What To Eat After The Training – Choose The Best Food!

what to eat after training

Are you training hard and do not see the desired results? Perhaps this is because you compensate for calories burned in the first meal. What to eat after the training?

Nutrition after training can sometimes lead us astray. You can not eat just before training, it is extremely unpleasant and causes a heartburn. Immediately after practice, his majesty is revealed – temptation.

It is a real skill to resist and not reward yourself after an hour of sweating in a gym, running or any other physical activity, especially if you did not eat before training and have at least 3 hours since you ate the last meal.

Yes, Eat Before Training!

It is not advisable to overeat yourself half an hour before any physical effort or exercise, but it is even less desirable to begin training with an empty stomach.

This can lead to loss of muscle mass, and this is certainly not the result that you want to achieve. What you want is to melt fat, fatty deposits and cellulite.

Then, when you exercise without the adequate fuel that comes from food, the body is moving with force, there are no carbohydrates, and it starts to consume proteins from muscle. In this way, you start to lose muscle mass, and the metabolism slows down and it’s harder to lose fat deposits.

Exercise becomes counterproductive and you fall into a vicious circle. The good news is that it’s not hard to get out of it.

I mean, surely it will not be difficult for you to fall into the fact that you need a meal both before and after the training, right?

What To Eat Before Training?

It is permitted to eat before training, but not to overeat. It’s enough to give your body a little fuel. You must be aware that our body uses carbohydrates as a fuel. This does not mean you need to get on a portion of ice cream, pasta and pastries.

Then what to eat?

Before training, the best choice is some carbohydrates rich in fiber and a small amount of protein.

In this way, you will eat a small amount of food that will not cause you discomfort while exercising, and the fiber will make you feel the sieve!

Need an example?

Try, for example, a combination of some cereals, dried fruits and yogurt. An excellent choice is, for example, oatmeal or oat bran. This is a fast meal that you can eat if you train in the morning.

It’s unlikely your stomach will be empty if you’re training during the afternoon or evening. Even then, you do not have to overeat before training. There is a good time for such a snack. A particular meal, lunch or dinner should be eaten 2-3 hours before training.

Avoid carbonated beverages, fried foods, sauces and spices that can be difficult for the stomach.

What To Eat After Weight Loss Training?

Our body needs fuel for physical effort, but we find it in food. And do you need food after all? What to eat after weight loss exercise?

Nutrition after training is necessary. It should enable the recovery of muscles and relieve hunger at the same time. The problem here arises with the need to reward our efforts with something special.

Let’s be honest, you probably did not get all this problem with overweight because you ate when you were hungry, but because you ate and then when you are not – just because you love some food, because you crave for sweets and because your food makes you happy.

By some rule, it is never a portion of fruits and vegetables, but this feeling of pleasure in the brain creates grease or lipids.

Do you really reward yourself or torture yourself in the long run?

If you practice eating a hamburger and a coke after a workout, your practice will never produce results. You can spend about 600 calories with a light run, and compensate it with such a meal. That’s why your workout and effort have no purpose!

If you are wondering what to eat after training, listen to the advice of an expert. They claim that we need a combination of carbohydrates, (whose task is to renew energy) and proteins (which will enable muscle recovery and growth of new ones).

An ideal meal after training includes 20 g of protein and 40-80 g of carbohydrates.make complete meal after training

The best option is to reach for healthy carbohydrates rich in fibers – for example, an integral bread or some cereals such as a flax seed.

Although they are in this proportion in the minority, we will not neglect the significance of proteins after training.

The source of the protein can be milk, eggs or lean meat.

If you really want good results and you are tired of physically consuming only to deceive yourself how you are doing well, you need to know that the type of physical activity determines when and what to eat after training.

In other words, you should not reach for the same food and diet if you are dealing with running in order to remove fatty deposits and if you go to the gym in order to gain muscle mass.

What to Eat After Running?

After running, it’s best to wait for an hour, and then just get on a meal. During this period, your body is still burning fat and the benefits of this process should be exploited.

Then the best choice is some vegetable carbohydrate extract and some good selection of proteins. Let’s say a piece of chicken breast and tomato salad. Tomato is excellent in melting fat deposits, and in this way, you can connect well and usefully.


You do not have to wait longer than an hour to eat. Then the body will be too exhausted, and the likelihood that you will overeat and you will not be able to resist some delicious temptations and the need to quickly compensate for sugar.

What To Eat After Gym?

Weight training exercises are not the same as aerobic exercises and therefore nutrition should be different. With these exercises, you create a great effort for your muscles that spend a lot of nutrients during training.eating after gym

After training at the gym, you need a quick muscle relaxation and you do not have to wait an hour to eat.

On the contrary, you should eat as soon as possible and put into the body enough amino acids, glycogen and other nutrients needed for a quick recovery of muscle.

If you wait an hour, the chances of recovering the muscles are much less.

There is no doubt that food after training is necessary. Our activities do not stop after that and we need fuel for them.

Okay, maybe you work in the office and sit all day at the table and you are not physically engaged, but mental work requires energy. It’s only suspicious whether it’s what you eat, when and how you do it the right way.

The Best Food After The Training

You have no idea what to eat after training?

Good excuse, I often use it to reach for what is most pleasing to me! But for the resolute, here are some ideas!

Milk and milk products. If your goal is to lose weight, then it’s best to choose dairy products with a low-fat percentage. Perhaps the experience is not the same, but you must admit that the difference in enjoyment is not great and that it is worth the sacrifice.

Feel free to drink a glass of Greek yogurt. Milk products can be a great way to soothe your need for sweets and to be safe, even if you do not take care of their fat. In this case, the ideal chocolate milk after the training is often recommended. It’s not quite meaningless.

It’s full of protein, chocolate will consume your desire for something delicious, sweet and the need to reward the required amount of carbohydrates, and calcium will restore your bones and other cells in your body and give you enough strength.choose dairy products for weight loss

Chocolate milk after training is a great energy drink, much healthier than those full of coffein, and especially if you are training in the evening.

It will not hinder your dream! In addition, it will satiate you, and it only has 70 calories.

No fatty meat. All right, you’re a gourmet and want to honor your palate with some meat. Skip the burgers.

Grilled meat is good because it’s not cooked in fat, but pure meat and not a bunch of mixed additives. Choose white chicken meat or turkey, avoid greasy and processed.

So, chicken breasts are fine, but not in the wrapper. Proteins after training are necessary, especially when you lift weights, and meat is a great source of it. In addition, a good selection of proteins is eggs and fish.

Eggs have little calories and even 2-3 boiled pieces after training will not exceed the number of calories consumed.

Hot peppers. You like it hot? Peppers promote appetite and in that sense, they are not a good choice, but if you are able to master it, they can be your allies in weight loss. Capsaicin, an ingredient that makes them angry, increases the temperature inside the body and accelerates the burning of fatty deposits.

Banana after training is an excellent choice of carbohydrates. Not only will you be pleased with her sweet taste, but will quickly regain nutrient levels after strenuous exercise. It is rich in potassium and it is necessary for muscle contraction and nerve impulses.

It has about 80 calories, but it also has the power to quite saturate. Another thing that makes the banana after training ideal is the fact that it has its own packaging. It is easy to transport and consume without leaking juices.

Protein Shake is something that is getting more and more popular, especially because this way allows the rapid absorption of the protein, which is necessary for the recovery of muscles after sweating in the gym.

Generally, there are finished powder-based preparations that combine with other ingredients.

Make a smoothie. Mix most of the above. Combine fatless yogurt, banana or some other favorite fruit, a little protein powder, and you can also have some cereals and there is a complete meal in one drink – fruit yogurt from your kitchen.

Regardless of whether you are swimming, dancing, running or going to a gym, there is only one way to lose weight – that healthy smoothie for weight lossafter training do not compensate consumed calories.

Weight loss can be achieved only if you reduce the number of calories entered compared to the consumed.

It may be difficult to reduce 500 calories per day by piercing the spoon.

It is necessary to estimate how many calories you consume and how many calories each meal have and it is very likely that you will remain hungry.

That is why it is best to reduce calories and spend part of it through physical activity.

Nutrition and exercise are in a constant war. And while some get battles on the road and progress, some are constantly fighting on the same front just because they do not know what to eat after training. This very often demotivates a further continuation of exercise.

Then, when we master it, it remains only to struggle with temptations and learn to reward our efforts and practice with adequate foods. Yes, the pizza is good, but you must admit that even banana and chocolate milk are not so bad after training, right?




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