Why is Belly Fat Dangerous To Your Health? – Prevent Emotional Overeating!

why is belly fat dangerous

Obesity in the stomach area is so common throughout the world, and even in our country, that it already has epidemic conditions.

Although it is generally viewed as an aesthetic problem and classified as a “metabolic disorder”, excess pounds cause serious health problems that are often fatal.

If you carefully read this article you will find why is belly fat dangerous to your health and how can you prevent emotional overeating, one of the most common reasons why we get obese.

Obesity in Man and Women

According to the layout of fatty tissue, two basic types of obesity are female (gynoid) and male or (android). Obesity in women is mainly gynoid or pear-shaped, characterized by accumulation and deposition of fatty tissue, mostly on the thighs, the pelvis, and in the buttock area.

In these cases, degenerative changes may occur on large joints, difficulty in movement, respiratory disorders, and enlarged veins.

Android obesity or apple-shaped is found in men and is characterized by the storage of fat in the upper part of the abdomen, shoulder belt and around the internal organs.

Obesity in the stomach area of this type is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, but also in some forms of cancer.

Causes Of Obesity

It is considered that the modern way of life, which involves the consumption of unhealthy, industrially processed foods rich in sugars and saturated fats, as well as too much sitting is the main culprit for the appearance of obesity in the stomach area, and obesity as a whole.

Also, the trigger for an accumulation of fatty deposits can be the hereditary factor, metabolic or endocrine disorders, physical inactivity, various psychological traumas, tumors, and medicaments, most commonly corticosteroids and antidepressants.

Treatment of Obesity

It is necessary to know that the treatment of obesity is a painstaking and long-lasting process and that rigorous diets who “promise” quick and easy weight removal, give results only at the first time, and the lost fats are rapidly returned.

Therefore, it is necessary first of all to consult a physician and a nutritionist who will evaluate the psycho-physical condition of a person, then prescribe a particular diet and give guidelines on how to establish a disturbed balance in the body.

Herbal preparations can be of considerable help for obesity in the stomach area, especially those based on lemon, cinnamon, rosewood, celery or fennel.

Why Are We Get The Most Fat in Stomach Area?

People are getting fat in the stomach area for many reasons – and some of them are able to change. Even those of us who train most often dream about hard-to-reach abdomen.

Apart from the aesthetic point of view, fat in this area can be dangerous for health. The first step in combating the formation of fatty deposits is getting to know the causes that cause them.

Genetic factors. Genes play an important role in the way you get and lose weight. This is genetically determined in the same way as the predetermined and eye color.prevent overeating

In the genes, information about the distribution of fat deposits in the body is also placed – usually accumulate unevenly and in large quantities in some areas, in this case – on the stomach. Look at your parents. If they have a rounded stomach, it’s very likely that you will be prone to it.

Other factors. There are other reasons for growing on the stomach. Stress is one of them because in stress, the body releases a large amount of cortisol, which is responsible for fat accumulation in the area.

In women, menopause can be the leading cause of rounded stomach due to different levels of hormones in this period. Slow metabolism, age, poor digestion, hormonal problems, poor nutrition and many other reasons can be responsible for obesity on the stomach.

Although everyone can gain weight on the stomach, men tend to be more prone to this process due to the high levels of androgen hormone that is responsible for distributing fat around the stomach. This leads to a very often seen beer belly characteristic of middle-aged men.

Women tend to gain weight around their hips and thighs, but in the menopause, the fat is distributed on the stomach. Middle-aged and old people are more prone to this type of obesity than young people.

Obesity in Stomach Area – Consequences

Obesity in the stomach area is not a joke, nor is it just some aesthetic problem, but it can be a very serious health threat.

As the most common complications are increased fat in the blood, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, heart and blood vessel damage, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, and even susceptibility to some malignant diseases.

Food That Reduces Appetite

There are many weight loss products that are primarily intended for suppressing appetite while at the same time speeding up metabolism, improving digestion, stimulating bowel discharge, helping to establish optimal body weight and solving the problem of obesity in the stomach area.start eating legumes

Beans, lentils, soybeans, hazelnuts and other leguminous vegetables are rich in dietary fibers that have proven to cause a sense of satiety, reduce unhealthy cholesterol in the blood, cure constipation and reduce the deposits of the old stool in the intestines.

Some recent studies have shown that legumes stimulate better secretion of cholecystokinins, it is a digestive hormone that reduces appetite, and therefore helps us regulate body weight.

They are an excellent source of protein that also plays a significant role in the weight loss process.

Natural Laxatives Speed up The Metabolism

Integral cereals are also very useful for the overall health and vitality of the organism, primarily because they contain dietary fiber, but also other nutrients that are responsible for it.

Rice, barley, wheat, and oats contain very complex carbohydrates, which, unlike free sugars, will not cause increased insulin secretion, but they, therefore, stimulate the release of serotonin, a hormone responsible for reducing appetite, and a good mood.

Integral cereals are able to maintain a long-lasting sense of satiety, which is natural laxatives, which facilitate digestion and digestion, but are also excellent for detoxification of the organism, so they are a very good choice for all of us who want to eat healthy and try to bring our body weight to optimal level and eliminate obesity in the stomach area.

Fruits such as pears, apples, bananas, and grapes contain large amounts of vegetable fiber that help digestion and stimulate the secretion of the hormones that regulate our appetite.

The good side of fruit is that we can consume it in large quantities because it contains very few calories. Pears, in addition to plant fibers, contain pectin that lowers blood sugar levels and also appetite.

Emotional Overeating – Help

Obesity in the stomach area is often not harmless and behind it is a much deeper problem that can not be solved by diet, and therapists say that over five kilograms of excess is actually an emotional shield that we are trying to defend against psychological problems, ie. emotional overeating.

Therefore, in addition to a nutritionist and a physician, obesity should be treated by psychotherapists to determine if excess pounds may have arisen as a consequence of a psychological disorder. Eating on the nerve base often comes from the earliest childhood.get help from nutritionist

When the baby cries, her mother usually nurses her to break her crying, and the connection of stress and food runs through entire life.

It is true that certain foods improve mood, but consuming such foods is certainly not the right way to establish a psychological balance.

Also, statistics show that people eat most on weekends and evenings when a person has the most free time. From this, it follows the conclusion that there is yet another cause for emotional overeating, that is, excessive consumption of food.

For the start, whenever you are disturbed or depressed, go away from your refrigerator and satisfy your emotional hunger by walking through nature, talking with friends, listening to relaxing music.

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