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allowed food in chrono diet

You wonder what can you eat on a chrono diet? You are at the right place because I give you a complete guide to what to eat, and what not!

With chrono nutrition, you should not only lose weight, but you will not feel hunger and cellulite will certainly disappear! There are no calories counting, but you have to be careful what foods are allowed in your diet, and which not.

Most diets restrict the intake of calories or the intake of one to three macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Chrono nutrition allows you to eat almost everything, but it’s important to do it at the right time during the day.

A chrono diet was born in France in the 1980s and is based on the principle that you can eat as much as you like, including fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Still, you must adhere to certain rules to help you lose weight and preserve a healthy look.

According to Dr. Dellabos, there is a certain amount of time during the day when our body naturally lights up the hormones and enzymes that destroy the nutritive ingredients of food in energy (and not in fat).

Because of its effectiveness, this diet has become very popular.

Here’s what foods are allowed in a chrono nutrition

Chrono Breakfast and Permitted Groceries

Eat fats of animal origin and carbohydrates. According to Dellabos, our bodies have a lot of enzymes that make good use of these proteins and fats from chronic breakfast, and therefore you do not have to worry.

You can eat a rich meal for breakfast with bread, butter, eggs, ham, sausages and cheeses. This meal should consume you so you are less hungry during the day. Well, that’s something we should look forward to when we get up.choose best flour for chrono diet

Breakfast is the only meal when eating bread. The bread composition depends on the type of flour and cereals used to store this bread.

Allowed foods in the chrono nutrition for making chrono bread are:

  • Buckwheat flour
  • Oat flour
  • Barley flour

Wheat and corn must be avoided.

Allowed Food For Chrono Lunch

For the chrono lunch allowed foods are primarily protein (animal or another origin).

Preferably without vegetables! We’ll leave that for dinner at the beginning when our goal is to lose weight. This is the period of restriction!

Afternoon Snack

Eat some vegetable fats: avocado, olives, walnuts, peanuts, butter, honey or 30 grams of dark chocolate – just over 2 tablespoons. If you are not in restriction, you can eat fruit.

Fruits and brandy are forbidden only in restriction!

Chrono Dinner and Allowed Food

Chrono dinner is the easiest meal day with fish, oysters and other white meat with a small number of vegetables.

Every day you can consume a glass or two red wines or champagne (other wines have too much sugar). In addition, drink water that can be supplemented with lime, mint, grapefruit, and so on.

Every week you can eat something according to your wishes (but only two meals). Perhaps this is just a place for cakes and pastries?

So, basically, have breakfast as kings, eat lunch as princes, and have dinner as a poor one.

I am kidding, but in principle, the evening should be the worst.

Otherwise, research confirms that lunch rich in proteins and carbohydrates helps maintain body weight better than a low-calorie diet with low-calorie content. Keep this in mind!

Principles of Chrono Nutrition

The most important rule of this diet is that it takes 5 hours between each main meal. For this time, you must not eat anything, except to drink plain water. In that period, you should not eat any fruit or drink fruit juices.

You can eat bread for lunch, but it must be made of mixed flour (buckwheat, barley, oat, rye). The use of wheat or corn flour is strictly forbidden. During breakfast, you can eat bread of mixed flour, but for lunch and dinner, you should avoid flour.

For breakfast, you can eat whatever you want, as I have already mentioned. So this is the best time to consume the most food during the day.

When it comes to sweets, you are allowed to eat sweet between lunch and dinner, but only in small quantities. Therefore, dark chocolate (with at least 75-80% cocoa). If you can without sweets, then it’s best not to eat them at all.

It is very important to drink a glass of fresh lemon juice every morning, and preferably before each meal. Lemon juice accelerates metabolism and helps you burn fat.

You can drink coffee and tea, but they have to be sugar-free.

This diet lasts for two months and I have seen people who lost weight during this period and achieved a fantastic result.

A System of Using Food in Chrono Nutrition

Now I will be pleased to introduce you to what foods are allowed in the chrono diet, which are forbidden, and how to combine them with each other.

1. Allowed Vegetables in Chrono Diet

  • Carfiol
  • Cale
  • Cabbage
  • Artichoke
  • Broccoli
  • Fresh beetshealthy vegetables for weight loss
  • Fresh celery
  • Onion (you can eat all kinds)
  • Olives
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Mushrooms (all edible)
  • Pepper
  • Blue tomato
  • Lean
  • All kinds of salads
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Carrot (fresh)
  • Asparagus

As you can see, the list is quite long, so you have a lot of options.

2. Allowed Fruits in Chrono Nutrition

Fruits are not forbidden in your diet when you are not in restriction. It should be the main thing for snacks.

Fruits are forbidden foods in chrono during the period of restriction. Why? It is easier to lose weight without the presence of sugar.

Which fruit are you allowed? You can consume fruits with a low glycemic index such as:

  • Citrus
  • Fresh apples,
  • Cranberry peas,
  • Dried apples,
  • Fresh figs,
  • Nectarines (fresh),
  • Peaches (fresh),
  • Plums (fresh),
  • Cooked fruit – a compote, without sugar,
  • Grapefruit, fresh,
  • Pears (fresh),
  • Mandarin
  • Blueberry,
  • Cherries,
  • Raspberry, fresh.
  • Strawberries, fresh,

3. Allowed Oils in Chrono diet

As for the use of oil in a chrono diet, things become complicated because sunflower is not allowed, and these other oils are quite expensive. That’s why you can use pork fat (while frying eggs or stewing meat).olive oil for chrono nutrition

Permitted oils in chrono eating are:

  • Olive oil,
  • Coconut oil,
  • Grape seed oil

Sunflower oil and refined oils are foods that are not allowed in chrono eating.

4. Allowed Dairy Products:

Do not worry, you will still be able to enjoy good dairy products because here’s what foods are allowed:

  • Young cheese,
  • Fine cheese,
  • Swabian cheese,
  • Sour milk,
  • Homemade kefir (but not immediately at the beginning of a diet),
  • Feta cheese (not so often because it is quite salty),
  • Fresh mozzarella (less often)

This list is more than sufficient. You can make salads with cheese, or consume them separately.

Milk is not consumed in chrono nutrition because it contains lactose. The only milk allowed in the chrono diet is almond (domestic) milk because it does not contain so much sugar.

Eggs in Chrono Diet

As far as eggs are concerned, if you eat them then you do not eat anything other than milk that day.

So, you do not mix eggs with cheese or some other dairy product that I have listed.

Potatoes in Chrono diet

In chrono nutrition, potatoes are not strictly prohibited, but not recommended. If you cannot resist potatoes, nutritionists recommend that you consume it with a salad.

So do not use it with proteins.

For example, try it in a shell and serve with your favorite salad. If you like a potato with sour milk, you can eat it, but watch it to be for breakfast. You always eat more for breakfast

Soy in Chrono Nutrition

Soy is generally avoided. It is mainly GMO, and in addition, it affects women’s hormones. Someone says that it is, and yet there are those who claim something else. Soy has a large amount of phytic acid, contains gitrogen and so on. So, away from soy, if you are not sure how it is grown and from where it originates.

Cocoa in Chrono Diet

I recommend the intake of cocoa during the day, mainly during snack in the afternoon. You can drink it in combination with almond milk (without added sugar) or in the form of chocolate (dark chocolate with 70-80% cocoa).
cocoa for fat loss

Sweet in Chrono Nutrition

If you are in a crisis and want something sweet, you have to keep an eye on it. Instead of chocolates and other sweets, which are forbidden, eat a handful of raw almonds or make lemonade or tea from the elder.

When you are not already in the limitation, it can be sweet, but also important, and what is implied here:

  • Honey (for example, some homemade honey without sugar)
  • Syrups of forest trees,
  • Jam without sugar

You can consume sweet as an afternoon snack and only then.

Mushrooms in Chrono Diet

The energy value of mushrooms is extremely low and is therefore suitable for people who want to lose weight.

You can consume mushrooms, but due to the high protein content, they can not be combined with meat, but only with vegetables.

Green Beans

Green Beans, as well as rice, peas, and leblebia can be mixed with a lighter protein, such as fish. An exception is a quinoa, it can be mixed with everything.

So we do not mix carbohydrates with proteins. Carbohydrates go with carbohydrates (and there are exceptions, as I have stated for green beans).


Carrot is a non-starchy vegetable and therefore you can consume it without any restriction. It is important that you eat these vegetables in raw form, and not cook it.

What kind of non-starchy vegetables are? It contains a lower amount of carbohydrates and calories compared to starchy vegetables. That’s why you can eat more of this vegetable.


Specifically, nuts cannot be eaten during the chrono restriction. After the restriction, you can also consume nuts. However, for breakfast in the period of restriction, walnut butter (as well as other bony fruits such as almonds) is allowed.

Most people love chrono nutrition because they help you lose weight without starvation and great constraints. The only thing you must obey is several important rules of combining food.

Skipping a meal is prohibited, especially a dinner that is very important. This diet is not calorie-focused, but at the right food at the right time.





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