Why Am I Gaining Weight For No Reason? (The Real Truth)

Gaining Weight With No Reason

In order to solve the problem of obesity, we must first get to know the essence and how it came into being.

I present below this text a very informative story about why and since when people began to be obese and answer on the most common question today, “why am I gaining weight for no reason”.

The human population is becoming increasingly fat every decade – this is an indisputable fact. Obesity spreads like a monster to the world and today every third person in the world falls into one of the categories of obesity, and more and more obese children and youth.

According to World Health Organization data, in over 114 countries more than half of the population was overweight.

Obesity is also a disgruntled serial killer. About 4 million people died from direct effects of obesity in 2015.

Obesity is written about, talks, she is being studied, people are warned of her, more or less successful strategies are made against the main enemy of human appearance and health.

One of the currently most effective solutions to fight overweight is the Alli Diet Pills product which is approved by the FDA.

It is even four times more effective than any other currently available preparations and tablets. Also, the market is flooded with weight loss programs, plans and programs for effective weight loss, yet the number of obesity continues to grow in both highly developed and poorer areas of the planet. Interestingly, Vietnam and Bangladesh have the lowest rates of obesity.

What are the reasons why people continue to grow despite information available and a variety of food choices? Scientists, experts and renowned health care institutions around the world are trying to find the answer to this question.

Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars Have Been Invested In The Study Of Obesity Over The Past Few Decades

The most logical answer that we can hear about the question of why people gain weight is to bring more energy than they can spend. Practically, a lot of food, and too little or no activity and exercise.

This is confirmed by science. Although we all do not really like physics at school we know one of the basic laws of thermodynamics that paraphrase says – the amount of energy you enter into a system minus the energy you throw out must be stored and stored somewhere.

In our case, it is usually a fat on the stomach, thighs and other problematic parts of the body.

Although this at first glance looks like a very decent reason why people gain weight, it does not explain exactly why people are eating more and exercise less. Also, you certainly know at least one person in your environment who eats twice as many of you and manages to maintain the ideal weight. And there are those who gain weight even with a glass of water.

The Caveman Still Lives In Us

You remember a lesson in history about the life of our ancestors and how it looked like one day in the life of a caveman.

A lot of dangers, little food that was not easy to get, a constant battle with hunger, especially in the cold months. Because of this, when man found food, he brought into as many quantities as possible, in order to create supplies in the body for the period when there was no food.obesity and ancestors

Similarly, it was later through history, migrations, wars … and the awareness of hunger as a danger was deeply rooted in our consciousness and genes. Although we have advanced in science and technology, the physiological system of man has not adapted much for centuries.

The way we are consuming the energy we get from food has changed. People used to be hunter-gatherers, then farmers. There are fewer people today who work in the fields, and migrations from the village to the city are present all over the world.

Foods today have too many, it is easily accessible to the majority of the population, so there is no need for a kilometer search, but most people feel constant hunger. This is one of the reasons why we are feeding today in larger quantities than our real needs are.

In Order To Understand The Problem Of Obesity, We Have To Go Back To The Past.

The build-up of the hall had an important function in the past and the answer should be sought in that people were more hungry than satiated. There were periods when the original man brought food into optimal quantity and periods when he lacked in food.

When the food was sufficient, it was consumed in a larger quantity than needed and deposited in separate cells, so that during periods of starvation, the organism released those supplies and thus allowed the person to survive. Usually, these were long, cold winter days when the food-storage options were reduced to a minimum.

The build-up of the hall had another important function, which is a protection against cold.

The modern man is no longer starving but is constantly gaining weight.

How Is It That The Human Organism In The Meantime Has Not Adapted To The New Way Of Life?

The answer lies in the fact that hunger in modern society has been eradicated only recently, and somewhere still it is not. People do not starve, I mean a large part of the ordinary world, in the last hundred years and less.

You must have listened to your grandmother’s and your grandfather’s stories yourself, as they hungered and lost everything in their childhood. There, this is the answer.

The historical distance is still not large enough to move the organism to a digestive regime that meets the criteria of modern homo sapiens.

When Was The Last Time You Felt True Hunger, From Your Stomach, Which Made Bowels Call You?

You probably do not remember, because we do not notice that we are constantly feeding food, not giving the stomach enough time to completely digest the previous meal. The problem is that most people today eat to satisfy appetite, not hunger.

What is the difference between appetite and hunger?Hunger and obesity

Hunger is the physiological need for food and the appetite of desire and the emotional-psychological need.

The signal that you are hungry comes from the stomach and the appetite from the head. When you’re really hungry, you do not care what you eat, so you can choose a healthy and low-calorie meal. Appetite is often an irresistible desire for exclusively one type of food, mainly sweets, pastries, snacks.

The modern way of life is quick, and the day is often full of obligations and stress. Stress is one of the main appetite activators. And there we are at the beginning of the story.

Uncontrolled and unbalanced meals, more food and calories than we objectively need to function normally, then it becomes a lifestyle that leads to the rightness to obesity.

Try to eat one day consciously. Think about it every time before you eat something or simply write down. At the end of the day, it will be quite clear to you why your scale shows just that number. This is the best news you can hear because if you are a “culprit”, it’s the key to solving the problem.

Are You Addicted To Food?

“Food is not what it used to be.” You must have heard this, especially from the older generation. Food is becoming more and more available to the majority, but with it its quality is questionable. Quantity almost always damages quality, and healthy food is often and several times more expensive than unhealthy options.

The main task of the food is to feed our body with the necessary nutrients and to provide us with enough energy for normal Food addictionfunctioning.

If we look at the composition of today’s meals, it does not take much wisdom to realize that they are based on artificial ingredients, additives that improve taste and prolong the duration of too little carbohydrates, sugar, fat, color … Most of these substances can cause serious dependence as it stimulates centers for reward in the brain.

Today food addiction is a serious problem, especially since people are not aware that they have it. Brain biochemistry simply makes choices for you and you only perform commands from the subconscious.

Less and fewer people have time to prepare their meals themselves, and at least to some extent control what they enter into their body. Returning to good old family meals can be your first step towards solving this problem.

Food-Producing Companies Invest Millions Of Euros In Marketing And Assure Us That Unhealthy Foods Are Actually Healthy

Corporations dealing with the sale of food for human consumption see exclusively as a very lucrative business. Before earning ethics, it often falls into the water, so food and drink producers often become aggressive sellers who will convince you that unhealthy food is actually healthy.

No marketing resources are selected, and campaigns are often targeted at children, which will grow into their consumers tomorrow.

Children become dependent on certain foods before they become able to make decisions about these things. This is one of the reasons why there are more and more obese children in the world. Too bad food, smart applications on the phone and TV, and not enough movement, playing and socializing outside.

If you are a parent, then you certainly know that education is the most effective method. Children do not listen but watch and imitate parents.

Make them a positive example and make the right choice and eating habits to reduce the impact of aggressive campaigns lurking on every corner. In addition, when a child at an early age adopts healthy habits, it is very likely that he will retain them later in life.

For Obesity, It Is The Fault Of GENETICS But Also Bad Eating Habits

There are many excuses that people are trying to justify their obesity. One of the most common is “bad” genetics and slow metabolism. What do researchers say about this?obesity and genetics

Genetics is really one of the factors that can partially affect the buildup of kilograms.

Children of obese parents have a greater predisposition to becoming obese by themselves. This does not mean that it will necessarily be the case.

Because is it entirely the fault of a gene or growing up in an environment that has bad eating habits?

Interesting studies were made on monitoring the lives of separate identical twins from families who had a problem with obesity. They show that genetic predispositions do not necessarily have to be realized and that the influence of the environment is decisive. One of the twins would develop obesity, and others would not.

Historical facts are also attached to this. There were no obese people between the Indians and the indigenous tribes of America. When white people colonized them and brought their own habits and food, it resulted that 90% of Indians now have an obese and massive illness from diabetes.

How To Prevent Obesity?

After we have discovered some main causes of obesity, there remains an answer to the question of how to deal with this phenomenon.

The solution may also be some diets I have described in detail on our site, combined with walking or training. Also, in order to remove unwanted pounds, try a product that is four times more effective than all the preparations and tablets you can currently find on the market.

It is a natural preparation approved by the FDA. The main benefits of using Alli Diet Pills are that your appetite will be reduced, you will burn fatty deposits and you will remove cellulite if you have it.


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