Top 10 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss (Especially #7)

People are eating and getting weight for many reasons, and one of the main concerns is that they eat too many calories. There is also the problem that some foods contain much more calories than others.

Processed food, rich in extra fat, sugar, and salt is especially harmful when it comes to overweight. Here I list top 10 foods to avoid for weight loss which are full of empty calories and the biggest enemies of a lean line.

#1 Juice – Try To Avoid It As Much As Possible

Of all the foods that we eat and drink, artificial juices maybe the most responsible for getting extra pounds. These juices do not contain absolutely no nutritional ingredients, and they are full of “empty” calories.

Statistics show that people who drink juices are much easier to get extra pounds. People who regularly drink carbonated and sweet juices bring up to 17% more calories than they need. The result is, obviously, weight gain.

In addition to increasing the risk of obesity, juices also lead to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Consuming chilled fruit juices, carbonated and non-carbonated leaves serious consequences not only for your line but also for your health.avoid industrial juices

This habit greatly increases the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

Buying fruit juices contain large amounts of sugar, which, besides increasing the risk of diabetes and obesity, is dangerous to heart health and increases the risk of premature death as a consequence of cardiovascular disease, according to the British “Independent”.

The results of US research that lasted for six years and during which health and nutritional habits of 18,000 people over the age of 45 were observed showed that those who drink 680 milliliters of sweetened drinks a day have twice the risk of premature death as a result of heart disease than people who drink up to 340 milliliters during the day.

“The results of our research have confirmed how important it is to limit the daily intake of sugar,” said Dr. Gene Velch of Emory University in Atlanta, who led this research.

The conclusions of this study relate only to sugar from juices and other beverages, but not to dishes containing many added sugars.

Conclusion: sweetened juices do not contain nutrients, but only unnecessary calories. People who regularly drink these juices are easier to gain weight.

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#2 Coffee With Sugar

Coffee can be a healthy drink. However, sweet coffee, as well as variants with various additives, can contain even more sugar than coca-cola. Like juices, regular consumption of chilled beverages can disastrously affect both your line and your health.

Most people who care about their health avoid refined sugar, but often make exceptions when it comes to morning coffee. coffee without sugarToday, however, there is a large selection of natural sweeteners that are healthier than sugar that will not change the taste of your favorite beverage – it may also improve it. So, here’s how you can sweeten your coffee.

  • Coconut sugar.

One of the best choices for sweetening the coffee. It is a natural color, smell, and taste that resembles caramel. Coconut sugar has a significantly lower glycemic index than white and brown sugar, so it is suitable for those who try to maintain stable levels of blood sugar and lose weight.

Contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and even vitamin C, as well as some amino acids. It has a significantly lower glycemic index than white sugar (it slowly raises blood sugar).

  • Honey.

Yes, coffee can be sweetened with honey. However, he will somewhat change the taste of coffee, but some people like that kind of taste. Honey contains natural invert sugars and a variety of minerals and other useful substances, and undoubtedly belongs to the healthiest natural sweeteners. To keep the honey retaining its nutritional properties, add it to the coffee when it cools down a bit, as high temperatures destroy some useful ingredients of honey.

Conclusion: sweetened coffee or coffee with various additives is full of calories and can lead to overweight. Regular drinking of these types of coffee can lead to unwanted kilograms so try to avoid adding artificial sugar in your coffee and replace it with honey.

#3 Ice Cream

the corn, on a stick or in a family pack, ice cream is a favorite treat for all generations when the sun rinses ruthlessly. Usually, it is made of milk or milk products, but the basis may be water. In addition to ice cream, fruit, chocolate, aromas are also used… contain more or less sugar, and more and more often with other sweeteners.

Many believe that this icy refreshment contains a lot of calories, and they prefer to avoid it.

Is it truth or error?

The ice cream is classified into milk rations, and the addition of fruit or chocolate becomes a complete meal. If it is prepared in the right way, eat it freely, but of course, like when you eat other foods, do not overdo it!

How to choose high-quality ice cream?reduce ice cream intake

I recommend you use industrial ice cream. First of all, because technology has progressed so much that they have exceptional taste and texture and are kept in a way that guarantees bacteriological fever.

In addition, there is a declaration on each package so you can find out what it’s made of and how many calories it has.

When it comes to ice cream from private confectioners, if you are not sure of the hygiene of the one who made it or the way it is stored, you better avoid it.

This particularly applies to ice-cream sold on “balls” or spoons, because, if the ice cream is in semi-open cabinets and the buckets placed in the cornet are in a glass of water, otherwise “paradise” for bacteria, it certainly cannot guarantee security.

In addition to industrial ice cream, there is information on the nutritive value on the packaging, so if you pay attention to the caloric value, you will know how many calories you have eaten.

Take care of whether it is of natural ingredients or has many artificial colors or aroma. It’s always better to choose ice cream from natural ingredients.

Can larger quantities of ice cream endanger the line?

– Yes! Therefore, eat ice cream as a meal or snack. This treat, however, cannot replace all meals, nor be a dominant meal in the diet.

The only thing that needs to be as many fruits and vegetables as you can on the menu during the summer. And when it comes to dairy products, which must be eaten because of the abundance of calcium, they can also be in the form of ice cream.

If you cannot do without ice cream, reduce this threat to the smallest possible extent because this is a food that can bring you some extra pounds. Also, try to choose healthier variants that contain less than 15 grams of sugar per portion and eat smaller portions.

Conclusion: If you are wondering which food is most responsible for overweight, commercial ice cream brands contain lots of sugar and “empty” calories.

#4 Pizza

When referring to foods that bring obesity pizza is one of the best examples. The pizza you can buy in bakeries and pizzerias is the most popular type of fast food, especially for younger people and children. Pizza is definitely tasty, but it contains a lot of fat, refined carbohydrates and calories.healthy pizza

Some of the most popular varieties of pizza are made with a lot of cheese and dried meat products. “Dry meat” means meat products that are salted or smoked. Much of this meat in the diet leads to overweight and leads to many diseases, such as heart disease and some types of cancer.

However, not all pizzas are the same so they cannot be placed on the list of foods that bring in extra pounds.

If you like pizza and want to eat it regularly, find a checked place to buy where pizza is made from whole flour and plenty of vegetables. Of course, you can always make a pizza on your own and always be sure of all the ingredients.

Conclusion: a pizza that is bought in bakeries is full of calories and dried meat products. Buy a pizza made from healthier ingredients or you can make it with more vegetables and a little fat at home.

#5 Cakes And Donuts

Surely, all of you already know that cakes and donuts make you overweight because they are full of sugar, refined flour, and fat. Therefore, full of empty calories.

If you want to keep slimline, it is necessary to get out of the diet such food. If you cannot stand without candy, eat a smaller cake – do not eat the whole package. This will help you enjoy this delicacy, and not enter too many calories.

One average donut contains over 200 calories, and some even over 300, depending on the glaze. Try to avoid donuts as much as you can, because they are the most nutritious foods that cause obesity.

Conclusion: Sweets and cakes are full of calories and sugar. If you cannot stand without them, eat them as low as possible and in as small quantities as possible.

#6 French Fries And Chips

French fries are often a snack or an addition to other foods, especially when you do not eat at home.

A portion of 140 grams of French fries contains about 427 calories, which makes this delicious food one of your worst enemies if you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight. The french fries you can buy in McDonald’s or at fast food stores contain a lot of fat and salt, so it’s easy to overeat, without even noticing it.french fries and obesity

On the other hand, French fries are a more frequent addition to another fast food than a meal for themselves, and are often eaten with supplements full of sugar – the best example is ketchup, which many do not know, also cause obesity.

This means that during one meal you will bring in much more calories than you need. Statistics show that people who eat french fries are much easier to be obese.

Like fries, and chips are full of fat, salt and refined carbohydrates. Studies have shown that chips are incredibly responsible for causing overweight.

The healthiest option is to eat boiled or baked potatoes.

Conclusion: French fries and chips are full of unhealthy fats, salts, and refined carbohydrates and are a big enemy of a lean line so you should avoid it completely.

#7 Peanut Butter

Peanut butter in moderate amounts can be healthy. Of course, here we are talking about peanut butter made of whole ingredients – from baked and ground peanuts with a little salt.

Some studies have shown that seed fruit and peanut can be good for weight loss and health. However, here we are talking peanut butter and obesityabout commercial peanut butter, which is usually added to sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils and a bunch of salt.

This type of peanut butter is not healthy at all. In addition, this butter has an unimaginable number of calories and people are easy to overeat, so it’s at the top of the list of foods that can cause obesity.

If you want to limit your calorie intake, do your best to resist peanut butter. If it’s a big problem for you to eat only a small amount at a time – completely avoid it.

Conclusion: The industrially produced peanut butter contains a lot of sugar and fat and easily creates excessive fat deposits. It takes a high place on the list of foods that cause obesity.

#8 Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered to be very healthy and is good for improving brain function and heart function. However, most chocolate contains artificial milk, and white chocolate is full of sugar.

Such chocolates are rich in both fat and sugar. As with other fast foods, people often get on chocolate and rush even though many of them are aware that this delicacy is food that causes extra pounds.

Conclusion: Unlike dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate contain lots of unnecessary sugar. Chocolate is very tasty and that’s why people can easily overeat and bring in unnecessary calories.

#9 Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are considered healthy foods. However, when it comes to industrial fruit juices, they mostly contain the same amount of sugar as carbonated juices. There are no fibers or other nutrients in the fruit.

If you drink large amounts of fruit juices, you are exposed to a greater risk of obesity, and children are in a particularly risky group.

The fruit is an incomparably healthier choice and food that does not cause overweight, it is even good for weight loss, unlike fruit juices. If you like fruit juices and you can not imagine life without them, buy only unsweetened fruit juices, with 100% fruit, and try not to drink more than 150 ml of such juices a day.

Conclusion: Fruit juices are very rich in sugar that cause overweight. Excessive amounts of these juices in daily nutrition often lead to excess pounds and obesity.

#10 Other Industrial And Processed Foods

It is well-known that the intake of food that cause overweight is one of the main culprits for the obesity epidemic has increased. Fast, processed food has the appearance and taste as “real” food, but in most cases, it does not contain even a small portion of nutrients containing the same kind of meal that you would make at home.avoid industrial food

Of course, not all commercial and processed foods are poor, but most of these products are made so that it looks and tastes like foods that are much less industrialized. It is therefore important that you always read the product declaration in order to understand which foods can cause obesity.

If you need to enter 1500 to 2,000 calories per day and see that 100 grams of a particular product contain 300 or more calories, it will be clear to you that it is almost one-fifth of your needs.

Such foods in many cases also involve the consumption of unnecessary calories and much poorer diet quality. If you reduce these foods in regular diets (or, better yet, completely remove them), you will greatly improve the quality of your diet.

Conclusion: fewer foods rich in extra fat, sugar, and salt can greatly improve the quality of your diet and prevent excess pounds.

My Final Word

Foods that can cause obesity are rich in calories and carbohydrates. Humans get overweight primarily because they consume more calories than they need.

It’s important to remember that you will not get obese if only get food from this list and you only occasionally enjoy it, and beyond that, your diet is balanced and healthy. However, regular consumption of such foods in large quantities will eventually lead to unwanted kilograms.

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