Warrior Diet For Weight Loss – Are You Ready To Return in The Past?

warrior diet for weight loss

Want to lose extra pounds? Does your current diet doesn’t give results? Want to remove fat from the stomach that won’t disappear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe I have a solution.

This is the so-called warrior diet for weight loss, and it was designed by Ori Hofmekler in 2001.

Unlike conventional diets, a warrior diet means that you do not eat much during the day but at night. This diet is based on the assumption that the ancient warriors hunted over the course of the day and did not eat much, then in the evening.

This routine kept them in shape. Of course, it takes some time to adjust to this regime, but this diet really helps. Here we will see how to design a proper diet for yourself.

Why You Should Keep Warrior Diet?

Many people adhere to the diet of healthy eating, but they can not lose weight. The reason for this is that everyone’s body is different and responds differently to different diet and exercise regimes. War diet gives us time to burn calories with the principle of alternate fasting. With the help of a warrior diet, during the day you will spend energy supplies.

The creator of this diet claims that such “nutritive stress” is much more important than exercise. In combination with exercise and this diet, you will easily lose weight. During the “fasting” you must be active and drink enough water to prevent the build-up of fat and encourage melting.

Old warriors were eating very little in the morning and were active so hungry, and they ate in the evening. This balance kept them active and in shape, and we are sure they did not have excess fat.

Warrior Diet – Guide to Implementation

Drink plenty of water

The first and most important thing is drinking at least eight glasses of water during the day, and it is desirable to drink more. Always drink filtered water. If you want to insert nutrients into it and give it a better taste, you can add cucumber, lemon, cinnamon and the like. Water will help you feel satiated. This not only recommends a war diet but also many others.

Eat protein-rich foodshigh quality proteins

While keeping a diet of war, it is very important that you eat many proteins for dinner. This will reduce your carbohydrate intake and recover the “worn out” muscles. If you want an additional dose of protein, you can take protein powder with milk.

Determine one main meal

Unlike most modern diets, a war diet prescribes one main meal, and it’s dinner. For breakfast and lunch, you can eat low-calorie foods – eggs, yogurts, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Learn to control hunger

We all know that eating every three to four hours leads to the loss of excess pounds. However, a warrior diet does not represent this thesis. Like ancient warriors, who have always been either hunted or in some kind of battle, you must learn your brain to withstand hunger. When you do this for several days, your body will learn to “not think” about food during the fasting phase.

Do not eat processed food

While a warrior diet takes place, all quick and processed foods are banned. Such foods contain a lot of sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners and colors and preservatives. All this is very harmful to health. Try to eat only natural products from a market or from a local grocery store. If you must eat from home, do not order fried chicken, sausages, hamburgers, pizza, fries and ketchup.

Exercise for faster results

Warriors spent a lot of time hunting and battles, which consumed a lot of energy. If you are on this diet, try to exercise as much as you can to spend calories and return to your form. It’s best to practice cardio exercises, endurance exercises and yoga so your routine is more fun.

Now that we know the basic rules of this diet, let’s look at how the menu looks like.

Warrior Diet Menu

Early morning (7.00-7.45)

A glass of warm water with a spoon of honey and half a lemon juice.

Breakfast (8.30-9.00)


· One hard-boiled egg and four almonds

· Juice from one grapefruit with seeds

· A cup of green tea and four almonds

Lunch (12.30-13.00)


· A smaller bowl of fruitfruit yogurt full of proteins

· A cup of yogurt

· Half cup of salad from raw vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, peppers)


· Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, a piece of black chocolate, a cup of warm milk

· Two slices of bread, beans, grilled vegetables, smaller pieces of black chocolate, a glass of the buttermilk

· Pasta, a small portion of tiramisu, a warm milk cup

Dinner (19.00)

· soup from broccoli, carrots and potatoes and fruit creams

Why is a warrior diet effective?

Technically speaking, while a warrior diet is being carried out, you are allowed to eat three times a day. Start the day with a glass of warm water, lemon juice and honey. It’s a great way to eject toxins, improve bowel movement and strengthen immunity. The breakfast must consist of fiber, healthy proteins and fat.

Lunch has to be scarce, but nutritious. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, fiber and complex carbohydrates. Yogurt is rich in healthy bacteria and helps with digestion. The dinner should consist of a larger portion of proteins, complex carbohydrates and desserts.

Here is a list of foods that can serve as a substitute if you are allergic to some food or if you are picky.


Honey – half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Lemon juice – apple vinegar

Eggs – a quarter of a cup of wheat germ

Almonds – macadamia

Chia seeds – flax seed

Green tea – oolong tea

Yogurt – fruit or vegetable juice

Cucumbers – carrots

Cabbage – lettuce

Paprika – red cabbage or tomato

Chicken – salmon, tuna or mushrooms

Potatoes – pumpkin or batat (sweet potatoes)

Milk – soybean or almond milk

Pasta – brown rice

Broccoli – cauliflower

Carrot – tomato

Fruity cream – vanilla ice cream

As already mentioned, apart from having to spend a long time between meals, you should devote to exercise so that the war diet will have the maximum effect. Here’s a training plan.

Warrior Diet Exercise Plan

Here I list some exercises that will help you burn calories faster. Before each exercise, warm up and after stretch. You must practice at least an hour a day, six days a week. If you are physically inactive, start with three hours of exercise per week and gradually increase that time.regular physical activity

The war diet does not determine strictly which physical activity is required. Stick with the one that is most suitable for your physical activity. If you like to deal with some specific sport – just do it.

If you are currently not training anything, try this routine:

  • Heated neck – a set of ten exercises
  • Turning the neck – a set of ten exercises
  • Turning your shoulders – a set of ten exercises
  • Turning hands – a set of ten exercises
  • Bending from the joints – a set of ten exercises
  • Turning hips – a set of ten exercises
  • Bending from hips – a set of ten exercises
  • Bending and touching your toes – a set of ten exercises
  • Crunches – two sets of 10 reps
  • Weighting (up to one kilogram) – two sets of five reps
  • Dancing, swimming, cycling, walking, running, dealing with some other sport – 30-45 minutes
  • Yoga or meditation – 30-45 minutes
  • Stretching

The next question is how long a war diet should be carried out so that the results are visible.

How long should a warrior diet be kept?

The war diet should be kept for a month. Until then, this fasting will become your habit too.

How will you feel after completing a warrior diet?

At first, you will probably find it hard to control hunger and adhere to a menu that predicts a war diet. However, the third day you will notice how much excess water you have thrown out of yourself and you will already lose a few pounds. You will be less puffy and easier to move.

Regular physical activity will help you to dissolve fat and build muscle mass. Thus, the percentage of fat will drop considerably. When you lose fat and strengthen your muscles, there may not be a drastic fall in the number of pounds, but in the total amount of fat will, and that should be your goal.

Of course, you will not be stuffy and muscular like a bodybuilder, but you will look thinner. This means that there will be no unwanted problems that are often accompanied by sudden weight loss – “hung” hands and skin hanging, as well as no loss of muscle mass. You’ll look better, so it will be a great motivation for you to continue this diet.

So, the warrior diet works perfectly, but does it carry some risks with it?

Warrior Diet Side Effects?

Although the theory of the stage of the fasting going before the stage of enjoying a large meal can work, it is not suitable for everyone. People with certain conditions may have complications due to such an alternate diet.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers may have a number of health problems due to this type of diet, so it is important that you consult your doctor before you start this diet. Because of the way of life and work responsibilities, for some people, war diet is not a good choice.

However, a warlike diet is suitable for many people. It’s certainly much better than most fast diets. With the help of this diet, you will lose weight quickly, and the risks to health are insignificant.


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