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Healthy weight loss program

The weight loss program aims to solve bad habits and always start with a healthy diet. In order for a weight loss program to be effective, it should, in addition to nutrition, have one more component: activity. Sometimes, many people have a lack of desire to understand that the weight loss program is twofold.

We all should know that there are no any magic pills that will melt our body just like we want. In this topic I want to cover one thing that torment so many guys. What’s the best weight loss program for men. Keep in mind that you need to be persistent and patient, because results will not come overnight.

Nutrition is not the beginning and the end, but it’s still the larger part of the solution. If, therefore, we realize that what is important is what and how much we enter, it is important how much we spend.

The difference between the spent and the input gives us the goal of losing weight. The result is that the weight loss program definitely works.

The thing why the fat loss program works is to match the input and energy consumption to the desired goal – weight loss. In the diet there is a calorie deficit that allows healthy weight loss.

Make so much calorie deficit (spent on BMR + working metabolism) to lose up to 7 kg (for men) and up to 5 kg (for women) monthly. These values also depend on BMI. Count that 1kg of the fat is approx. 7000 cal.

Because of the diversity of all of us, it is impossible to give a general weight loss program that could absolutely all follow. However, guidelines can be given which are a guideline in the right direction.

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Weight Loss Program – Base


1. Calculate your energy needs. If you know exactly how much food you need, you are on the right path. The goal is not to degrade this figure to some symbolic value, because we do not function as robots.

The mechanism of healthy, lasting weight loss is quite different. You must eat enough not to lose the most valuable thing you have: muscle mass. Respect your BMR.

How can you know how much food you should intake on daily basis?

Simply. We need to calculate our basal metabolism and add working metabolism to it. Basal metabolism is more or less constant, and the work is calculated independently or in the function of working metabolism.

If we want to lose weight, then the total value obtained (basal + working) should be reduced, and if our goal is to gain weight, we need to get more than that. The calculation is simple: if we put 7700 cal more than what we spend ( in one month), we will gain oneIntegral bread kilogram.

Go here to calculate your daily caloric needs.


2. Find support. The family is the best in this. Family members are the ones you trust the most and who believe in you.

Next, there are also girls / women, colleagues / colleagues at work, friends in college or school, friends.

You are not aware of how much you need to have that support, because then you will have the motive to succeed in this way. The motive will keep you when it’s hardest, when your fat loss program “shows you teeth”.

As you lose weight your self-confidence will grow, and people around you will notice that.

3. Accelerate metabolism. Calorie and nutrients that you eat with food distribute into meals the right way, 4-5 meals a day (even 6 in diabetes).

It thus balances blood sugar levels throughout the day and accelerates metabolism. Smaller meals less strain the digestive system, as well as the entire body.

Preparation And Selection Of Foodstuffs


Practice healthy nutrition. If you do not have any disease or condition that would stop you from using some foods, then you are closer to achieving your goal.

At the same time, say goodbye to junk food, sugar, carbonated drinks and chips. I believe you already know that healthy food is not more expensive than unhealthy. What does this essentially mean?

  • Let the bulk of your calories come from foods from the bottom of the food pyramid: cereals, intergalaceous rice, whole bread and pasta, potatoes and corn.Make healthy breakfast
  • You often eat vegetables and fruits because of the abundance of vitamins, minerals and fiber, as your diet is based on them.
  • Do not forget dairy products (with less fat), because of the abundance of calcium and other nutrients.
  • Meat, fish and eggs are sources of proteins which are basic building materials necessary for growth and development.
  • Reduce or completely discard candies, carbonated drinks and snacks. They are full of sugar or fat and should be strictly limited.

Choose the proper food preparation methods. Avoid frying in deep fat, introduce baking in a baking bag in oven, or on baking paper. Cook on steam.

Fat Loss Program – Upgrading


1. Plan your time. Every day you are full of some obligations you can not postpone. However, when you do not work, you do not eat and sleep in that meanwhile there are moments that you can plan for something useful, which will literally make your weight loss program real. Plan it well and stick to the plan.

2. Introduce regular physical activity. If you are aware that for everything you need to do, then make an effort and find time for yourself. Take other work activities to increase total energy consumption during the day. Every activity consumes energy. Everything but sleeping all the day. Get off the couch and stay on your feet!

If you are on a diet, that is, watch out for nutrition, any training will help you lose weight. Training can be based on cardio exercises or strength exercises, in both ways you can achieve high calorie consumption and thus facilitate and speed up the loss of excess pounds.

However, the longer you perform a certain training your body becomes more effective, so the benefit of this training is getting smaller.

Namely, our body gets used to a certain type of training in time, but also on exercises that we are constantly doing, so caloric consumption will eventually be lower.Jogging

If you want to spend as many calories as you need, you need to change exercises and activities, or type of training.

Jogging can help with weight loss, but if the body is already used to this activity, calorie consumption will be lower because less energy is needed for the performance itself, and for slow and moderate jogging, the body will become quite easily and quickly accustomed.

Experts agree that HIIT training in power exercises (one cardiovascular activity can also be combined) is one of the most effective weight loss exercises because it can hardly be adapted enough to be not effective.

In addition to consuming calories during training, the HIIT method will force the body to burn calories at rest for a long time after training. This is due to the so-called “Long breath” which represents an increased inflow of oxygen during the resting phase after training due to various processes that take place as part of recovery and adaptation to training.

How should you perform HIIT?

The HIIT method requires performing exercise and cardio activities at high intensity in short intervals with short pauses between them. This method offers countless opportunities because almost all exercises and activities can be combined in such a training.

Training may involve only one exercise or cardio activity, and even more. The most frequent intervals of high-intensity work last from 10 to 30 seconds, and a pause of 10 to 60 seconds between intervals, from 2 to 5 minutes between the circles if there are more.

A pause can be passive – complete rest, or active so that an activity is performed with light intensity. Also, one of the benefits is that the training can last only 20 minutes, and calorie consumption can be even higher compared to far longer training.

Healthy Menu On Your Desk


In a healthy diet, it is very important that you are never hungry. Consume more meals a day and eat in moderate amounts, and also, I recommend that you introduce small meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Five smaller meals a day, instead of conventional three, help metabolism work faster and energy more evenly distributed throughout the day.

1. Breakfast

Let’s start with breakfast, the most important meal in the day. Breakfast is an intake of nutrients that will maintain your energy throughout the day. I recommend that you do not avoid breakfast and certainly eat it within a time period of up to an hour after awakening.

Oat flakes, which are so fine and cheap, you can consume every day, while at the same time inserting various other foods into them so that the oatmeal itself will not bore you. Make your healthy menuPlay with ingredients, put in your favorite fruit, almonds or other nuts, honey or chia seeds that will additionally give you a sense of satiety and abound with various nutrients.

Flakes are natural, and they are rich in fibers that provide an extra sense of satiety, they are a great source of complex carbohydrates, and best of all, they contain 347 calories in just 100 grams.

Eggs, which many people prefer, will make your breakfast very healthy and delicious. Eggs can be prepared in various ways and whether they are cooked, in the form of omelets or eggs on the eye, will be healthy. Do not avoid yolks, they contain good fats.

You can combine this healthy food with vegetables that you like, for example, with fresh tomatoes, and additionally add a slice of bread. Bread does not necessarily have to be bad for you, it’s only a problem when it’s full of additives. Try to consume an integral bread, one with seeds, or simply squeeze your own, which, besides being tasty, will be a very cheap alternative.

2. Lunch

Tuna, which is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and contains so little calories, can make your lunch very tasty, and you can prepare it in many ways.

For example, you can bake the tuna in the oven, and serve with potatoes or vegetables you like, you can add it to salads or serve with rice. There are so many delicious recipes and ways to prepare a tuna, but keep it healthy.

Tuna is also recommended with other fish, such as sardines, cod, mackerel and tilapia. These fish have the highest nutritional value, and you can prepare them in various ways.

Rice is expensive for many and is often inevitable food in many dishes. Rice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and wheat is one of the most valuable cereals in the world. You can really experiment with rice. Give him a fish, which I have listed as superior food or simply add your favorite vegetables or favorite sauces to chicken.

3. Dinner

Many keep that notorious rule of no eating after 18:00, 19:00 or 20:00, it does not matter … because it’s also incorrect. The only thing you have to watch is that the dinner is light, and as far as the time is concerned, let your last meal be about 2 hours before bedtime, in order to be overjoyed because the motto of a healthy diet is not starvation. And that’s all you need to think about.

For dinner, I definitely suggest a lenten cheese. Many do not like it, but nowadays there are many recipes that make lenten cheese tastier to those who do not like it.

For example, you can simply add your favorite fresh vegetables to your cheese, spice it on your choice and add dressing to yogurt. This very simple dinner will keep you sitting for a long time, and the calorie intake will be minimal.

Simply fresh vegetables are definitely recommended for dinner. Salads can be very Healthy dinner tasty and easy to prepare. Simply experiment, add your favorite vegetables, season with your choice or add your favorite dressing.

Now lets see one example how one healthy menu should look, and of course you can experiment with it:

The breakfast:

  • integral bread / rye; young, low-fat cheese; fresh pepper; yogurt / sour milk in which minced flax seed is wet.

A snack 1:

  • the apple; blanched almonds.


  • vegetable soup; Integral rice; fish trout prepared in oven and baking paper with the addition of parsley or celery leaves, garlic, rosemary and a pair of lemon rings.

A snack 2:

  • rice with lemonade without sugar or black chocolate with as many cocoa pieces as possible (eg 70%).


  • integral bread / rye; chicken or turkey white meat (boiled, dried or grilled); iceberg / lettuce spiced with olive oil; tea from honey or barley, without sugar.

This is just one example of a weight loss program with five meals per day for a healthy person, where logically, there are no quantities. The calorific value of a child depends on the person and its parameters and can not be given in general.



So guys, if you follow all the program guidelines, you will be able to say that you have done a great thing because your personal weight loss program is a full hit! If so, you yourself have done so and deserve commendation.

If you happen to fail, do not despair, but continue to believe in yourself, because everyone happens that sometimes they fail in their intention.

One more thing that I want to say is that if you tried this program or maybe you did not have some good experience with it, I would be happy to hear your results or experiences, so be free to comment below. I personally had some nice experience with it, but honestly I get bored.

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