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learn how to speed up your metabolism

How many times have you accused slow metabolism for your excess weight? Regular occurrence, right? Let’s see what is the best way to increase your metabolism and how to lose weight.

Do you known this scene:

You talk with your friends about the extra pounds and claim that your ass is fat due to poor metabolism. It must be that

Well, your best friend eats like an elephant, and he don’t have any excess kilos, and when you eat everything is glued to your stomach, buttocks, thighs (choose as you wish).

A moment later you conclude that you have a bad digestion and how you remove the feces every third day. And you known what?

Good digestion and fast metabolism are not the same!

What Is Metabolism And From What Depend Its Speed?

True, if you have digestive problems, you have a lining of the intestine, than you slowly eject toxins from the body and their accumulation can certainly affect you to slowly lose weight or not lose weight at all.

But when we talk about how to accelerate metabolism, we are not just talking about how to have a regular chair and prevent prison.

Metabolism is the process of converting calories into energy. The speed of metabolism is the speed at which this conversion process takes place.

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the smallest amount of energy your body needs to perform the most basic processes in Healthy-metabolismthe body (digestion, thinking, breathing, etc.) and 40-70% of the energy consumed by the body is wasted. It depends on the way you live.

If you sit all day, your body will not need as much energy as you need when you are on the move all day.

So when you say that you have slow metabolism, you have actually concluded that your organism slowly turns calories into energy, or rather consumes them slower.

As a result, unnecessary calories are accumulated in the fat and fatty deposits that are stored in excess for calories.

There are obese people who have fast metabolism. Moreover, some studies have shown that obese people have a faster metabolism than the skinny, since the body needs more energy to drive more weight during the day. It just means that the reason for obesity is something else.

Main reasons for that are:

  • wrong life habits
  • have more calories than your body is able to consume (or, to be honest – you eat too much)

How To Accelerate Your Metabolism And Digestion

Water, coffee, strong teas, lots of carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk and milk products are not a good choice if they are taken during a meal (as well as an hour before or later).

One of the ways to improve digestion is that the water is drunk for at least thirty minutes before the meal – because the fermented foods are diluted, and the absorption of nutrients is reduced.

Even foods for speeding up metabolism will not work well if after a meal you swim in a river or sea water, or shower right after the meal. So, our food digestion will be made more difficult if you eat just before going to bed.

The hardest is breeding proteins of animal origin, as well as hard cheeses. If we are too hungry before sleep, one banana can be a good choice and a perfect recipe to speed up metabolism naturally.

Other fruits and sweets in any form are not desirable, as in this case pancreas will engage in insulin secretion.

Namely, it is not desirable during this period because the effect of somatotropin (growth hormone), which is particularly important for childhood, will be reduced, while the elderly will reduce cell renewal during the night.


Irregular nutrition slows metabolism

For good food digestion, the most important is the correct combination of existing foods. 

No digestive foods will trigger lining of the intestines if they are incorrectly distributed and combined during the day. Never, in the same meal, you should not consume carbohydrate foods and animal proteins at the same time.

Taking sweets and fruits after an abundant main meal dominated by animal protein proteins – further aggravate digestion, cause heartburn and other complaints that this poor combination monitors.

Milk and dairy products should never be consumed in combination with meat, as well as fruits and vegetables in the same meal. Otherwise, the fruit should never be combined with other foods, nor should it be eaten immediately after a meal.

Starch foods (bread, rice, potatoes) are poorly combined with milk and dairy products. Walnut fruits are the healthiest when eating completely independently.

When Is The Best Time To Use Food For Better Digestion

In order to find out how to accelerate metabolism and digestion, we must pay attention on the timing – about the exact timing of taking each individual meal.

The healthiest food is that which is easy to swallow, and the undigested parts are released from the body as soon as possible.

In that case, we will avoid the entry of harmful toxins into our bloodstream and their storage in organs and tissues. It is not desirable to take food at short intervals during the day.


More than three meals per day are not desirable, and between them should pass at least three or four hours.

You do not need to eat the next meal until food is first brought into the body.

The digestive system should be able to break well for each next meal.

In that case, we will have enough energy necessary for mental activity and ejection of toxins from the body. Surely a healthy breakfast is the most important day meal.

Correct Chewing Speed Up Metabolism

All foods, before swallowing, should be well-suited, especially those containing a lot of carbohydrates – this is almost a basic postulate to accelerate metabolism naturally, because it all starts in our oral cavity.

This is an important prerequisite for good digestion of food, and therefore for the absorption of all necessary nutrients.

When food is insufficiently caught, with its entry into the intestines and assimilation into the bloodstream – the process of creating numerous antibodies that attack unwanted substances will start, which can cause autoimmune diseases in the long run.

In addition, chewing of food strengthens our gums (excellent paradentosis prevention), joints and muscles of the jaw and face, and the teeth become firm and healthy.

It is already known how important it is to eat food in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, without too much noise and the like, which is best done in the family environment and our dear friends.

10 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

I said what slows down, and here’s some more information on what accelerates metabolism. Believe it or not, it’s not all about the food you eat, but also in some of your everyday habits, starting from sleeping as you spend your free time. Here’s how to spot and change it.

1. Reduce the temperature of the room where you are in bed and where you sleep. Studies have suggested that in this way your body burns more calories. The organism than increases the internal temperature in order to maintain the heat, thus multiplying more energy and consuming more calories, that is, accelerating the metabolism.build-muscles

2. Reduce stress or minimize it. Stress is often treated with delicious food because it raises serotonin levels and thus masks trouble with a temporary sense of happiness. But that’s not all that grows.

During stress exposure, the body release hormone cortisol, which has repeatedly shown to be a factor that slows down the metabolism.

3. Sleep enough. The lack of sleep is again a kind of stress for the body.

It has been shown that insufficient sleep influences the body’s adaptation to this state of fatigue by consuming less energy or slowing down the metabolism.

4. Practice. Already the sparrows at the branch known that exercise is necessary to lose weight. What you are doing is precisely the acceleration of metabolism. Even a regular walk of half an hour per day can affect its speed, and if you add some other exercises, than you can make a significant difference.

To accelerate metabolism, it is best to build muscles. A body that has more muscles consumes more energy, or has a faster basal metabolism. So lift the weights. In addition, an interval training is also good.

5. Avoid a rigorous diet. Yes, you have read well, maybe that’s why you can not lose weight. Changing the diet and healthier feeding is one, and switching to a completely restrictive diet in which you consume very little calories during the day is the other thing.

Rigorous diets have what is called the “jo-jo” effect. If you quickly abolish a large amount of calories, you will very soon start to feel the craving for food and the kilograms will return.

Additionally, by starvation, you bring the body into a survival mode. The organism than slows down the metabolism to perform the most basic functions, and your diet becomes meaningless exhaustion.

Instead, it’s a better option to monitor your diet and how many calories you actually eat in the body. Then compare it with the number of calories you need to enter according to your age and level of activity.

6. Do not skip breakfast. How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal during the day? Of course, not any. See my recommendation for a healthy breakfast and how it can help you with weight loss.

Why is this meal important? Because in this way you give your body an immediate task in the morning to start consuming calories and you have enough time to spend the day.make-healthy-breakfast

You give him a run. If you eat before bedtime, your body slows down while resting, and food digestion is slower.

If it is your habit, your body will remain at that slow pace. As a result, fat deposits accumulate and accumulate.

7. Eat all day. But without exaggeration, please. In other words, it is better to eat more small meals during the day, because in this way your metabolism is consumed all day.

If you are eating a meal at two or three meals during the day between which there is a great time interval, it is a great chance that when the time comes for you to eat, you will be very hungry and you will overeat yourself.

8. Smile a lot and loudly. 15 minutes of good laughter can consume as many as 40 calories and speed up your metabolism. Of course, the more you smile, your metabolism better deals with this fast rhythm.

9. Turn off your phones and computers in your spare time. A small study at the Northwestern University in the United States has shown that exposure to the blue screen light from these devices increases hunger and affects the speed of metabolism, slowing it down. Although this has not yet been fully proven, you’ll be sure to get hungry if you sit all day surfing the web.

10. Change the amount of calories you enter during the day. The average amount of calories you need during the day is about 1200 calories. But it is not enough to be guided only by this number. You can eat less than that, and your metabolism continues to be slow and you do not see the results of the weight loss you expect.

So how to accelerate metabolism? Eat less than 1200 calories, but do not stick strictly to that number. Some time you enter a little more, some time a little less.

Until now, you’ve already figured out how things work – the same number of calories that the body should burn during the day and a balanced nutrition affect how it gets used to that speed.

With such small changes you enter the dynamics throughout this process.

Groceries That Accelerate Metabolism

Of course, it’s not just about how to eat, but also what to eat. If you want to known what speeds up metabolism, than you have to known that these foods are especially good for this purpose:

1. Hot peppers. Have you ever thought to burn when you eat something hot? For this, capsaicin deserves, which in our body works by raising the body’s temperature and speeding up the metabolism.

2. Proteins. If you are feeding predominantly with proteins, you are on the right path to accelerate metabolism because this kind of diet, according to some studies, allows you to burn 150-200 calories more during the day than when you are eating fat or carbohydrates.

Proteins are made from amino acids and are more difficult to break down, or your body needs more energy to decompose it.

If you are eating carbohydrates and fats that can easily break down, your metabolism gets caught and becomes slower. You should not be on a strict protein diet, but at least 30% of the diet should be of that origin.

3. Dairy products. If you want to speed up metabolism, than one of the ways you need to try milk and dairy products. Calcium in combination with other substances from milk plays an important role here. He is the one who gives the signal to your body to accelerate the consumption of calories

4. Water. It is especially good for accelerating metabolism if you drink 2 glasses of water before meals.

First, your stomach will be fuller and you will eat less, and than water makes your metabolism faster.

And remember – water, not alcohol or juices. Juice and alcohol add more calories.

5. Tea for accelerating metabolism. In addition to water and milk, one of the ways to accelerate metabolism is to lose weight with teas. Green tea is one of the best teas that can help you to speed up your metabolism and burn excess fat.

Read more about this awesome tea here…


Good metabolism does not mean you lose weight faster. If you consume more calories than you need, the speed of your metabolism is powerless in combating fat deposits. You can accelerate metabolism, but not infinity.

If you are looking for the right diet for yourself, you will usually be delighted with those short-term ones that will allow you to lose up to 5 kilograms in a few days. However, such a diet only gives a convincing result. Kilograms are so easy to get back.

The essence of good and lasting weight loss is not just about eliminating calories, sweets, pasta, but also knowing how to speed up metabolism. If you do not known this, your diet is only a strenuous and exhausting attempt to lose weight that does not produce results.

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