Why Fast Weight Loss Diets Are Not Healthy?

why fast diets for weight loss are not healthy

Losing weight is never easy. Anyone at least at some point in his life is not satisfied with his appearance. The time of the holiday the hardest falls on our body weight, because then we all relax, and enjoy the holidays.

Unbalanced nutrition, large amounts of food and inactivity are definitely a feature of this period of the year, but unfortunately, and many people throughout the year.

A solution to which many people often resort to is a fast diet, which is ineffective. Find out why fast weight loss diets are not healthy if you want to lose weight, and how to get your body back in shape.

Each diet forbids you from entering a particular food in your diet. However, the basis of healthy nutrition is to make an optimal amount of all nutrients for your body. You should not throw meat, eating only vegetables, or just fruits.

Resist The Urge For Poor Food

If you want to eat well, you can not eat absolutely everything. In order to tighten your body and lead to perfection, you need to have a diet plan, where there will be no chips, coca-cola and huge amounts of industrial sweets.

When we want to lose weight for an even more important event, the choice is usually a diet for 7 days. Often we do not start in time to train and correct our diet, but we want quick results at the last minute.

The problem with fast results is that they are unstable, and even if you lose it for your body it will not be healthy. Kilograms will most likely be returned at the same speed as they went, as soon as you start eating.

7-Day Diet Is The Most Common Choice When It Comes To Fast Diets

It often happens that you starve yourself into a diet for 7 days, and there is no result. Then you become frustrated because you did not lose weight, and you are hungry, and it is very likely that you will get annoyed when you start eating food. A fast diet is definitely not a good choice on the way to the perfect body and your satisfaction.avoid poor-quality food

A fast diet of 7 days means that your diet is mainly based on vegetables. No matter how healthy the vegetables are, it’s not healthy when nutrition focuses on it.

A 7-day diet also recommends cooked meat, however, the diet nowhere highlights the amount of meat that is being consumed all day.

For many, this diet fails because they think they can eat meat as much as they want, which will be a complete shock to your body.

In addition to this diet, also very popular are a diet of 9 days, as well as a diet of 10 days. Practically, there are no major differences between these diets.

9-Day Diet Is Not Effective

A 9-day diet is a starvation. In your body you enter only three cups of boiled rice, three days cooked vegetables, three days cooked chicken. This menu is totally meaningless. If you eat white rice, you will not achieve the desired results, and especially not for 9 days.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to change the overall diet, and those white carbohydrates are easily replaced by his wealthier relatives. Always use an integral instead of white rice. When you get used to it, you will never think of white rice again.

Also, it’s unclear what it means cooked vegetables. There are vegetables that have starch in themselves, such as potatoes. If you want to reduce the amount of insulin in your body, you need to eat potatoes in as small a quantity as possible.

Diet for nine days will not lead you to the desired results. You may lose weight quickly, but the weight loss that will return soon will be even harder. The thing is the continuity and loss of fat, and not the water from the organism, which is the most common cause of loss of body fat within the fast child for nine days.

Nor A 10-Day Diet Will Give You Results

A fast diet of 10 days means a very small amount of calories per day. If you are consuming less than 1000 calories per day, you can not function normally, you feel fatigued and tired constantly.avoid fast diets

This diet means only the input of fruits and vegetables. You should not bring meat, cheese, pasta, milk products. It’s clear to us right away that this is not a healthy diet.

In addition, it is recommended that fruit and vegetables are very difficult to reach. Frequent consumption of avocado, pomegranate, papaya, mango is advised.

These foods are not easily found and they are also not cheap. From the fruit, you are forbidden what is the most nutritious, and these are bananas.

In addition, the inclusion of such a small amount of calories reduces your metabolism, and there is another “jo-jo” effect when you return to normal nutrition. That’s why a 10-day diet is not a good choice for your body and metabolism.

How To Win In The Fight With Kilograms?

If you have a big problem with kilograms, it’s best to consult a nutritionist. You can also start changing your diet yourself, and slowly throwing away all the food you know is absolutely bad. Start from the biggest pests, sweets, and snacks.

Of course, nobody says you should never eat sweets or chips. We all love the popcorn during the movie or chips, but try to minimize the intake of these foods. Replace white rice with integral rice, use buckwheat flour, and integral paste.

Eat more times a day in small quantities. If you have a large excess of pounds, a fast diet will only further aggravate your body and pushes it farther from achieving balance and goal.

In addition, it is very important to maintain physical activity. The body when actively becomes tighter, you are full of energy, and you can eat more because you spend more. Your body will lead to perfection with training because you will achieve what you have always wanted – flat belly and abdomen.

My recommendation is that you try a 1-Week Diet by Brian Flatt, it is not just a diet but a complete change of old unhealthy habits which will help you in achieving an ideal line. Be sure to give it a try!


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