, it’s said to be the best diet for people with a massive overweight. It also improves the health of people with excess blood sugar. If you find yourself here, it’s time to start!

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5. Protein Diet (Atkins Diet)

The idea of losing weight, even if you intake more calories in your diet than before – it’s not bad at all, is it? But what calories? Here’s the answer.

How does this diet work?

The main idea of this diet is, similar to diet without carbohydrates, not to inject sugars. For this reason, the body uses fat reserves to generate energy. And those are the fats from your hips and stomachs, which are so much annoying. This is one of the reasons why Atkins’s diet is worthy of taking the title of the best diet!
protein diet

During three phases, Atkins’s diet gradually increases the amount of sugar you enter in order to find an optimal amount at the last stage.

The good news is that you can make that quantity and later without affecting your weight – the fourth phase of the diet.

Is it tough?

If you like meat, fish, eggs … you will enjoy it! You will announce to everyone that the best diet is before you! As for dairy products – cheese is allowed in limited quantities.

But if you swim in sweets, fast foods, fruits and milk – you’ll have to make a good effort!

Does it give results?

In case, you get used to an enormous amount of sugar every day or you are hypoglycemic, your body cannot produce glucose as fast as your body needs. That’s why this diet may not be for you, you will feel exhausted.

What type of people should use a protein diet?

If you need to lose more pounds, in the long run, but without any other effect, then Atkins’ diet can be presented as the best diet!

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6. Military Diet

You are getting closer to an important celebration that you need to glitter, and a couple of pounds of surplus spoils your picture in the mirror. After this diet, the dress that you have planned to wear will fit you like a star!

The ideology of the diet

A military diet is not considered a very healthy choice and in that sense, it can not be said that for everyone – the best diet. It is not particularly recommended holding it for a long time. It is designed to lose a few (up to 5kg) in 3 days in a short-term change in diet.military diet

Is it tough?

Depends on whom. This diet belongs to a strict diet. Thought that in 3 days you will eat what you once ate in 2 meals, can make you panic. But, with a smart schedule and without skipping meals you can also reduce the presence of hunger! It works bored, but gives results!

Does it work?

This is the best fast diet! It is exclusively designed for people who need a quick solution and delivers great results if you follow its instructions. 5 pounds less in 3 days – a little?

If with this diet, you can also include physical activity in your daily schedule – the success of a military diet is guaranteed! In support of this, three women who were holding this military diet are also saying.

How rigorous is it?

It is extremely important to respect the diet. If you are prone to munch snacks in a crisis, however, consider whether a military diet is the best diet for you.

What type of people should use a Military diet?

If you can not do without sweets, this is a diet for you! The military diet is the best diet for fast weight loss – unmatched! Since it is very low-calorie, keep in mind the risk that it carries with you. Therefore, it is not recommended keeping it in continuity, but for the occasional loss of a few pounds. When you hate to hold infinite diets, try it – you will not be fooled!

However, do not forget that between two diets must pass at least 4 days of a normal diet.

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7. Chrono Diet

One of the most popular and most famous diets is a Chrono diet. Here’s why she won the title – the best diet in 2019!

The ideology of the diet

Combining certain types of food at a given time is the main idea of a chrono diet. It is based on the fact that our body produces different amounts of hormones during the day affecting the digestion of various foods. According to these figures, the creator of this diet has designed what foods should be eaten at a time when a certain hormone is at its peak.

The point is not to skip a meal and eat for 4-5 hours.

Is it tough?

If you easily adopt new things, this diet will not pose a problem for you. Especially after a week or two, when you “enter the stunt”. Your body will enjoy a healthy diet. You will feel light, full of energy, and you will be satiated. You will realize that this best diet has become your best friend!

How rigorous is it?

When this regime begins, the first 28 days it is necessary to introduce a restriction to the chrono diet. What does that actually mean?

Skipping snacks and reduced carbohydrate intake is the basic postulate of this period. Of course, if you need to take a lot of pounds, this period may take up to a year.

What type of people should use a Chrono diet?

If your goal is to change your life habits and to accept the rules of healthy eating for a long time, you have arrived at the right place! Chrono diet is your solution!

In case, you like cooking and you are a gourmet, you will enjoy this diet. If you are a mother who prepares cooking meals every day for her children, this is an ideal diet for you. You will only cook a little more food, and eat together with your children, giving them an example of healthy eating.

Delicious meals prepared with love will certainly be a mitigating circumstance to explore!

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8. Cabbage Diet

Are you ready for a real spring diet? Cabbage diet is an excellent choice! In addition to losing weight, you will purify your body and you will feel better than ever!

The ideology of the diet

The meaning of this diet lies in the cabbage. Sounds funny, but he’s really a magical food. In addition to the bulk of nutrients, it contains – vitamins K, C, A and B, cabbage is rich in fiber that is saturated. You will not have a feeling of hunger, and you will lose weight. At the same time, you will clean your body of toxic substances. Great choice, right?cabbage diet

Does it work?

O yes! In just seven days, you’ll lose 4-7 kilograms, on average. It can be said that this is the best diet for impatient people who do not care much about the negative impact of the diet!

Cabbage will become your favorite food, and cabbage diet – the best diet you will recommend to all!

How rigorous is it?

In case, you eat enough to eat cabbage soup whenever you get a crisis, there is no winter for you! Within this diet, you can consume it in unlimited quantities, although it is always advisable to moderate in all diets. The first day is eaten fruit, the second day of vegetables, the third-day fruits and vegetables, and so on and so on.

All in all, a very interesting 7-day diet, which can serve to cleanse yourself from the inadequate food you consumed for months.

What type of people should use a Cabbage diet?

If your body is lacking vitamins and minerals, and you have a kilogram in excess, after this kind of diet, the situation will reverse! Plus, if you like the foods that eat on the spoon the most, cabbage diet will not fall hard. You’ll enjoy the soup meals, and you’ll lose weight!

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9. Egg Diet

Another many of the best diets that easily and quickly lose their kilograms. Of course, if you love eating eggs.

The ideology of the diet

The basic idea of a diet with eggs is again reduced carbohydrate intake. The protein portion of the food is introduced either only in the form of eggs or in the form of protein from meat – chicken and fish. Only vegetables with low sugar content are allowed.

Is it tough?

The diet is not as severe as it is not too diverse. Eggs, low-calorie meat and vegetables with little sugar will make your daily menu.

Does it work?egg diet

What is obvious is that this diet is high-protein. Certainly accelerates the burning of fat, which undoubtedly leads to weight loss.

Quick weight loss, but in the short term is the end result of this diet. Also, no other effect is excluded. If it’s important for you to lose a few pounds in a short time, this may be your best diet choice.

How rigorous is it?

If you adhere to the strictest variations of this diet – you only eat eggs and drink water.

This is by no means recommended for your health, and such a diet is certainly not the best diet for anyone. If you’re really insisting on this diet with eggs, find your balance that suits your body. It’s important that you feel good in your skin, even when you are on a diet!

What type of people should use the Egg diet?

This diet is available to everyone. Foods that are eaten are cheap and easy to find. If you do not have much time and do not like complicated menus, but simple meals, this diet is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you are bothered with high cholesterol, keep away from this diet!

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10. Japanese Diet

During this two-week diet, you can count on a loss of up to 7 kg. The first 2-3 days are a bit tougher, but after all, it’s going pretty well, and the results are fascinating.

Japan is a country with an old tradition of cooking, whose cuisine is based on seafood. The main cereal is rice. Soy is also used as an excellent source of plant proteins. The Japanese have relatively recently started to drink coffee, but the green tea in their culture is appreciated.

The main rule of the famous Japanese diet means that when you go with her once, hold on to her until the end. Also, do not change the foods or their amount. You can fry fish and meat on vegetable oil.

The diet has two cycles, every day is repeated after a certain period.

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You Are Ready To Lose Weight?

Since you have heard everything you need, there are no more excuses! Minutes up to twelve! Summer just did not arrive yet! Do your best to meet him ready this year at least.

Do you have a better proposal?

If you have kept a diet that is checking results, share your experiences in the comments, to encourage readers for which diet to decide!

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