What Are The Common Weight Loss Myths – Find The Truth!

what you should know about weight loss

My thinking about the topic of kilogram removal. I spent a lot of time as a fitness trainer and helped people get rid of their pounds or get their weight.

Everything you know about weight loss is mostly wrong and its fascinating to me that people are fishing for some “exotic” diets or a failed cliche “more movement – less fat”.

Still, things are not that simple at all, and that’s why I’ll talk about what are the common weight loss myths.

Calories Are Nonsense

People usually think that calories are some very well-known method. Do you know how this method of calculating calories came about? I will tell you here briefly, and you can look on the web if you do not believe me.

Somewhere in the 19th century at the beginnings of chemistry as a science, they invented an oven for measuring the calorific value of coal.

They wanted to be able to distinguish between higher quality coal and worse coal. They set up a stove in which they put coal and measured how much heat the coal made in calories. Then someone has come up to measure the calorific value of food by placing the food in the oven. Do you understand how stupid it is?

It’s the same as when you compared a piece of bread and wood. The tree has more calories than bread, but the body can not burn cellulose fibers, which makes no sense then.

Today, calories are measured by a more modern method, but the idea that the potential energy that the food contains is crucial for overweight is not good. How much your body will absorb and use certain foods will affect many factors.

Here’s one example: 300gr of veal has 756 calories, but it’s logical that it’s not the same whether you ate it as a beefsteak or as a burger? Beefsteak digest harder because the muscle fibers are more preserved, so the absorption of nutrients is lower than when you are eating a burger of pork meat.

In other words, if you eat more burgers and kebabs, you will be more overweight. Go for the steak or beefsteak. You can apply this principle to all industrially processed foods.

Not every calorie is the same. Mechanical food processing affects the absorption of nutrients. Crushed food is easier to swallow and absorbed.

Here’s another example. Do you know that when you put flour into the water you can make wallpaper glue? In the same way, when you eat a dough every day, it gently gains a gum in chewing.

Most of this amount of body is naturally processed, but a smaller part of the “lazy bowels” is caught and adhered to the parts of the bowel and reduces the ability to absorb food.

Similarly happens with industrial oils. All housewives know that it is easier to wash pig fat than sunflower oil. By adding natural fats to the body, you help discharge the bowel. Fruits, vegetables and seeds help to clean the bowels. So the mechanical properties of foods also affect the absorption of calories.seeds for weight loss

We can say that the level of activity affects, for example, people who exercise regularly or move on have better peristalsis of the bowel.

Someone who sits all day for a computer has a “lazy bowels” and this certainly affects the absorption of nutrients.

Here’s third example – do you know that without bacteria in human intestines food digestion is not possible?

If you take two twin brothers and give them exactly the same food, they would, according to theory, gain weight same. But if a brother gets sick and starts to drink antibiotics, these antibiotics will quite decay the bacterial flora of his stomach.

What will happen then? Will the twins gain weight the same? Of course not. In the stomach, there are “good” bacteria that help in food digestion and they also affect the number of absorbed substances.

The fourth example – some chemicals affect the hormones in your body, which can affect you gain weight more or less. For example, high-fructose-corn-syrup, which is widely used in many products we buy at stores, has been proven to promote the overweight by influencing the work of hormones.

The same can be said for many other additives that are added to food.

It seems that many factors influence gaining pounds and that simple counting of calories is not a solution. It’s much more important what you eat than to look for caloric value. It’s best to just forget the calories.

The overweight is much more influenced by the preparation, hormonal status, microflora of the stomach, additives, level of activity … It is necessary to eat food that is closer to its natural form with as little industrial processing as it does (additives, colors, flavors, packaging).

Exercise is Less Important

The classic dietary mantra “Eat Less – Move More” is completely wrong. Do not rely too heavily on training. It’s much more important what you eat than the level of activity. I want to say that when you have over 10-15 kg of excess, then exercise will not help if you do not change the diet.

In Australia, an experiment was made to explore what would happen if the Aborigines returned to their “paleo” diet. They found 9 aborigines who lived in nature as children with parents. They were now adults who lived in the apartments and everyone had a problem with excess pounds.

They agreed to return to nature for six months to live and feed on how their parents used to do it. The research was supposed to show that the paleo diet affected the weight and they followed the level of daily activity.

The results of the experiment were surprising. First, all the participants in the experiment were drastically lost weight, although they did not starve. They ate just what they found in nature, and these were mostly snakes, lizards, little vegetables and berries.change your lifestyle habits

They did not starve and the calorie intake was within the range recommended for their age. It was concluded that it was crucial what they ate and not how much they ate.

Another surprise was that the level of their activities in nature was lower than the level of modern man’s activity.

In other words, they were less moving, running and walking than the average Australian living in the city. So, they did not lose weight because of the activity but the type of food.

Do you know that anymore intense exercise leads to an increase in appetite? Yes, as soon as you start to stimulate the muscles, they are looking for more energy and materials. Action-reaction.

When I look back at what is being taught in schools, I think it is a conspiracy of corporations in order to make the consumption of flour, margarine, oil and the like the same. It’s not in their interest to send you a message in which I say simply “eat less”.

No, they tell you that you need more activities. You need to run and continue to spend all that energy to keep on getting in and buying more – how food sales will not fall.

As far as exercise is concerned, it takes 30 minutes a day for easy training.

We always say that training is only 30% of the story and that 70% is in nutrition and rest. This message still stands. Just eat less and watch what you eat. It’s easiest to skip dinner.




Change Your Habits – One by One

Instead of changing your whole diet, it’s much more effective to identify and change one of your bad habits. Here’s a couple of examples.

When I went to college, I drank two two-liter bottles of coke a day. When I tried to reduce it, I realized that I got involved and that I had a problem. It took me a lot of time, but in the end, I stopped drinking not only coke but any fizzy and non-carbonated juices. By changing this habit and ejecting 4 liters of coke, I threw out about 1600 calories per day.
throw out coca cola

For the second example, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, In a few interviews, he explained that he had lost weight by chewing longer.

He had a problem with the weight and he noticed that he was eating very fast, i.e. to practically swallow food.

He resolved that each bite chewed 20 times, which gave enough time to his stomach to signal satiety to the brain, and thus reduce the amount of food he needed.

When you eat fast, you simply enter too much food because your brain needs time to register that you are satiated.

For success in anything, you need to pay attention. The same goes for nutrition. The main problem today is that we have too many choices. Food is inexpensive and has it in abundance in a variety of forms – supermarkets, restaurants, food advertisements, snacks…

If you go to a great restaurant each day, of course, you will eat more than you need. Reduce your food choices in the house and plan what you need for meals. The same meals for a couple of days in a row help you eat only when you are hungry.

It does not matter how many meals you eat each day as what you eat and how much you eat. It’s a good hack to organize a day so you eat only within 8h. For example, you eat from 10-18h during the day, and after 18h there are no meals until tomorrow, even if you are hungry.

Because of this, you will be a little hungry that will make the body melt fatty deposits and improve your insulin response.

The core of the problem is in answering questions: where do you buy food, how to get fresh food, what food you will have at home, what will you eat today, and how will you prepare this food? Fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be obtained anywhere.

All that you need to get home and learn how to prepare it to be nice to eat. It is necessary to separate the time for procurement and preparation. It’s easier to order fast food or go to a restaurant. It takes time to get used to new tastes. It will not be easy.

Here are a few ideas about changing habits. Do not be too cruel to yourself, but give yourself some mild tasks that you can keep in order to change the habits. The goal is to endure in the long run, not for a few days.

Keep a record, write a diary, or at least think before sleeping about what you did during the day. What did you eat, where did you make a mistake, and how to improve tomorrow? Or consider why you eat more? Perhaps because every day on the way to the house you walk by that bakery?

The Basis of Nutrition – Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds and Meat

I once read a book that explains the root of the problem of kilograms is that people today are obese but malnourished. This happens because we do not enter enough microelements (vitamins or minerals) and your body signals that you are eating more in the hope that you will enter what you miss.

Unfortunately, we are in a vicious circle and instead of fresh fruits, vegetables or seeds, we buy pastries, fast foods or sugars. Eat a variety of fresh foods, and if you put everything you need to your body, it will lower your appetite.

The best way to bring in vitamins and minerals are not pills but fresh fruits, vegetables and bone fruits. Fruit due to high sugar content should not be exaggerated if you want to lose weight. For example, if you make your orange juice, there are plenty of sugar in it, almost as much as with the buyer’s juice.

This should be kept in mind if you want to lose weight.

Bone fruits are full of vitamins and minerals. These include almonds, nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and the like. You should always have them in the house because in the event you do not have time for a meal you can always take a handful of bone fruits.

When I say a handful, then I do not think of a full bowl, because you can, of course, get fat from the bone fruits.choose bone fruit for fat loss

Vegetables and fruits can very quickly satiate and you can not eat them a lot. The feeling of satiety depends on the type of food you enter, ie, of its volume.

For example, industrial food (pastries, sugars, minced meat) has a small volume and is absorbed very well.

Unlike eating vegetables or pieces of meat, they have a higher volume, they digest longer and it triggers pressure sensors in the stomach, so you get a sense of satiety faster and it keeps you longer.

As far as meat is concerned, the whole animal should be eaten. Not only ham and white flesh but also intestines and fatty pieces. The intestines contain the most nutrients, from the fat you get the energy and sense of satiety, and from the muscle parts you get proteins.

The meat problem is meat products – that is, manufactured meat products because they are full of preservatives that are not good for health.

My recommendation is not to buy products in the market, but to visit the local butcher and glance over the grandma’s chef and see what and how it prepares.

A Key Factor – Reduce Carbohydrates/Sugars

Carbohydrates are responsible for all the most common maladies that today torment mankind: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver …

What are Carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are sugars. Take a slice of bread and hold it for a couple of minutes in your mouth and you will see it becomes sweet.

Carbohydrates are most commonly consumed through cereals and sweets. Cereals are social food and empty calories. They are cheap and easy to produce in huge quantities. Unfortunately, they are the basis of modern nutrition.

To reduce your weight, you need to drastically reduce cereal intake. It includes bread, all from the bakery, cakes, biscuits, spaghetti, all kinds of pasta, flakes, all fried.

The second largest source of sugar are juices, whether they are fizzy or not, natural or artificial, are full of sugar. The third source of carbohydrates are sweets – chocolates, sweets, ice creams.

In addition to cereals and sweets, in order to lose weight, it is necessary to reduce the input of potatoes, white rice and legumes. All carbohydrates should not be ejected but should be reduced by 70%. The best source of healthy carbohydrates is beans, lentils, peas and integral rice.

It’s hard to give up all the snacks and candy, but it’s necessary for health. This does not mean that you can not eat something sweet occasionally, but do not have them easily available in the house.

So put all candies and snacks out of the house in the garbage immediately. Do not wait to spend it, do not save it for guests, throw it right away and do not buy more.

Myth About Fats

You may be wondering what to eat when I said to eject everything from the diet? How to be satiated? The answer is to increase fat intake. When I say that you increase the intake of fat in your diet, this does not mean that you increase the intake of meat (protein). We need to get back to using fat in the diet.

First, you need to make a difference between industrial and natural fats. Industrial fats are very bad for your health – like sunflower oil, margarine and everything that makes it like mayonnaise, various sauces, and the like. Industrial fats today are considered the leading cause of cardiovascular disease.
eject unhealthy fats from diet

Natural unrefined fats are good for our health. First of all, I mean pork fat, butter and olive oil. For our health, the most important vitamins are dissolved in fats (liposoluble) – A, D, K, E.

Everything we’ve learned about fats in school is wrong. The cholesterol that is in the yolk or in the liver is very healthy.

Our brain is mostly cholesterol and without cholesterol, the body would not be able to produce hormones.

When blood cholesterol appears to you, this is a good sign, as it actually indicates that the body was engaged to repair blood vessels.

Crunches Are in Fashion

There 70-80 was not in fashion to be muscular, more intellectual values were appreciated. When Schwarzenegger appeared, it was a freak, and today, when you walk around the city, there are many of his more or less successful clones.

However, besides the fact that the look is actually a matter of fashion or taste, there is a genetic background of the story of the abdomen.

We all have a genetically defined fat level in an organism that is different when you are younger and when you are older. If you lower the level of fat below a certain level, the immune system will fall.

Bodybuilders are well aware of this story because in the competition period they lower the level of fat to a very low level and must be kept.

Therefore, crunches besides requiring a lot of work can also cost you health. Nature has built a mechanism of fat accumulation as a way of survival.

I’m not saying that you need to be fat, but I say that the abdomen alone is not a very good goal. It’s healthier to be fit, able and with a bit more fat around the stomach.

Find Hidden Power in Yourself

Here are a couple of tricks that can help you strengthen your character and overcome the crisis.

The first trick – make yourself a fasting for one day. If you are able to make yourself hungry for a day or a half, then you will be able to keep a plan with no hunger, but beware of what foods are being eaten. Otherwise, starvation is healthy for your body. Many old civilizations recommend starvation as a way to stimulate immunity.

Here’s another trick. One day a week you are entitled to Junk-day. You can eat whatever you want in normal meals and it will even positively affect your weight loss.

When you are starving your body is adapted to starvation and through hormone optimizes energy consumption to prevent the loss of fat tissue. By adding one “free day” you actually make your diet more efficient and easier to lose weight.

The third trick is psychological in nature – do not tell anyone about holding a diet. Whenever you tell someone to keep a diet, know that you have given way. Do not talk to anyone, without bragging, no complaints, but keep it for yourself. In this way, you simply answer to yourself.

There is no lie and no deception, when you fail it will be clear to you who you are. It’s like looking at you in the mirror.

When you decide to change your habit, solve it in yourself and let it be immediately. No tomorrow, no excuse.



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