What Is The Best Rice For Weight Loss – Complete Rice Diet!

best rice for weight loss

The rice diet was created in 1939 by Dr. Walter Kepner. Initially, the rice diet was intended for people with high blood pressure, kidney problems, and diabetics.

As time went by rice, he found his place among popular weight loss programs. So today there are many variations for 3 days, 7 days, 14 days as well as rice diet for 40 days. Here, you will find what is the best rice for weight loss and how can you lose pounds with rice diet.

Can Rice Make You Obese?

At the very beginning, it should be noted that not every type of rice is the same. The white rice has a very high glycemic index, it does not contain vegetable fibers or vitamins and can cause illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

In contrast to it, the integral rice is far more nutritious, less harmful and contains more fibers that contribute to easier and faster digestion. My recommendation is exactly brown rice because it will reduce your intake to 50-60 calories per day.

Diet With Rice – Menu

As I have already noted that the rice diet has more variants, I will give you a menu for a diet that is practiced for 3 weeks.

Rice Diet – First week

Breakfast: it’s always the same, cook a cup of brown rice in water without adding sugar or salt. You can fix the taste with a little lemon juice and olive oil. The recommendation is to cook brown, brown, whole rice. What you must definitely adhere to is to have breakfast for 1 hour after getting up, if you go to work then immediately before leaving.

The snack is fruity: banana, pear, apple, two peaches.

Combine lunch in the first week with a rice bowl, a bean bowl, a pea or lentil, and eat a portion of an integral bread, less salt.

Dinner: every day, 1 cup of rice and 150 g of meat without fat (turkey breast, chicken breast, fish).

Do not sprinkle a lot of flesh, but pour it over with lemon juice and you will repair the taste .. Eat even fewer pieces of integral bread.

Rice Diet – Second Week

Breakfast: It’s the same as in the first week
integral rice for weight loss
The snack is purely fruity

Lunch: a cup of cooked whole rice and one piece of an integral bread

Dinner: every day 1 cup of rice and a small piece of integral bread

Rice Diet – Third week

After the first 14 days, the period of adaptation of the body to your new weight occurs. It is best to return to the diet from the first week, but also add snack after the lunch, and before dinner in the form of a milk meal. This can be a cup of milk or a small fruit yogurt.

Rice Diet – Experiences

A diet with rice should take you from 7 to 10 pounds of body weight in 3 weeks. What is certainly a great result. Rice diet is intended for anyone who wants to lose weight while cleansing the body from harmful toxins because rice does exactly that: natural detoxification of the organism.

Rice – Calories

There are certain differences from variety to variety.

  • The raw rice has 361 Cal in 100 grams
  • peeled off rice contains 352 Cal in 100 g
  • cooked glazed rice has 116 Cal
  • the integral rice has 111 Cal in 100 g
  • while the expanded rice contains 402 Cal

How To Cook Rice

As you notice by cooking rice, a significant amount of calories is lost, which is why the rice absorbs a lot of water in the cooking process. The rice is an addition to the most delicious dishes in the cuisine.

Many people consider that cooking rice is very time-consuming, which is what it is, but my advice is for you to consume larger amounts at a time. Rice diet requires rice consumption every day.

2 cups of water are added to the 1 cup of uncooked rice. Leave to overnight, as it will drain the water and the next day it will be easier to cook. Do not put it in the fridge. Rinse rice in the morning well and cook until it softens.

Diet With Integral Rice

The rice diet relies mainly on an integral rice because the white has a lower nutritional value and contains substantially more calories .. Rice gives us energy, improves digestion and performance of the intestine, stabilizes sugar, and an excellent source of vitamins especially B1.lose weight with brown rice

It falls into basic foodstuffs in eastern countries, it is thought to be consumed by at least 50% of the global population. It is most widespread and there are over 4000 different varieties.

Rice diet is not the like those diets for a few days, it is a guideline for a lifetime.

Rice diet eliminates pounds and improves general health. Helps with problems with diabetes, high blood pressure, poor digestion.

It’s often called Kempner’s diet, according to Walter Kempner, who designed it in 1939. Like other healthcare diets, she teaches how to improve lifestyle in the long run. Therefore, it is not a diet for a few days, but it represents guidelines for the whole life.

Although called a rice diet, it does not mean that only rice is eaten. Meals are divided into categories: starchy, non-fat meals, fruits, vegetables, meat. The program is also focused on limiting salt and fat intake (especially saturated, animal origin) in order to detoxify the organism.

This diet does not require the counting of calories, it is based on the size of meals from certain categories. Practically, this means increasing the intake of integral cereals, vegetables and fruits, while other types of foods are reduced or avoided. In the first weeks, the entry is minimal, and there is a sudden loss of weight!

It is very important to intake less salt. It binds water in the body. In the diet of most people, there are 4-7 grams of salt per day, although, for normal physical functioning, half a gram a day is enough.

It is problematic for patients with high blood pressure and kidney disease. And vice versa, these diseases are threatened by people who take larger amounts of salt. Salt stimulates appetite, while spices enrich the taste of food.

Restricting salt intake reduces health risks, including cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease and weight, and reduces the need to cure these problems.

In addition to a little salt, the rice diet also contains a little fat – 5 g or less, contains about 20 g of protein and no more than 150 mg of calcium. On the other hand, the diet is quite demanding. Search for engagement in finding quality foods, then preparing small meals, entering integral cereals.

This diet is especially recommended if you have health problems related to heart, kidney, liver problems. If you have excess pounds and the mentioned problems – you will get rid of one and the other.

If you hold her to take off your weight – then this diet is a great thing to help you to “ventilate” your body and completely detox it.


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