Vegan Nutrition For Weight Loss – Simple Way To Lose Pounds?

vegan nutrition for weight loss

Vegan nutrition is a term that is more and more popular. Perhaps you also thought that this kind of diet would be good for you. But is vegan nutrition for weight loss really good option?

To be sure of this, first of all, you need to know what exactly does vegan nutrition mean, what are its benefits and whether there are any flaws.

What Is Vegan Nutrition?

A vegan diet is a strict diet that involves the consumption of foods of herbal origin only, while those of animal origin are completely excluded. In other words, its herbal nutrition.

This type of diet is not unique to a person. Unlike some animal species that are naturally herbivores or carnivores, a man is not naturally programmed to be limited to just one type of food, and even less to be a vegan.

Our first food when we are born is milk. For proper nutrition and health, a diverse diet is needed for humans, including ingredients of plant and animal origin.

What motive is then behind the transition to a vegan diet?

Most people choose to switch to a vegan diet for the following reasons:

  • believe that vegan diet is healthier
  • They want to lose weight this way
  • have moral reasons and do not want their environment, and above all the animal world, suffer from their diet.

The person in this food is called vegan.

Veganism is not something we are born with. Vegan is something that you become at some crucial moment in your life.

Is Veganism Same As Vegetarianism?

Although veganism and vegetarianism are two similar concepts, there is a very important difference between them. Both methods exclude animal feeding.

Veganism is, however, much more restrictive than vegetarianism, because in addition to animal components, this kind of diet also excludes the use of foods of animal origin.

So there are no meat or meat products because they actually mean the death of an animal for our nutrition. But also, in a vegan diet there are no products that animals give, which do not involve their killing. These are eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt vegan pizzaand products made from these animal products.

In vegetarian nutrition, these products are allowed and there is a fundamental difference between these two terms.

The vegan diet has a fairly limited number of foods and the transition to such a diet requires a strong character and a firm resolve to cope with temptations.

Vegan Diet and Weight Loss

A motto for getting to a vegan diet is losing pounds. Every weight loss diet involves some extreme. Contrary to purely protein based diets based on high intake of proteins through foods of animal origin, there is a vegan diet that completely excludes such foods.

Herbal nutrition proved to be effective in her own way when weight loss is concerned. The reasons are as follows:

The richness of fibers – the foods of plant origin are full of fibers, which affects the better functioning of the bowel. They are regularly empty, so there is less chance that you will succeed in accumulating fatty deposits in this way.

Fewer calories – vegan diet has less fat and fewer calories than other diets.

To make the weight loss diet more effective, you need to start practicing and trying to be physically active. It is also very important to take care of carbohydrate intake. There can be a trap because they are not prohibited in a vegan diet.

You do not need to base your diet on them. Finally, the rule here is that it is better to choose fresh, unprocessed food. If you want to lose weight with a vegan diet, then fill the plate with fresh food, and avoid buying products such as fruit juices, jams and the like.

Vegan Food On Your Plate

When you read what is veganism, it is inevitable to ask what is vegan food. Fruits and vegetables? Is that all? On the other hand, you may feel relieved because the choice of food is considerably simplified. But what exactly vegans eat and what exactly is vegan food?

It’s true that a vegan diet works simply, but it’s not without rules. Uniform nutrition can be very bad for health.

If you want to be a vegan, you must really be a fan of fruits and vegetables and you need to know a lot about them. choose the best vegan foodsOtherwise, you will be deprived of a variety of nutrients.

Just as the proper store has it’s own food pyramid, there is also a vegan pyramid of food that can help the vegan food to be properly consumed and take the best from it.

Vegan foods include the following:

  • various types of cereals, whole grains and pasta
  • diverse fruit and vegetables
  • herbal calcium-rich foods – green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, young onion
  • vegan food rich in proteins – beans, peas and various legumes, soybeans
  • Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins lacking nutrition such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D

Why Its Good To Become a Vegan?

If you have considered the possibility of becoming a vegan, you must have done this because you think that a vegan diet has its advantages. And you did not make many mistakes here.

I have already mentioned the importance of a vegan diet for weight loss. In addition, the benefits of veganism are better health.

When eating foods of plant origin, and especially fruits, then a good portion of your diet can be fresh. “Smoothies” are also more popular, which also take advantage of the consumption of fresh foods.

It is believed that vegan food is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and that it is an excellent ally in the fight against diabetes and to reduce the risk of cancer.

Vegan foods contain little fat and reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your blood, affecting your blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. If you have a tendency to such diseases, then switching to a vegan diet is good for you.

As an advantage of vegan diet, it’s about more beautiful and healthier appearance of the skin, as well as the absence of unpleasant body odors.

However, as I have said, man is not in nature to be a herbivore. Can a lack of food of animal origin have it’s health consequences? Are there any flaws of a vegan diet?

Disadvantages of Vegan Diet?

Everything has it’s own good and bad side, advantages and disadvantages. That’s the case with Vegan nutrition. Contrary to the claims that it is super-healthy and can cure you of cancer, there is the absence of numerous nutrients that we get from feeding the right diet, which is necessary for the body.

If you decide to become a vegan, then you must know how to compensate for these defects.

Only a well-balanced vegan diet can be healthy.

The shortcomings of veganism are as follows:

Lack of vitamin B12 and zinc. They must be taken in addition, in the form of supplements.

Lack of omega 3 fatty acids. They are necessary for better work of the heart and brain, and their best source is fish and seafood. And here you can use supplements, but this deficiency can also be replaced by a diet that includes nuts, linseed, and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acidthe like.

Insufficient amount of protein. Proteins are mainly obtained from foods of animal origin, such as milk, meat, eggs, and vegan foods are the very opposite of the protein diet.

This deficiency is compensated by the daily intake of plant foods rich in proteins such as beans, peas, soybeans and mushrooms that should be daily on your menu.

Smaller calcium than in normal diet. Most often, the source of calcium is obtained from milk and milk products. However, this should not worry you because even those who do not like milk products might have this problem.

Foods that are rich in calcium are a solution and, like proteins, they should be on your plate every day.

Lack of iron. This can lead to exhaustion, fainting, headache, hair loss, and these are all symptoms of anemia. To solve this problem, eat plenty of spinach, beans, and herbal foods rich in iron. If this does not help, you can take extra amounts of iron in tablets, powder as a dietary supplement.


It is not advisable to go on a vegan diet without first consulting your doctor.

Although the lack of nutrients is a serious problem, we must note that this is not the only problem that you will encounter if you decide on veganism.

There are also all temptations that you have not been accustomed to. If you make a sudden transition, surely at some point you will want a cake made with eggs, a pizza with a cheese or a meal with meat.

The transition to plant nutrition is a really big change in life and should not be abrupt. It is quite normal that after a while the body begins to crave food of animal origin. Then, vegan diet may seem like an unachievable goal and become too demanding. This is the first problem you’ll encounter.

The Vegan diet does not only make changes to your menu but also in your social life

No, no one will avoid you because you are vegan, but it’s very difficult to adjust when you go out for dinner or go to guests, especially when something is celebrated and when are holidays.

Not only will your menu be a problem, but you will have to constantly answer numerous questions and submissions related to your food choices.

Be ready! Our daily diet, to which most people are accustomed to, is usually the complete opposite of vegan diet and it is highly likely that your choice will suffer criticism.

A Couple of Tricks For Easier Transition to Vegan Diet

To make vegan diet easier, you can benefit from the following tips:

You can not become a vegan overnight unless you have a really strong reason for it or a strong character. Give yourself time and go gradually. For example, try a vegan diet for a shorter period and see if it suits you.

Try to be a vegetarian first. Be vegan for most of the day, but let yourself break the rule in the morning or in the evening.

Do not fool yourself. Do not try to look in herbs substitutes for meat. If it has similar products, they are full of spices, additives and salts that are harmful. If you care about your health, it is better to learn to really enjoy vegetables.

Experiment. Learn to cook and find your favorite vegan prescription. If you are a vegan, it does not mean that you should give up some tasty dishes.

You can make pizza with vegetables without cheese, pancakes without eggs with jams, cakes and pies. Find an adequate egg replacement.

Read the labels well. Numerous products may contain milk and egg tags.


It is not advisable to go on a vegan diet without first consulting your doctor.

When you decide to become a vegan, then you have decided to completely change your way of life. Veganism is not just food.

Very often, it is at the same time taking care of animals, taking care of health and taking care of the environment. We can say that veganism is a life philosophy that requires great control over itself and it’s actions and a lot of renunciation.

Can you adopt it?

With the right combination of foods, a vegan diet can be good for you. The real question is a little different:

Are you ready to become a vegan at all?




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