Yogurt Benefits For Weight Loss – Melt Fat With Yogurt!

yogurt benefits for fat loss

Can you imagine a day without yogurt? I do not. Do you know that there is a yogurt diet? It’s time to try it!

If you love yogurt, there is no dilemma! Keep reading and find out what are the yogurt benefits for weight loss and can yogurt really help us to remove those boring excess pounds.

Yogurt is one of the few foods that can always be found in my fridge. A breakfast without this white milk drink is not possible for me.

Whether you are eating eggs, sandwiches or flakes, even a delicious breakfast or salad, yogurt is an indispensable part of it and nothing can replace it.

In addition to being very tasty, it is very healthy, and its effects on health and beauty are almost infinite.

Why Is Yogurt Favorite Food Of Many?

Yogurt is often found on healthy foods lists and there is a good reason for this. It is a very nutritious food and is an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium.

It provides numerous vitamins and minerals and has relatively few calories. It is recommended for everyone, for babies, for children, for adults.

Yogurt is created by the natural process of milk fermentation with the help of bacteria. By the action of the bacterium, fermentation takes place, where the milk sugar (lactose) passes into lactic acid.

Lactic acid affects milk proteins and thus gives yogurt specific texture, taste and sharp smell.

In most cases, yogurt is a white, dense liquid, but many commercial brands add artificial pigments, especially to fruit yogurts, and thus they can be of different colors, from light yellow, through greenish and orange to violet shades.

This food can be produced from all kinds of milk, whole fat, low fat or milk without milk fat. Cow’s milk is represented all over the world, and therefore this milk is most often used as a base for its production.

Milk from buffalo, goats, sheep, mares, camels and donkeys is also used to produce yogurt, mainly locally, where possible.

Important For Our Nutrition

Yogurt contains a lot of useful nutrients. Full fat yogurt contains almost everything that is needed for human organism. It is therefore logical that by choosing a yogurt diet you can lose weight healthy, bringing all the nutrients you want.

A selection of vitamins and minerals

This food is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B2 – riboflavin.

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that can be found only in foods of animal origin. Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium, in an easily absorbed form.

Also, yogurt is a good source of phosphorus, an essential mineral that plays an important role in biological processes. Dairy products are the main source of riboflavin, i.e. Vitamin B2 in modern diet.

Food that is rich with proteins

Yogurt is a rich source of protein, such as casein and whey. Plain yogurt contains about 8.5 grams of protein in each serving of whole milk.

Casein can increase the absorption of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, and affects the lowered blood pressure. That’s why a diet with yogurt is a good choice of protein.

Whey is found in dairy products and accounts for 20% of protein content in yogurt and contains a very branched chain of amino acids.

Whey proteins have long been a popular supplement among bodybuilders and athletes and are responsible yogurt diet for weight lossfor various health benefits, such as weight loss and lower blood pressure.

Yogurt contains healthy fats

The fat content can range from 0.4% in low-fat yogurt to 3.3% or more in the full-fat variant.

They often advise us that, if we keep the diet or we want to get rid of excessive pounds, we choose the one with as little fat as possible.

However, fat in yogurt is healthy. Most of them are saturated (70%), and there is a fair amount of monounsaturated fats. Milk fats are unique because they contain as many as 400 different fatty acids.

The amount of fat in yogurt depends on the type of milk from which it is made. It also contains the so-called trans fat of ruminants, i.e. milk trans fats, which, in contrast to trans fats in some food products, have beneficial effects on health.

In the yogurt diet, there are no sweetened yogurt

Carbohydrates in yogurt are generally in the form of simple sugars called lactose (milk sugar) and galactose. Also, the level of lactose in this food is lower than in milk, as its bacterial fermentation results in a decrease in lactose.

In the breakdown of lactose, galactose and glucose are formed. Glucose is mainly converted into lactic acid, a substance that gives acidic taste to yogurt and other fermented dairy products.

Most yogurts contain significant amounts of additional sweeteners, usually sucrose (white sugar), along with a variety of aromas. As a result, the amount of sugar in this food is very variable and can range from 4.7% to 18.6% or more.

However, no matter how delicious they are, they are not used in keeping a diet with yogurt, because the diet will not produce the desired effects.

When the bacteria help

Probiotics are living bacteria that have beneficial effects on health when consumed on a regular basis.

These friendly bacteria are found in fermented dairy products, such as yogurt with live and active cultures. The main probiotics in fermented dairy products are lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

Experience Show That Yogurt Diet Is Good Choice For Weight Loss

When any diet is mentioned, immediate health implications are considered. However, this is not the case with yogurt diet.

Although as before every diet, everything needs to be checked with a doctor, the experiences of those who have kept this diet show that they have chosen it first because of the benefits of this food.

Therefore, if properly administered, this diet can, in addition to losing weight, contribute to improving the body as a whole.

Why do those who have held this diet have positive experiences? First of all, our body must have a healthy amount of “good” bacteria in the digestive tract, and many yogurts are made using active good bacteria. One word that often goes with yogurt is “probiotic”.

Probiotic, which literally means “for life” refers to living organisms that promote the health of the body when consumed in yogurt melt excess fatsufficient quantity.

Keep in mind that the only yogurts containing probiotics are those who have a note that they contain live and active cultures on the label.

Studies show that probiotic bacteria can affect immune enhancement.

Regularly taking certain types of probiotics and fermented milk products can lower blood cholesterol levels.

Those who tried it said they chose a diet with yogurt because it is full of vitamins.

Bifidobacteria contains many types of vitamins, including thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin K, helps with digestive health and reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel.

Probiotics can help in the treatment of antibiotic-derived diarrhea. Several studies have suggested that regular consumption of yogurt fermented with bifidobacteria may reduce obstipation activity.

Yogurt diet also affects better digestion. It contains probiotic bacteria that science claims to influence the digestion of lactose, reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Also, this food has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and as part of a yogurt diet, it improves the health of the colon.

Experience has shown that it also prevents colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and various infections in the stomach and upper part of the small intestine that lead to ulcers and can increase the risk of developing stomach cancer.

These health benefits cannot be applied to any yogurt. In the experiences of those who have applied this diet, it is often emphasized that they have not used yogurts that are thermally processed, probiotic bacteria are dead and do not give any health benefits.

For this reason, it is best to choose one with active or live cultures containing probiotic bacteria (probiotics) that can improve digestive health for a yogurt diet.

Restrictive Yogurt Diet Of 7 Days

This yogurt diet is quite strict and if you start to feel bored or have other gastrointestinal symptoms, you should stop the diet and return to your normal eating habits, as these problems may be a sign of lactose intolerance.

During the diet use only ordinary unsweetened yogurt and avoid using salt and sugar. You can add fresh green vegetables and a little honey to your daily meal if you need to.

The duration of this diet with yogurt is 7 days, and you will be able to lose up to 5 kilograms and fatty deposits if you follow the next menu.

First day

5 baked potatoes and 6 cups of plain yogurt

Another day

120 grams of cooked chicken meat and 6 cups of plain yogurt

Third day

120 grams of beef and 6 cups of plain yogurt

Fourth day

120 grams of fish with yogurt

Fifth day

fruits and vegetables (except bananas and grapes) and 6 cups of plain yogurt

Sixth day

plain yogurt


natural mineral water.

As already noted, this yogurt diet is very strict but also effective for rapid weight loss, so use it carefully!

Yogurt Diet – In 3 Days Up To 4kg Less

In just three days, you can lose up to four kilograms with this, also a strict diet. The effect of this diet is based on the probiotic benefits of yogurt, which promote the intestinal flora. Food digest faster and helps the body to get rid of toxins.

This diet should not be practiced for more than three days, so as not to disturb the need of the organism for fiber and vitamins. It is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of yogurt every day.

You should not only eat yogurt, but it is recommended that you eat foods from the list. Also, you can eat fresh fruits and flesh, and you should avoid sweetened yogurt.

This is one example of a diet with yogurt in three days.

First day

For breakfast, eat plain non-fat yogurt with cereals. For lunch, stew vegetables on olive oil and mix it with rice.

Apart from yogurt for breakfast for weight losssalt and pepper, other spices are not allowed. For dessert, eat fruit yogurt. For dinner, eat a salad with ham and low-fat yogurt.

Another day

For breakfast, cucumber salad with yogurt.

For lunch, roast turkey on olive oil, and as an ingredient, you can add mushrooms, tomatoes and pepper mixed with yogurt. For dinner, mix the fruits with yogurt.

Third day

For breakfast, mix cheese, apples and cinnamon with yogurt. For lunch fish fillet with salad, yogurt and cucumber (you can add mustard). For dinner 100 grams of pasta, chopped peppers, one boiled egg and yogurt.

In 2 Weeks Up To 4kg Less

If you are not in any hurry to take a pound, or you can not or do not want to endure a strict diet, I show you another 7-day yogurt diet, but less restrictive, with lots of vegetables.

People who opt for this diet are recommended 500 grams of yogurt every day, along with other nutritious foods. People who adhere to this diet plan can lose six kilograms in two weeks.

In addition to yogurt, you need to eat about 300 grams of fruit. However, it is advisable to avoid fruits that have a high sugar content such as watermelons, melons and grapes.

It is also allowed about 100 grams of meat per day. Ideally, meat dishes are eaten at lunch time. The smooth meat, such as chicken and turkey, as well as veal,  can be used to prepare healthy dishes. Remove all traces of fat and skin from the meat before cooking.

This diet also encourages eating lots of vegetables. However, the intake of vegetables should not exceed 300 grams per day, and vegetables such as sweet peppers, tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers and various green leafy vegetables.

Below is an example of a yogurt child for 7 days, which can be repeated in other weeks.

First day

125 grams of yogurt with two tablespoons of cereals and apples for breakfast. For lunch, 100 grams of smoked fish with boiled vegetables, two baked potatoes without oil or butter, a small bowl of fresh vegetables and 125 grams of yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of non-fatty yogurt. For dinner, two slices of integral bread with two thin slices of white cheese, along with 125 grams of yogurt and half grapefruit.

Another day

For breakfast 125 grams of yogurt with a small bowl of mussels and one green apple. For lunch, baked chicken fillet, two baked potatoes and 250 grams of cooked carfiol with 125 grams of yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of fruity yogurt. The dinner consists of sandwiches prepared from integral bread and tomato, along with 125 grams of yogurt.

Third day

For breakfast a small bowl of oatmeal with 125 grams of yogurt and one kiwi. For lunch, two roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, 100 grams of smoked salmon and 125 grams of non-fatty yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of yogurt. For dinner, a sandwich prepared from integral bread and cheese, a larger glass of mixed juice and 125 grams of yogurt.

Fourth day

For breakfast, 125 grams of yogurt added to one pumpkin seed and one large green apple. For lunch, 100 grams of roast yogurt and pumpkin seed for weight lossturkey breasts, two roasted potatoes, green apple, carrot salad and 125 grams of yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of fatty yogurt. The dinner consists of two pieces of integral bread, 125 grams of yogurt and one pepper.

Fifth day

For breakfast a bowl of cornflakes with 125 grams of fatty yogurt and one big orange.

For lunch, one roast chicken fillet, three spoons of boiled beets, three teaspoons of freshly cut cucumber, two baked potatoes and 125 grams of yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of non-fatty yogurt. For dinner, one boiled egg with a salad of green leafy vegetables and 125 grams of yogurt.

Sixth day

For breakfast, 125 grams of plain yogurt mixed with wheat bran and a green apple for breakfast. Lunch can consist of one baked fish fillet with two roasted potatoes, carrot and apple salad, 250 grams of cooked asparagus and 125 grams of yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of yogurt. The dinner consists of a cold soup prepared by mixing 125 grams of yogurt with a glass of beetroot juice, which adds a spoon of fresh cucumber and dill and two slices of integral bread.


For breakfast, 125 grams of yogurt with a bowl of corn flakes and one apple. For lunch, two bakery potatoes with a little carrot, onion and celery and 125 grams of yogurt.

For a snack, 125 grams of yogurt. The dinner can consist of sandwiches prepared with integral bread and tomatoes, along with 125 grams of yogurt.

His Blessings Are Known For Centuries

For any diet with yogurt you decide, you will not make a mistake. Because the benefits of yogurt for the body are well-known.

Throughout history, yogurt has been used for health and beauty many times, and by choosing a yogurt diet you do something good for your body.

When exactly this food was created, it is not known, but it is thought that in the ancient Mesopotamia, about 5,000 years before our era, it was his oldest ancestor. In ancient Indian records, the combination of yogurt and honey is called “the food of gods”.

In the Persian tradition, it is said that “Abraham owes his fertility and longevity to the regular swallowing of yogurt”. And the kitchen of ancient Greece included a dairy product known as oxygal (οξύγαλα), which is believed to have been a form of yogurt.

The old writings mention that oxygal is consumed with honey and that it is similar in density to Greek yogurt that is still consumed today.

The earliest writings mentioning yogurt are attributed to Pliny Elder, who noted that certain “barbaric peoples” know how to “thicken the milk and make a substance of pleasant acidity”.

It is mentioned in the books of the 11th century that the Turks also consumed it. Namely, both of these texts mention the word “yogurt” and describe its use by the nomadic Turks.

The oldest yogurts were probably spontaneously formed by the fermentation of wild bacteria in goatskin bags in which milk was kept.

So, by choosing a yogurt diet, you will not only lose weight and get rid of excess pounds, but you will get something that is healthy and beneficial in your body every day.




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  • Hey Daniel,

    Thank you for sharing these benefiting tips about yogurt. I’ve restrained myself from having them as suggested due to the sugary content was being told of.

    I’m trying to lose a little extra fat and especially those that area of my waist but not having much of a success.

    I did some searching and found this article about working out solely targeting on my waist area and was wondering if these exercises help. Given your knowledge would you think it’ll work coupled with your yogurt plan?

    Thank you very much.


    • Hi Riya! Why not? Those type of exercises can help you to lose some nice number of pounds not only around waist but also on the whole body, and if you combine it with yogurt diet, you will be surpsrised with results. Yogurt will refresh your body and will help you to eject accumulated toxins.

  • Issie

    Hi Daniel. Thanks for sharing such a great article. It’s my new knowledge about yogurt benefits. I’m interested in yogurt diet of 7 Days. Nowadays, I do more exercise, eat good food with nutrition, and take thermogenic supplements for boosting my metabolism. What do you think about Thermogenic for weight loss? I will also try your way for 7 days.

    • No problem Issie! Yogurt is truly great when it comes to losing excess pounds but it can also refresh our body and eject toxins. Be sure to come back with your results! As of the thermogenic supplements, I can say that they can greatly help in weight loss but correct nutrition and exercise are crucial. Also, not all thermogenic supplements are good or safe so you must be careful about choosing the right product.


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