Yogurt Diet For Weight Loss (Summer HIT 2019)

yogurt diet for weight loss

The yogurt diet for weight loss is the very top among popular fast diets for a reason. In addition to effectively helping to remove excess pounds, it has a beneficial effect on the digestion, detoxification of the organism and the strengthening of the immune system.

A yogurt diet and diet plan were designed by Ana Luque, a holistic nutritionist. According to the author, this diet can be of great help to anyone who wants to lose weight and bring their line to perfection.

Yogurt Diet

Unlike other diets, Ana Luque’s yogurt diet is not based on a reduced calorie intake but on a portion restriction. Meals are divided into a few smaller, four to five during the day and should not be larger than the size of the palm.

The yogurt diet was presented to a wider audience in the 2008 book of the same name and has since been one of the most sought diets on the Internet.

In addition to the yogurt diet, it is also necessary to activate the body through some kind of light physical activity. It is recommended that it be a walk for 30 to 60 minutes, which ensures the desired weight loss. Essential, yogurt diet is a combination of healthy nutrition and physical activity with increased intake of probiotics from yogurt.

Probiotics are a type of bacteria that act on the digestive tract and strengthen immunity. With foods that improve digestion, which is an integral part of yogurt, the body recovers, kilograms lose and prevents the onset of many diseases.

Yogurt belongs to healthy foods because it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, and potassium, and most importantly, it has relatively few calories.

Because of this, yogurt is on the menu of many diets, and the yogurt diet itself can be found in many varieties because it is well-suited to many foods. Some of the most famous yogurt diets are:

  • Diet with yogurt and bananas
  • A diet with yogurt and eggs
  • Diet with yogurt and potatoes
  • Diet with yogurt and celery
  • Diet with yogurt and cinnamon
  • A diet with yogurt and cucumber

Lose Weight On Job – Yogurt Diet Is HIT For Employees

Yogurt diet rightly became a hit among working people. Easy to use, does not require complicated preparation and gives excellent results. People who spend a large part of their time at work have a problem with maintaining an optimal weight because their choice of healthy food is extremely narrow.

Mostly, the meals of employees are reduced to baked goods and fast food. This creates a problem of obesity among the working population, but primarily destroys their health and the immune system.

That’s why yogurt diet is the right solution for employees who want to not only lose weight but also to maintain the desired weight. Particularly good results result in a three-day diet with yogurt, as it not only helps in losing weight but also provides all the energy needed for a maximally successful working day.yogurt diet for employees

This variant of yogurt is kept for three days in a row, then a short pause takes place, so it can be repeated depending on the extra pounds to be removed. Dinner is served at home, and you can take lunch and snacks with you to work.

– The first day of the three-day yogurt diet begins with a low-fat yogurt with flakes of your choice. The lunch menu includes vegetables with rice spiced with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Dessert includes some varieties of fruit yogurt, while for dinner reserved salad of one carrot, apple, little ham and, of course, yogurt. If you want you can cook these ingredients on a little olive oil and after that add non-greasy yogurt to the prepared mixture.

– On the second day, for breakfast cucumber salad (cut into cubes or rings) and probiotic yogurt. Lunch consists of turkey (can and chicken white meat) with the addition of pepper, tomato and mushrooms that need to be fried briefly on olive oil.

When the mixture cools into it, one yogurt is added and that’s all. The dinner includes yogurt with wild fruits, best prepared with fresh ingredients. Also, the snack is permitted to in a form of non-fatty or fruit yogurt.

– The third day of yogurt diet, breakfast means fruit yogurt with cinnamon in-home preparation. Although there are also industrial fruit yogurts in this variant, the best option is to prepare this breakfast yourself by providing the best intake of all the necessary vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

For this recipe, you need a small apple, a little cheese, and cinnamon. Blend the apple and mix it with other ingredients, add yogurt and healthy breakfast for the perfect start of the working day is ready in no time. Lunch consists of 150 g of hake, cucumber salad, yogurt and a little mustard, and includes 100 g of pasta with one egg and pepper with the addition of low-fat yogurt.

It is recommended that you do not hold the yogurt diet for employees for more than three days, although there are experiences that can be prolonged without problems for five days.

Instead of an extended yogurt diet, I advise you to continue with a healthy diet that includes low-fat meats and vegetables after three days, and then repeat a three-day yogurt diet after five or seven days, as this will speed up the loss of excess pounds, but without the risk of feeling bad and without energy.

Banana And Yogurt Diet

Like yogurt, banana is an indispensable part of many diets. This extremely useful fruit is rich in calcium, zinc, phosphorus and proteins. Combined with yogurt, it is a true nutritional and energy bomb that is prepared in a few moments.

All you need is to pour a cold yogurt into a blender and mix it with a banana. Mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained. You can drink this drink for breakfast, and it can also replace a snack or lunch at work. If desired, you can also add some cinnamon or honey.

For hot summer days, you probably will enjoy bananas with frozen yogurt. This recipe can also replace breakfast and refresh the day, and you can prepare it in all situations when you need a healthy and refreshing drink. For preparation, you need three mature bananas, 500 ml of thick yogurt, 1 cup of honey and a little vanilla essence.yogurt diet with banana

Cut bananas into rings and put in the freezer for two hours. Mix in a multipractic or blender bananas, yogurt, honey and vanilla until they completely unite. Pour into a plastic or other suitable container and return to the freezer for a few hours to tighten.

There is also a three-day diet with yogurt and bananas that you can hold when you need to quickly remove a kilo of excess, purify your body or catch up for a longer diet.

This diet is extremely simple and all you need to do is eat three times a day for three bananas with a cup of non-fatty yogurt. During the whole day, you drink plenty of water and herbal unsweetened teas.

Diet With Yogurt And Eggs

A diet with yogurt and eggs is simple and inexpensive. Hold on for five days and with it you can lose at least three pounds. Eggs are the purest protein source and will help you to feel the satiety while keeping a diet.

It is also allowed to take a spoon of honey with cinnamon before breakfast, which additionally contributes to the sense of satiety, speeds up the metabolism and helps to burn fat deposits easily. The diet plan looks like this:

First day

  • Breakfast: omelet from two eggs, two pieces of biscuit, yogurt.
  • Lunch: two boiled eggs, two integral biscuits and one fruit: orange, apple or pear.
  • Dinner: lettuce with tomato and tuna, smaller integral roll, a cup of tea without sugar or artificial sweetener and cinnamon spoon.

Second day

  • Breakfast: two boiled eggs, two integral biscuits, low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, one boiled egg, a large portion of mixed salad.
  • Dinner: 150g minced meat on olive oil, an integral roll, tomato salad and cucumber.

Third day

  • Breakfast: omelet from two eggs, two integral biscuits and one cup of low-fat or fruit yogurt (best domestic).
  • Lunch: 150 g of fresh non-fat cow cheese or mozzarella, one boiled egg, tomato, small integral roll.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of chopped white chicken meat, two integral biscuits, cups of tea without sugar or artificial sweetener and cinnamon spoon.

The fourth day

  • Breakfast: two boiled eggs, orange, non-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: 200 g of cooked meat, smaller integral roll, seasonal salad and one fruit; pear, apple or orange.
  • Dinner: 150 g of grilled meat, two tomatoes, one integral biscuit.

Fifth day

  • Breakfast: omelet from two eggs, two tomatoes, an integral biscuit, low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: two smaller fillets of hake or tuna, smaller integral roll, green salad and one pear, orange or apple.
  • Dinner: 500 g of cooked mixed vegetables, one boiled egg and one tomato.

Diet With Yogurt And Potato

Here’s another quick and effective diet that includes yogurt in combination with potatoes. Although it’s restrictive, user experience shows that it can withstand a lot of problems. The advice is to drink plenty of liquid and unsweetened herbal teas along with it.

Like other fast, restrictive diets, it is recommended only to healthy people. With this diet, you can take up to 5 kilograms of extra. If you feel weakness and want to burn the diet to the full, drink for a meal a glass of non-fatty yogurt, eat a handful of nuts or fruit such as apple, orange, pear, or smaller banana.yogurt and potato for weight loss

Potato is food that promotes food digestion as it is a rich source of fiber that drives the bowel movement. Cooked potatoes are often used in a diet because there is not a lot of calories.

In addition, potato starch in combination with lactic acid creates a sense of satiety, which additionally helps in keeping the diets as it is.

As a rule, the diet with yogurt and potatoes is maintained for three days, it can be extended to five days, but only if you feel good and do not feel any health problems. In the case of an extension, the first two days are repeated, and the diet plan looks like this:

First day

  • Breakfast: one boiled potato without salt and one cup of yogurt.
  • Lunch: two boiled potatoes without salt and one cup of yogurt.
  • Dinner: two cups of yogurt.

Second day

  • Breakfast: one cup of yogurt and one cooked potato.
  • Lunch: two boiled potatoes and one cup of yogurt.
  • Dinner: one boiled potato without salt and one cup of yogurt.

Third day

  • Breakfast: one boiled potato.
  • Lunch: one cooked potato.
  • Dinner: a cup of yogurt.

Diet With Yogurt And Celery

Celery is a plant that plays a major role in the loss of fat deposits. Many healing properties are attributed to him. It removes digestion problems, is rich in minerals, vitamins, magnesium, essential oils and dietary fibers. It is recommended for all people who have problems with weight gain and cellulite since it is an excellent fat burner.

A diet with yogurt and celery lasts for three days with a predicted loss of up to 3kg. However, keep in mind that in the first three days there is a major loss of water from the body. Therefore, for long-term results, the diet with celery and yogurt should be repeated after a short break.

The breakfast in this three-day diet is always the same and is prepared in the following way. Grind the root of the celery to give a fine cut. Add a glass of yogurt and drink every morning instead of breakfast. The diet plan for other meals looks like this:yogurt and celery for weight loss

First day

  • Lunch: seasonal vegetable soup with the addition of celery leaves, two biscuits, one apple.
  • Dinner: two boiled eggs, one biscuit, herbal tea.

Second day

  • Lunch: a plate of clear beef soup, a piece of beef with mustard, one boiled potato (also can be cooked with meat), one biscuit and one pear.
  • Dinner: tuna, one to two biscuits, lettuce.

Third day

  • Lunch: one fillet of chicken meat on teflon (with two, three drops of olive oil), lettuce, one biscuit and one orange.
  • Dinner: yogurt and cucumber salad, you can add a couple of celery leaves, two biscuits.

With this diet, you can drink herbal teas without sugar, and plenty of ordinary or mineral water is recommended.

Diet With Yogurt And Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been used to regulate body weight and loss of fatty deposits since ancient times.

Cinnamon regulates the level of blood sugar, reduces the desire for sweets, and hence it is an excellent ingredient in all diets. In addition, cinnamon is responsible for the strengthening of the immune system, it is used to alleviate rheumatic pain, improves concentration, and according to some studies, successfully fights with lymphoma cancer cells.

The yogurt diet with cinnamon can be kept as long as you need to get your line to the desired level. It’s a beverage of yogurt and cinnamon that changes two meals a day, exactly breakfast and dinner.cannamon and yogurt for weight loss

It is prepared by mixing cinnamon spoon with 200 ml of fatty yogurt.

Lunch should include non-fatty meat (poultry, beef, fish) prepared in a dietary way (boiled, teflon, grilled), along with a green or seasonal salad. Drinking water is allowed, herbal teas, and in the case of starvation, apple, pear or orange can be eaten.

You can drink yogurt and cinnamon once a day for breakfast or dinner if it is too much for you to replace two meals. It is important to respect the diet during the main meals, and a yogurt and cinnamon drink will help you lose weight a little more quickly and reach the desired line.

Diet With Yogurt And Cucumber

A diet with yogurt and cucumber represents a diet that can be used to take up to 7 kilograms in 10 days. Cucumber is an excellent diuretic, melts fat around the stomach, helps to reduce cellulite and improves skin tone. Cucumber is an excellent hydrator, facilitates digestion and ejection of toxins.

It is rich in vitamins A and B and its bark is especially vitamin C. It is also a great source of minerals of potassium, magnesium, and cilium.yogurt diet and cucumber

For a diet with yogurt and cucumbers, you need about 300-400 g cucumber, 200 ml of low-fat yogurt, little salt and garlic as desired, but do not overdo it. Cut cucumbers cut on thinned rings and mix with other ingredients.

This salad replaces breakfast or dinner, and other permitted foods that you can consume with other meals are: boiled eggs (two per meal), 150 g of tuna, 200 g of white meat stored on teflon or grill, 2 boiled potatoes (can be baked in oven), lettuce, one to two slices of an integral biscuit per meal, one to two fruit during the day such as apple, pear and citrus.

Schedule these foods during the day to suit you. Coffee without sugar or herbal teas is allowed, drink plenty of water, and a light walk is recommended for up to 20 minutes a day.

Yogurt Diet – User Experiences

“I love yogurt and I have kept a diet with yogurt many times. The best I’ve seen is a diet with yogurt and potatoes and yogurt and celery. However, I do not like the taste of celery, so it was hard for me to hold it all the way, and I could eat yogurt and potatoes all day.

Mostly I always take off the surplus that I want and I continue along with the old habits, so the pounds go back. Then I keep the diet back and forth. According to my experience, any diet to hold is necessary to change the lifestyle, otherwise, the kilograms will return. Now I’m planning to try yogurt and cinnamon, I read some experiences and it looks like it’s a good diet.”

Maya Smith, trader, California, 24 years

“I kept a diet with yogurt and cinnamon. For the first three days, I changed breakfast and dinner with this drink, and after seven days I only had dinner. I took 4 kilograms in 10 days. Some will say it’s not enough, but I’m fine.

Regarding the return of the kilogram, I did not notice for a long time that I was weighted, but now I see that little jeans are tight and I plan to repeat it for at least five days. What to say, the jo-jo effect is unavoidable if you continue with the old habits. The weight must be maintained. So I plan to introduce one dietary day when I will drink only yogurt and cinnamon or yogurt and celery in order to purify the body and maintain the desired weight.”

Anna Joules, IT engineer, USA, 31 years

Well, I have positive and negative experiences with the yogurt diet. A diet with yogurt and eggs has damaged me. I felt sick and tired, although my colleague had fantastic results. I just did not stand it. It seems that the combination of eggs and yogurt does not suit the body. But the diet with yogurt and potatoes is a real discovery for me. I felt somehow airy and fresh.

There I had small crises, but nothing that cannot be endured. I held it for five days, so a break of five days in which I was really careful what I was eating, and then for three more days. I took 5 kilograms as much as I wanted. Here’s been three months ago and I did not recover a single pound, I think I’m even thinner. So I recommend a diet with yogurt and potatoes because it is not really complicated.

Dianne, hostess, Canada, 46 years

“I drank yogurt with celery, but I did not have any special diets; I only took care to eat less than usual, and to refrain from sweets. I’ve been in that regime for even the spring, and I can tell you that I never looked better. I was most glad that the cellulite retreated. Now, whether it’s from yogurt and celery, or from the water I’ve been drinking at 2.3 liters I cannot claim. In any case, it’s worth a try.”

Milica Savic, translator, Serbia, 29 years

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