What Is The Best Diet For Losing Belly Fat?

what is the best diet for losing belly fat

The fastest diet does not belong to a healthy weight loss diet, nor is it a long-term solution to remove excess pounds. What we should not dispute is its effectiveness in relieving abdominal fat. In the text below you will discover what is the best diet for losing belly fat.

The Fastest Diet For Losing Belly Fat

Although this concept is the most current during summer just before going on vacation, when we need a thin waist and instant visible result, the fastest diet is current and this time of year.

Since we do not have the same amount of fatty deposits around the waist, it’s impossible and somewhat frivolously to give some aggregate numbers, how much this diet actually gets rid of.

Participants of the diet are different from those with an almost barely visible stomach to very obese people. In both cases, this low-calorie diet should not be kept on their own; consultations with the doctor are necessary because the intake of calories per day is drastically lower than usual.

The Fastest Diet Of 10 Days

This extremely restrictive fast diet should not be kept for more than 10 days since with reduced calorie intake it should not be exaggerated, as you can seriously damage your health. Hereinafter, I will give you several food plans.

The Fastest Diet of 700 kcal

I do not have to tell you how dangerous and not healthy this diet is. I’ll give you an example of a menu:

Breakfast: 100 grams of milk with tea or unsweetened coffee, up to 150 grams of fresh apples.

lunch: 100 grams of steamed vegetables, 120 grams of grilled meat, 70 grams of freshly prepared salads.

Dinner: 100 grams of boiled sea fish, 150 grams of colored vegetables, one pear and skim milk.

The Fastest Diet 800 -900 kcal

Breakfast: 25 grams of integral bread and 240 grams of milk

Snack: one egg hard-boiled, fresh orange

Lunch: vegetable soup (sauce), lettuce without oil (spice with a little lemon), 200 grams of meat (grill), one pear. afternoon

Snack: unsweetened tea with lemon juice

Dinner: boiled beef up to 50 grams and spinach on water (200 grams).

The Fastest Diet Of 1000 cal

Example of a menu for two days:

First day

Breakfast: milk 1 dl, black bread (1 piece)fast diet for losing belly fat

Snack: carrot and lemon juice (crude carrots), a piece of cheese (40 grams)

Lunch: vegetable soup (200 grams), boiled white fish up to 120 grams

Dinner: 100 grams of cooked honey, one orange

Second day

Breakfast: one hard-boiled egg, 2dl of skimmed milk, 1/2 pieces of bread

Snack: plums 100 grams lunch: chicken cooked with no oil supplements (150 frames), salad of carfiol spiced with lemon juice

Dinner: Black bread bun, fresh cheese 5 grams (cow), apples up to 100 gram

The Fastest Diet Experiences

Every daily intake of food below 1,200 calories is not healthy. The fastest diet for weight removal is for exclusively healthy people who combine a diet plan with everyday physical activity.

The maximum number of days you should be on a diet is ten, all over it is dangerous for your health.

My recommendation is that if you plan to keep this diet, you combine the offered plans that I have set up for just a few days. All instant, fast, low calorie, restrictive diets have jojo effect – kilograms are easily removed, but they return even faster.

With this method you can lose from 5 to 8 kilograms in ten days, if you are a person who wants to take less, immediately interrupt the diet after achieving the desired result. If you want long-term solutions to remove pounds, then this is not for you and you do not need to devote your time and effort.

NOTE: Be sure to consult your doctor before starting this diet!

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